Male Chastity Play - All About The Prostate Part 2: Introduction To Prostate Milking

A “Drain”-ing Experience

All You Need to Know About Prostate Milking

If you’ve read the first article in this series, you now know all about the prostate and the many important functions which it performs for the male body. Now, it’s time to learn how to milk the prostate. Prostate milking is a useful, simple process which “flushes” the fluids out of your chastity slave’s reproductive system in order to prevent infection or disease. Here at Lock the Cock, we think it’s one of the best ways to ensure your man stays healthy without getting too much pleasure that he doesn’t deserve!

What is Prostate Milking?

Prostate milking involves using the prostate to release semen with minimal or no stimulation of the cock or balls. While the prostate is sensitive and is considered an erogenous zone for most men, rubbing it gently enough will cause the fluid to release without granting the man a full orgasm.

The two things that make an orgasm pleasurable are:

  • Muscle contractions of the penis and surrounding area
  • Release of relaxing “pleasure” hormones, such as oxytocin, by the brain

With prostate milking, neither of these occur. The semen is released using only the muscles of the prostate area, meaning that the penis does not contract. Since these contractions don’t happen, no signal is sent to the brain to release any oxytocin.

What Does It Feel Like For Him?

If the prostate is milked successfully, enough fluid will be drained out to keep the prostate healthy and eliminate any risk of bacterial infection. About the same amount of fluid will be released as in a more “traditional” penis-focused orgasm.

However, the man will continue to be frustrated and horny (due to testosterone being released by their brain without any oxytocin to calm them down) but be completely unable to experience any form of sexual release until the prostate has produced a full new batch of semen. Of course, this process usually takes at least an hour at minimum, so that gives keyholders plenty of time to tease their slaves with absolutely zero risk of any accidental orgasm slipping out!

Prostate milking is not particularly pleasurable for men. They may enjoy the feeling of having their prostate massaged and their cock may even attempt to become erect during the process. (Of course, their nice, tightly locked cage will prevent that from happening!) However, the ultimate release will be a frustrating let down when compared to the orgasms they used to experience before surrendering their poor little cock to your control.

Lock the Cock’s very own co-founder Mark has experienced regular milkings from his milk-happy mistress Corrinne. He describes the process as such:

“It feels more like I’m peeing than like I’m cumming. Like, instead of something pleasurable, it’s just this mandatory task that I have to do to make sure my body’s still working right. It’s just a dull feeling of releasing fluid. There’s no pleasure attached any more.”

Why Milk Your Chastity Slave?

Besides keeping him healthy, there are a number of reasons to make prostate milking a regular part of your chastity lifestyle.

First of all, prostate milking is a simple process which can easily be carried out even while your slave is locked in his cage. Unlocking him and restraining him in order to have some fun with his cock can be a lengthy, tedious process. But with prostate stimulation, you don’t even have to unlock him! Just tease his anus or perineum while he is still in the cage!

Of course, your caged man will find this extremely frustrating – just the way you want him to! He will experience arousal from having a very erogenous part of his body touched and massaged, but he will be completely unable to get an erection due to the confines of his cage.

Many men describe the feelings they get from prostate stimulation as being even more intense and erotic than those which come simply from having their cock or even balls touched. This comes as no surprise as the area is extremely sensitive – it’s not called “the male G-spot” for no reason! Prostate milking while caged gives chaste men these extreme sensations but with no pleasurable orgasm at the end of it, leaving them horny and frustrated for longer than they ever thought possible.

Not to mention, prostate milking is a PERFECT tool to use if you or your man are fans of humiliation play of any kind. Your caged man is surrendering all power which he might have over his orgasm; all of the control rests securely in your hands. You can force “milked” release after gentle, weak release out of him and there is absolutely nothing he can do about it.

Additionally, prostate milking is an incredibly intimate process in which the female (or non-caged male partner) clearly assumes the dominant role while the caged individual is forced into the submissive one. He is surrendering access to the most intimate part of his body – his buttocks and asshole – and is having it penetrated, stroked, touched and massaged.

“Traditional” ideas about sex associate penetration with dominance and receiving with submissiveness, so it is not hard to understand why prostate milking can be so humiliating for the submissive man. He is stripped of the role he would “traditionally” have in sexual play and is instead forced exclusively into the receiving position.

Once he finally does get his “release,” the humiliation only continues. Instead of “spurting” powerfully out, the semen will dribble out in tiny, fitful little streams. His strong, masculine orgasm will be reduced to a pathetic display which any keyholder can laugh at and easily mock. What could be more humiliating?

In addition, the keyholder controls even this part of the sexual act. He or she gets to decide when each little dribble is released and even – by adjusting the amount of pressure on the caged partner’s prostate – how much comes out at a time. The already humiliating “dribbling” release can be drawn out for as long as the dominant partner desires. Some men report being able to continue releasing dribs and drabs of fluid for up to 40 minutes after the start of release!

Quick Tips Before You Get Milking

While prostate milking is relatively simple to do, there are some precautions which you should take before getting started. The anus and rectum are very sensitive areas of the body which should be treated carefully even when engaging in pain or intense sensation play. After all, the goal is to humiliate and tease your partner, not to leave him in severe pain or permanently damage his health.

Here is Lock the Cock’s quick list of important tips to keep in mind before beginning a prostate milking session:

  • The person doing the milking should wash their hands thoroughly both before and after to avoid any transmission of bacteria from the anus area. When washing your hands afterwards, use a nail brush or file to remove any material which may have become trapped under your nails.
  • Speaking of nails, make sure to keep them short and smooth on any fingers used for penetration. A long or jagged nail can catch on the rectal wall and result in tearing or even bleeding.
  • The caged man should empty his bladder and bowels before the milking session begins. If you want to be especially careful, an enema may be used to fully evacuate the bowels. (It is unlikely that anal penetration using only fingers will cause evacuation, but many participants report feeling more comfortable if they “go” beforehand.)
  • Wipe down your caged man’s anus area with baby wipes or a similar gentle cleaning method. This will thoroughly remove any bacteria or fecal matter which may have built up in the area. This preparation should be performed before each milking session, regardless of whether or not bowel evacuation was needed.
  • Regardless of the method you will be using to milk the prostate (fingers, toys or otherwise) use LOTS AND LOTS OF LUBE each time. The anus does not naturally lubricate itself stretch as much as other areas such as the vagina, so it is very important to avoid tearing. You can read more about choosing the perfect type of lube for prostate play here.
  • If you are using your fingers to milk your man’s prostate, you may want to consider wearing gloves when you do so. While gloves are not required, they can help minimize the risk of spreading bacteria or causing tearing with a fingernail. Single-use, disposable medical style gloves are fine. Good materials to use include latex, vinyl or nitrile – although you should make sure that neither you nor your partner have an allergy to latex before using gloves of that type!
  • Do not perform a milking session if your man has any open wounds in or around his anus area. Milking can cause the affected area to become swollen or irritated, increasing the time needed for the wound to heal. If you have any open wounds on your hands or fingers, milking can still be performed as long as you remember to wear gloves.
  • If your man has hemorrhoids in his anus area, consult your doctor before engaging in any prostate milking activities. It is possible that milking could re-irritate the hemorrhoids and cause them to become worse.

Once your preparation is complete, it’s time to move on to the main event!

How to Milk a Prostate:

A Simple Guide

If you are already an experienced prostate milker, you can skip this session and head on over to our “Chastity Fun” section here to learn about different ways to spice up your milking session. However, if you and your chaste partner have not experimented with prostate milking before, read on to learn the basics!

First, get your locked-up guy into position. Of course, this is meant to be an experience in which he displays his total submission to you, his Mistress, Goddess and keyholder, so the position which he assumes should reflect that fact. Some of our favorites here at Lock the Cock include:

  • On all fours, kneeling on a hard, cold surface like a floor or desk
  • Leaning against a chair or table with his hands restrained behind his back or above his head
  • Standing up and holding his cheeks spread for your approval

As we mentioned earlier, there is no need to remove his cock cage for this milking session. He can stay totally locked up throughout with no additional complications. For a little bit of extra fun – and to remind him of his place – you can try binding his hands, arms or legs with anything from scarves to rope to heavy-duty handcuffs! See our bondage guide here for suggestions!

Once your man is in position, cover the finger or toy which you will be using with plenty of lube. You may also wish to rub some lube around his anus area to get him extra excited. (Learn more about the best types of lube to use here).

It is likely that, because of the position he is in, your caged man will not be able to see you during this part of the process. Therefore, you can make it more intense for the both of you by including lots of dirty talk throughout this part. Remind him of exactly what is about to happen and what you are going to do to him in detail. Tease him about the fact that he needs lube because his poor little ass is just so sensitive. Tell him over and over again that he belongs to you. The sky's the limit!

After you’re all lubed up, it’s time for penetration. Slowly and gently insert the finger or toy into his anus. If you are using fingers, start with one even if you intend to work up to more. Don’t worry – that’s just to get him warmed up! With proper stretching and preparation, the male anus can easily accommodate 2 or 3 fingers or even your entire fist.

Once you are inside, move your finger or toy up the inner rectal wall. If you are using your middle or index finger, you should be able to reach the prostate with ease.

You are looking for a small area that will be slightly harder than the walls surrounding it. Many practitioners of prostate milking describe it as feeling “like a Life Saver or polo mint candy,” a round ring with a slight “dip” in the center.

Usually, it will be fairly obvious when you have located the prostate, as your man with likely be unable to restrain himself from having some sort of verbal or physical response such as a moan or full-body twitch. (Remember, stimulating the prostate tends to feel extremely good to most men, especially if they are relatively new to having it touched.) However, you can also order your slave to communicate with you throughout – tell you when you’ve found it and how he’s feeling as you explore inside him.

Once you have hit the prostate, begin making circular rubbing motions around the outer rim with your finger or the tip of your toy. Do not go too hard, and especially do not push or thrust against the prostate! Stick to slow and gentle massaging. Our Lock the Cock pro tip: use about the same amount of pressure as you would use to rub irritation out of your eye.

Additionally, keep your ministrations to the outer “ring” of the prostate, avoiding the “dip” in the center. Most of the primary nerves are found in that area, and many men report feeling as though it is too sensitive and stimulation of that area is painful and uncomfortable rather than pleasurable.

Now, it’s time to get milking! This is the part where you have a lot of freedom. As long as you keep your touch gentle enough to avoid damaging the prostate, the only limits are your own imagination! (Don’t worry! If you’re short on ideas, this article here includes lots of handy tips for spicing up your milking sessions.)

If your man is new to having his prostate milked, he may feel a sensation similar to the need to evacuate his bowels. If he emptied them before beginning the session, this can be safely ignored as it is not likely to be more than a passing feeling. Of course, you can monitor his condition by ordering him to talk to you throughout!

Some men are immediately able to be “milked” to the point of ejaculation merely from prostate stimulation alone. However, some bad slaves – especially those who have never played around with their own prostates before – will require additional stimulation in order to release. You can do pretty much whatever you want here, just remember to keep it slow and gentle in order to avoid anything capable of giving him a full orgasm.

That is, of course, not to say that your male chastity slave shouldn’t be punished for being unable to be milked without additional stimulation. After all, he’ll learn to be milked properly much, much quicker if he’s given reminders of his failure.

Keep an eye on his body and listen to his vocalizations to ensure that you slow down your prostate stimulation even further as he approaches orgasm. Luckily, most men’s bodies will easily betray them to their keyholding Goddesses – they will have several “tells” which will indicate that they are getting close. These often include:

  • Twitching movements of the locked, pathetic cock, even though it is caged and likely has not been touched at all
  • The prostate itself beginning to harden, and “contracting” or “pulling back” as it prepares to send the semen out of his body
  • Trembling and shaking, especially of the arms and legs. As we mentioned earlier, many men describe prostate orgasms as being more “intense” and more of a “full-body” experience than simple penile ones, so they are often unable to resist shaking and twitching all over

Once the telltale warning signs have been observed, slow down and keep your touches gentle and feather-light. If you have been stimulating his cock, balls, nipples or any other of his erogenous zones, stop doing so and touch only the prostate. This is what will cause the release to be a gentle, gradual dribbling one rather than a full orgasm accompanied by muscle contractions.

And that’s that! Your chaste man has been successfully milked! He will not be able to produce any more semen until the prostate has completely filled up again. Of course, that doesn’t mean the session has to end there – you can always force him to clean up his messy release! Here at Lock the Cock, we’re a big fan of making him lick up his own pathetic cum.

External Prostate Milking

It is also possible to stimulate and milk the prostate externally, by stroking firmly along the perineum. (If you’d already forgotten from earlier, the perineum is the stretch of taut skin located between the cock / balls and the asshole).

Not all men are able to release this way, and most describe it as slightly less intense as having their prostate stimulated internally. Using the perineum can be a great way to draw out the milking process even further as you deny him what you both know he really wants – but doesn’t deserve!

Of course, once you’ve mastered the basics of milking, it’s time to move on to some of our more intense options for teasing and stimulating him. Head over to our “Chastity Fun” section to learn all about ruined orgasms here or alternative prostate milking methods and scenarios here.