Lock the Cock Buyer’s Guide - Find the Perfect Cock Cage Today!

LocktheCock's Buyer's Guide

We know it can be hard (pun fully intended!) to choose the perfect male chastity cage to secure your slave's pathetic penis.

It's a tough decision! Would you prefer a metal cage, or a silicone cage? Do you want to be able to see that cock, or hide it away from the world?

We’ve prepared this Buyer’s Guide to help assist you in making your choice (Or choices – nobody ever said you had to pick just one!). We’ve broken down some of the things you might be looking for in a cock cage and highlighted some of our best-selling models which will be able to fill your needs perfectly.

The Best Cock Cages For… First Time Chastity Slaves

If you or your partner are looking for your first ever cock cage, there’s probably a few important factors which you are keeping in mind. You probably want something which is easy to put on and remove, so you can learn the basics without having to worry about accidentally fastening a lock or sealing a ring incorrectly.

You might also consider something comfortable and lightweight. Yours or your partner’s chaste, locked up cock will need time to adjust to carrying this new weight as well as to the brand new feeling of material rubbing against it throughout the day. Therefore, you don’t want to start out with something too heavy or intense. For this reason, many newbies like to go with a plastic or silicone model for their first ever cock cage.

So which should you choose? Well, how about….

The Watchful Eye

Watchful Eye Cock Cage

Name: The Watchful Eye

Material: Plastic

Size: 2.75/3.55 Inches

Color: Transparent

For newbies, we recommend our number one best selling chastity device of all time, The Watchful Eye! The Watchful Eye is designed using the classic CB-6000 chastity cage model, meaning that it covers the entire cock while leaving only a tiny slit free to allow for urination.

Its clear color allows the keyholder to keep an eye on the chastity slave’s cock at all times, to make sure that he is not trying to sneakily touch himself during his first ever period of chastity.

It also comes with two sealing options: a padlock and a set of plastic tags, meaning it can safely be worn even in situations where making noise is not ideal, such as at work. The perfect, easy to use but cruelly teasing model for long-term chastity, The Watchful Eye is a favorite among chastity fans everywhere!

Good Things [Don’t] Cum in Small Packages

Good Things [Don't] Cum in Small Packages Cock Cage

Name: Good Things [Don’t] Cum in Small Packages

Material: ABS Bio-Sourced Resin

Size: 2.65 Inches

Color: Transparent, Red and Black, Green and White

The Good Things [Don’t] Cum in Small Packages cock cage is lightweight and easy to both put on and remove. But wait, there’s more! You’ll also get to choose between three colors: red, white and transparent.

Unlike The Watchful Eye, this variety of cock cage features some holes in the design which allow the cock to “breathe”. First time chastity practitioners will definitely appreciate this as it makes the cage extremely easy to clean.

In addition, the cage is made with a super strong internal locking system, so there’s no need to worry about him managing to break the padlock and escape. You also don’t have to worry about replacing the padlock if it breaks or wears down. That’s gotta be a huge relief for keyholders everywhere!

The Best Cock Cages For… Wanting to Try Out Metal

But what if a plastic or silicone cock cage isn’t for you? Or what if you love your silicone chastity device, but are ready to branch out and give something new a try? Perhaps you’ve got your eye on one of our many fabulous stainless steel models, but you’re not quite sure just where to start?

Don’t worry! We’ve got tips for you too! If it’s your first time purchasing a metal cock cage, why don’t you start with…

Eyes On Her Prize

Eyes on her Prize Cock Cage

Name: Eyes On Her Prize

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 3.15 Inches

Color: Silver

The Eyes On Her Prize chastity device’s lightweight design, which is centered around a series of rods and rings, is not a significant increase in weight over our lighter silicone models, and still remains easy to put on and remove.

This is the number one reason why it is a great place for you to start if you want to try out a stainless steel cock cage. The design is also focused on smoothness, so it will not chafe or pinch the sensitive skin of yours or your partner’s locked-up cock.

The name “Eyes On Her Prize” came from the fact that a keyholder can easily observe her (or his!) partner’s cock through the elegant design – compared by many companies to the bars of a birdcage or pet kennel. This allows for plenty of teasing both verbal and physical throughout the day. As yet another added bonus, it also makes this shiny metal cock cage extremely easy to clean!

Jailhouse Cock

Jailhouse Cock Chastity Device

Jailhouse Cock - Name - Real Steel Feel

Stainless Steel - Material - Stainless Steel

2.76 Inches - Size - 3.54 Inches

Silver - Color - Silver

Real Steel Feel

Real Steel Feel Cock Cage

Both the Jailhouse Cock and Real Steel Feel chastity cages take the classic CB6000 design and recast it in sleek stainless steel.

These cages will cover yours or your partner’s entire cock, leaving only a few tiny slits which will allow for urination and serve as “breathing holes”.

While their design might seem intense, both of these cock cages are in fact quite easy to use as well as extremely smooth. There is not a single sharp edge to be found anywhere on either of these cages. In addition, they are highly temperature-sensitive, allowing you to play around with hot and cold sensations during your chastity games.

Purchasing your first stainless steel cock cage is a big step on your male chastity journey. So why not start with the very best we have to offer?

The Best Cock Cages For… Sissies and Humiliation Fans

Are you a sissy? Do you love having your tiny, pathetic, shriveled little cock insulted? Does nothing get you more excited than those days when your Mistress forces you to wear a tiny pair of frilly lace panties, or a sexy French Maid uniform complete with stockings and garters, or maybe even a bright pink butt plug studded with jewels?

Well, if any of the above apply to you (or your partner) – don’t worry, Lock the Cock has got the perfect products for you...

Sissy in Pink

Sissy in Pink Chastity Device

Name: Sissy in Pink

Material: Resin

Size: 1.89/2.35 Inches

Color: Pink, Clear, Black, White

Our one of a kind Sissy in Pink is soft, smooth and most of all pink! There’s absolutely nothing masculine at all about this lovely design. It’s no wonder it’s a best seller among humiliation lovers everywhere!

It comes in two sizes perfectly tailored to all those tiny, feminine cocks out there. Even our largest model is only 2.35 inches long, while our smallest model clocks in at a mere 1.9 inches, perfect for those guys who are just pathetically tiny.

We recommend pairing this lovely pink cock cage it with a nice feminine outfit or an equally pink butt plug for the ultimate feminine, sissy experience!

Mistress’s Little Prisoner

Mistress's Little Prisoner Cock Cage

Name: Mistress’s Little Prisoner

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 1.77/2.36 Inches

Color: Silver

Our best-selling Mistress’s Little Prisoner model chastity device is our smallest stainless steel cock cage currently available. The number one reason why we think the Mistress’s Little Prisoner design is perfect for sissies because of how little it even resembles a cock.

The squat, tiny design looks like nothing more than a cute little mushroom. We’ve found that if you leave his cock in there for long, you’ll forget there’s a cock in there to begin with!

Of course, like all of our humiliation focused cock cages, the Mistress’s Little Prisoner is extremely easy to put on and remove. After all, sissy little chastity slaves need to have even the simplest tasks explained and laid out for them step by step, don’t they? The design is also smooth and sleek and will not irritate even the most sensitive of sissy skin.

The Best Cock Cages For… Wanting Something A Little More EXTREME!

So far, we’ve gone over the best selling cock cages for newbies and other chastity novices. But what if you or your partner has been securely caged for a long time, and you’re looking for something extreme to spice up your male chastity focused sex life?

Well, never fear! Here at Lock the Cock, we pride ourselves in catering to every single chastity-related need. On the other end of the spectrum from our more gentle, newbie-focused designs, we have our intense models – heavy, intricate, gorgeous designs which will provide keyholders with a world of options for teasing their locked-up partners...

Constant Reminder

Constant Reminder Chastity Device

Name: Constant Reminder

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 3.35/3.54 Inches

Color: Silver

The Constant Reminder model is one of our best selling stainless steel chastity devices, and for good reason! It offers unparalleled intensity with its solid, heavy design which covers the entire cock.

He will constantly feel the unaccustomed weight on his penis – as he goes about his day, there will be absolutely zero chance of forgetting or ignoring the presence of his cage.

The Constant Reminder features a modern internal locking mechanism, meaning there are no padlocks to deal with. Simply put it on, and watch him longing as the heavy cage reminds him of his predicament. Here at Lock the Cock, we truly do offer something for everyone!

Shock the Cock

Shock the Cock Male Chastity Device

Name: Shock the Cock

Material: Plastic

Size: 2.95 Inches

Color: Black, Red and Black, Clear and Black

The Shock the Cock by Lock the Cock is our one of a kind electrified chastity device. You will not find something like this anywhere else! The Shock the Cock cock cage takes our classic silicone CB6000 design and attaches it to a small, discreet electrical device.

The keyholder will have access to a remote control which can deliver shocks to their partner’s caged penis whenever they’ve been bad and need a little punishment.

The remote which the keyholder will receive allows them to control everything from the intensity of the electric shocks to their frequency and duration. You or your partner can even choose between several exciting pre-set modes, which will deliver shocks at varied intervals without the keyholder having to lift a finger!

This one of a kind electrified cock cage is one of our best selling models for a reason. It opens up a world of new opportunities when it comes to discipline, teasing and punishment. We guarantee that the Shock the Cock chastity device will add an entirely new dimension to your male chastity lifestyle!

The Best Cock Cages For… Parties, Fetish Events, and Other Group Gatherings

Most of the time, your chastity device is like a secret kept between yourself and your keyholder. You go about your day in normal clothes with the cage sneakily hidden underneath. Then, when you arrive home at the end of the day, you expose your cage to your keyholder’s eyes only. It exists for his or her pleasure and no other purpose.

However, what if you and your partner decide to take your chastity lifestyle out into the wide world? Show it off at a bondage or fetish party, perhaps, or take it to a club where chastity cages are part of the allowed dress code? Or perhaps you just need something extra nice for an informal event at home where your keyholder shares you with all of her Dominant friends?

Basically, what if you’re looking for a nice “dressy” cage suitable for a big event or a night out on the town?

As always, Lock the Cock has got your cock covered – literally!

Many of our cage designs are not just functional, but also aesthetically appealing, sleekly seductive and even beautiful. We have a number of models which are perfect for showing off to all your keyholder’s friends...

Put a Ring On It

Put a Ring on it Chastity Device

Name: Put a Ring On It

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 3.86 Inches

Color: Silver

The Put a Ring On It stainless steel chastity device was designed to be the perfect marriage of looks and function. Customers have repeatedly called the best selling Put a Ring On It cage our most unique, elegant and ambitious design.

It features a design inspired by one of the most classic and enduring tease and denial toys: the cock ring. A series of rings travel up and down his locked cock in a delicate but unbreakable spiral design.

Your keyholder’s friends or fellow club or partygoers will clearly be able to see that you belong to her (or him!) and just how fully you have given your devotion to your Mistress or Master!

Of course, these are just a few of the myriad suggestions we can offer you. Here at Lock the Cock, our collection truly does contain “something for everyone”. From the newbies to the thrill seekers to the exhibitionists, we guarantee that our extensive product catalog holds the perfect cock cage for you or your partner.

If you are still unsure which cock cage is best for you or have any other questions, feel free to contact your friendly Lock the Cock staffers at any time. We are happy to provide personalized product recommendations based on your situation, preferences, needs and any other important factors. So send us an email – we’re always ready to talk locked cock!

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