Naughty Girl's Neo Chrome Rainbow Jeweled Plug
Naughty Girl's Neo Chrome Rainbow Jeweled Plug
Naughty Girl's Neo Chrome Rainbow Jeweled Plug
Naughty Girl's Neo Chrome Rainbow Jeweled Plug

Naughty Girl's Neo Chrome Rainbow Jeweled Plug

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Your mom used to tell you you're not going to have presents from Santa if you behave badly. As you grow older, you found out that Santa's not real; and that most of the time, it'll be yourself who'd always treat yourself.

Nice or naughty, you deserve a treat. And the best gift to give yourself? An adult toy to titillate your booty! Make way for Naughty Girl's Neo Chrome Rainbow Jeweled Princess Plug—the plug that will stir you to orgasm.

This petite, nearly three inches long and 1.10-inch diameter butt plug will certainly train your asshole for a next-level ass play. It boasts a jewel made of acrylic resin at its base and a stainless steel metal on the plug itself. It comes in a shiny, almost frictionless finish, with an iridescent design that changes colors at every angle. With its smooth texture, you're going to have a hassle-free butt-play session for real!

An ample amount of water-based lube is necessary to ease its entry to your backdoor. Apply the lube onto the toy's surface, the brim of your butthole, and the shallows of your sphincter. Gently insert the pointed tip of the plug until it slowly dilates your asshole. Push it deeper to vacate your tight, warm asshole. If the necessity calls and you want to have some fun, play with it by thrusting it in and out. You may twist it, change its inclination as you feel it wrecking the elasticity of your anal membranes!

You wouldn't want to stain this beauty with skid marks, would you? Washing the toy with water and mild soap would suffice. So, make it a habit to do it before and after each use. It'll keep you from infections and yeast, that's guaranteed!

The Naughty Girl's Neo Chrome Rainbow Jeweled Princess Plug won't disappoint you like Santa. Be a boring good girl or a naughty ass-playing lady from now on. The choice is yours. Get this jewel now!


Color/Type Rainbow
Handle: Acrylic Crystal
Plug: Metal
Dimension Length: 2.95 in (7.5 cm)
Width/Diameter: 1.10 in (2.8 cm)

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