The Nagasaki Locking Butt Plug
The Nagasaki Locking Butt Plug
The Nagasaki Locking Butt Plug
The Nagasaki Locking Butt Plug
The Nagasaki Locking Butt Plug
The Nagasaki Locking Butt Plug
The Nagasaki Locking Butt Plug

Break out that special lube tonight because we have the perfect toy for you.

If you recall World History, then you’ll have an idea of how this fantastic device operates. You can either use it as a butt plug or a vaginal chastity tool. You can slide it in as you would do a regular butt plug or a dildo. It is made of stainless steel, which is ideal for weighted pressure and temperature play.

Again, this toy looks ordinary, but don’t be fooled. The magic lies in the elaborate mechanism that takes effect once lodged in your anus or vagina. See, there’s a plunger on the base that you have to pull for the bulb to expand and fill your hole nicely. You don’t have to worry about being lacerated because this plug is well-polished. There are no loose ends or sharp edges.

This joy toy is ergonomically designed, so you can adjust its position through an easy-to-grip handle. Once it’s all spread up and you are pleasantly dilated, you can attach a padlock on its end and fasten it completely. No one can tell that you’re being satisfying filled while being all locked up at the same time. If this is what it means by being chaste, would you have it any other way?

This product is made of high-quality surgical steel, no chrome plating, no nickel plating—no rust. It’s entirely safe for use. Disinfecting and cleaning it is also a piece of cake. You can submerge it in boiling water and lather it with soap afterward. Store it in a cool and dry place. Make a habit of cleaning your toys before and after each use. Also, ditch them immediately at any signs of wear and tear.

Get ready to be locked and loaded with The Nagasaki Locking Butt Plug. Purchase yours now!

Color/Type Silver
Material Metal
Dimensions (inches) Length:
Overall- 3.43 inches (87mm)
Insertable- 2.17 inches (55mm)
Collapsed Bulb- 1.50 inches (38mm)
Expanded Bulb- 2.17 inches (55mm)
Base – 2.28 inches (58mm)


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The Nagasaki Locking Butt Plug

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