Constant Reminder Metal Chastity Device
Constant Reminder Metal Chastity Device
Constant Reminder Metal Chastity Device
Constant Reminder Metal Chastity Device

Make way for this mighty and ultra-sleek cock cage. Our Constant Reminder Metal Cage is packed with sturdy features and pure awesomeness. This compact jailhouse will remind him that his sissy cock is locked up. If your submissive desires to feel some weights around his manhood, then this steel tube is definitely for him.

Be ready for teasing and taunting because there will be no physical contact once his chaste penis is inside the cage. Keyholders will be fully assured that his chastity slave’s cock is perfectly secure and kept it from achieving a rock-hard erection. His orgasm is at your disposal.

This solid stainless steel tube-shaped chastity device comes in two lengths and also available in three-ring sizes, promising the perfect fit for all chastity fans! The additional holes at the side of the cage allow breathability and ease of cleaning without taking away from the jailhouse feel of the heavy, covered design. He will never be touching his cock again in this punishing cage!

Our Constant Reminder Metal Cage is temperature-sensitive and if your keyholder is audacious enough, she will know what to do for added sexual stimulation. The hot and cold temperatures will push all the right buttons.

Lock your sissy cock in our Constant Reminder Metal Cage. There will be a lot of pleading as the sexual tension builds up. Tease your caged man until he succumbs to his urges. This cock cage not only makes for a good CBT and BDSM sex toy but also a perfect chastity device. Believe us, your chastity journey has never been this good.

Color/Type Silver Penis ring
Material Stainless steel
Ring Dimension


40mm (1.58 in);

45mm (1.77 in);

50mm (1.97 in)


3 rings included!

Cock Cage Dimension

Cage Size

Outer: 85mm (3.35 in)

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Constant Reminder Metal Chastity Device

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