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Bad Little Boy by Lock the Cock 4.3 inches long

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This extra-small chastity device manages to scream sleekness and sensuality despite the unimpressive size of the cocks it’s meant to contain. It’s just as easy to put on, use and clean as our larger stainless steel models, while also being perfect for those men who just can’t hope to fill a “regular” sized cock cage!


Color/Type Silver Penis ring
Material Stainless steel
Ring Dimension


38.1mm (1.5 in);

41.3mm (1.63 in);

44.4mm (1.75 in);

47.6mm (1.88 in);

50.8mm (2 in)

Cock Cage Dimension

Diameter: 35mm (1.38 in);

Length: 110mm(4.33 in)

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