The Ferrari Restraint
The Ferrari Restraint
The Ferrari Restraint
The Ferrari Restraint

It's time to park your partner's cock in a cage that exudes the swag of a luxury sports car. Using a device that offers both aesthetics and comfort, you can now give his cock hygienic isolation. Take caged lifestyle to a full-throttle by making him wear The Ferrari Male Chastity Device.

Sexually adventurous couples get into this erotic lifestyle for several reasons. But mostly, what it does is elevate the wearer's excitement and hunger for sexual pleasure. Some even say that experiencing deprivation itself is more gratifying than reaching orgasm. On the other hand, some men wear cages voluntarily for self-discipline. However, aside from the fact that this lifestyle should be consensual between partners, it also requires a device that can do the job without causing unnecessary discomfort and irritation to the wearer.

This black and red chastity device feature a hinge-type locking mechanism. With no padlock that might lightly tinkle as your partner walks or moves, he can perform his usual tasks without any worry. This cage has an ergonomic 3D design that can subdue your partner's desire without causing discomfort or chafing his cock. This smooth and lustrous enclosure is of breathable plastic, which helps prevent smell and bacteria build-up. Its small vents will give him a little ability to wash his penis while it's caged. But of course, as a responsible master or mistress, don't forget to unlock his cock now and then for a more thorough clean-up. Aside from the cage, lock, and a set of two keys, you'll also get four rings of different sizes. While it's very teasing to hang one of the keys around your neck, it's still advisable to keep the other separately for safety purposes.

Deny your sub of his sexual pleasure, and give it to him, only at the time of your choosing. Take total control of his orgasms, and do it with style using The Ferrari Male Chastity Device. Get this now!


Color/Type Red and Black
Material Plastic
Ring Dimension (inches) 1.57 inches (40 mm)
1.69 inches (43 mm)
1.89 inches (48 mm)
2.05 inches (52 mm)
Cock Cage Dimension Length: 2.95 inches (75 mm)
Inner Diameter: 1.18 inches (30 mm)


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The Ferrari Restraint

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