Male's Resin Device Cage 2.63 inches long
Male's Resin Device Cage 2.63 inches long
Male's Resin Device Cage 2.63 inches long
Male's Resin Device Cage 2.63 inches long
Male's Resin Device Cage 2.63 inches long

It's eleven o'clock in the evening. Your man is in the shower, and you're in bed, waiting for him to finish. You thought you're going to have a good time tonight like you used to do before. Suddenly, his phone that was put to discreet mode lit up; there's a text from a contact saved as "Colleague." Curious as a cat, you opened the message. "Meet me at the convenience store near 34th St., asap, XOXO." is what the message says. He is meeting someone else - the reason he took a bath that very late night.

Prevent him from fucking someone else. Get the Male's Resin Device Cage 2.63 inches long and cage that cheating cock; because his dick is yours, and yours only. It's not like you'll punish him by putting in weights onto his cock; you'll just put it in jail so others won't enjoy it as much as how you lick and suck and ride on it.

It uses ABS bio-sourced resin in its material, so you're sure about the safety of his cock once he wears it. After all, you love him, so you don't want to harm him and his junk at any cost. It has a size of an average, flaccid dick - 2.63-inch it is - to restrict it from having a boner at any time it is worn. You can choose from the three designs which might suit his cock: the red, with a black locking mechanism, the transparent one, so you can still see the figure of his lovely dick, and the solid white with a touch of green. Measure his cock's girth and select the right size for him. It comes in four available sizes ranging from 1.49 to 2.04 inches in diameter.

Unlock the mechanism using the key that comes with the product and detach it from the cage. Put your man's dick through the device while it's soft and weak, then re-attach the circular brace to lock it back. Now it's safe and sound from these whores alluring your one and only lover!

You need to clean it from time to time as it might be a home for bacteria due to the piss residue accumulating down there. Wash it with water and mild soap, then use a soft-bristled brush to dirt off the ridges and holes. Wipe it with a clean cloth to dry it, and let him wear it again until he learns his lesson.

It's for your benefit. Grab this Male's Resin Device Cage 2.63 Inches Long now and let him know who owns who! Add this to your cart now!

Color/Type Red with Black, Transparent, and White with Green rings
Material ABS bio-sourced resin
Ring Dimension






Cage Dimension Length: 67mm(2.65 in)

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Male's Resin Device Cage 2.63 inches long

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