Sultry Black Leather Dog Mask
Sultry Black Leather Dog Mask
Sultry Black Leather Dog Mask
Sultry Black Leather Dog Mask
Sultry Black Leather Dog Mask
Sultry Black Leather Dog Mask

Puppy play is the new flavor in the world of kink. If you haven't tried it yet, then better step on the train before you get left behind. 

Some people find being a dog liberating and relaxing. After all, who doesn't want a satisfying belly rub every once in a while? Being a dog means getting a break from your hectic schedule, responsibilities, and stress. It is your chance to be someone else who doesn't give a care in the world. Going on all four's and receiving complimentary snacks from your master is a fetish that can grow on you, making you feel more aroused until you howl with orgasmic pleasure. 

To help you complete the look and feel of an obedient dog, here's our Sultry Black Leather Dog Mask. This exquisite gear's material is high-quality synthetic leather, with chrome accents and crimson red tongue. Your dom will be surprised to see you in this sexy and lustrous dog mask. Go on all four's, and whimper like a sad pet asking for some playtime. Satisfy your fetish by playing fetch in your room or the park. Run and play around as if there's no tomorrow. Let go of all your inhibitions and feel nothing else but freedom and bliss. 

This headgear has a buckle closure at the back to help keep this mask secured around your head no matter how wild things can get. It also feels comfortable, and it is skin-friendly too. You can go the extra mile and put on a collar, a chain, and a costume. But don't let your role play stop there, get creative and wild, learn new tricks to spice up your sex life. Let your animalistic instincts take over and forget about the worldly stress you've left behind. 

Don't be the last person to enjoy puppy play! Grab your mask now and indulge in this new kind of kink!

Product Description:

Color Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable, One Size Fits All
Width/Diameter: Adjustable, One Size Fits All
Package Inclusions One mask


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Sultry Black Leather Dog Mask

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