Cellmate Long
Cellmate Long
Cellmate Long
Cellmate Long
Cellmate Long
Cellmate Long
Cellmate Long
Cellmate Long
Cellmate Long
Cellmate Long
Cellmate Long
Cellmate Long

Cellmate Long

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Size Long


Long Size Only - While Supplies Last

For the slaves that can’t help but give in to temptation, chastity is always challenging. Without Mistress present it’s just too easy to use a spare key and enjoy your freedom. That’s not going to happen any more, thanks to Cellmate.

The Cellmate is a cage packed with features. Mistress can lock you up wherever she is, or you can use timer mode for solo play, all with the QIUI app. For the more adventurous slave, the cage can give you shocks whenever Mistress wants, or on a schedule.


Long Size
Total Length
4.7 inches (120mm)
Total Width
1.46 (37mm)
CR14200 (8-10 Months)
Battery Replaceable Yes
Included Cock Rings
Ring Dimensions: 1.85" and 2"


Package Contents

Cellmate is the world's premiere app controlled chastity device. Take control of your slave from anywhere in the world, or set a timer to control your own chastity experience.

Each box contains:

  • One Cellmate Chastity Device - The sleek device looks the part right out of the box. With a neoprene coated, polycarbonate body, you can be sure the device will outlast even the most dedicated slave.
  • Built-In Long Life Battery - Each Cellmate comes pre-installed with a long life battery, providing 8-12 months of continuous use.
  • Two Metal Rings – Two solid metal rings that lock into the base of the Cellmate device. Choose the size that fits you most comfortably as you’ll be wearing it a while.
  • User Manual - Complete documentation on your penis’ new home, making getting started a breeze.

Product Support

To ensure you have the best chastity experience, we recommend reading the entire instruction manual before you start using your device. Please find the instruction manual at the link bellow.

User Guide 

Shipping Information

All LocktheCock packages are shipped with your privacy in mind. The package will be discreet and bear no markings to identify it as a cock cage.

This product, and all products with an express shipping banner are shipped directly from our US warehouse. Packages will be shipped within 2-4 days for delivery to continental US. Orders can be shipped worldwide, but may take longer due to international shipping rules.


Pair your Cellmate with the QIUI app, and hand complete control to your mistress. It doesn’t matter where they are, they can unlock your device. No spare keys, no temptation, just pure submission.


Solo chastity will never be the same again. Even with no mistress, the Cellmate will keep you under control. Set a timer on the QIUI app, and you’re cage won’t open until the time is up. No early release for any slave.


The Cellmate 2 can be safely worn while bathing or showering. Even when you need to freshen up, Mistress can make sure you can’t touch. There’s no excuse for you to break free.