Pink Twisted Flower Based Glass Butt Plug
Pink Twisted Flower Based Glass Butt Plug
Pink Twisted Flower Based Glass Butt Plug

You've done a lot of body exploration. Doing so has helped you realize what turns you on and what doesn't. And in the process, you have discovered how stimulating it feels to fiddle with your butthole. Why not? After all, it has thousands of nerve endings that can give you pleasure in a more twisted way than sex. And speaking of twisted, this Pink Twisted Flower Based Glass Butt Plug can take your anal play for a spin.

This sparkly beauty is a butt-filler with a tapered tip that will help make the insertion go easily. With its swirly and glistening facade, this will surely make a beautiful addition to your collection of butt toys. But aside from its fascinating shaft, its flared base has a flower design. Not only will it help secure the butt plug in between your buttcheeks, but your partner will appreciate the added cuteness sitting in your luscious buttocks.

But if you're a solo player, this glass plug can also make your me-time more electrifying. As this anal toy fills your backdoor, you can enjoy other toys such as vibrating dildos or clitoris massager for maximum sexual satisfaction. You can even mess around with temperature play and use this glass toy hot or cold. You can submerge it in a bowl of hot water or inside the fridge. Either way, it can hold the temperature, and you can feel warm or freezing sensations in your anus. What a delight!

True enough, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this beauty, but there's one thing you should remember. Keep it as clean and as good as new by washing it regularly before and after use. A mixture of warm water and anti-bacterial soap is enough. But if you want to go the extra mile, you can also boil it for a few minutes for more thorough sterilization.

Add more twists in your anal play. Set this up in your cart now!

Color/Type Pink
Material Glass
Dimension Length: 4.33 inches
Width/Diameter: 1.18 inches


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Pink Twisted Flower Based Glass Butt Plug

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