Ray of Sunshine Plastic Cock Cage 3.15 inches and 3.94 inches long
Ray of Sunshine Plastic Cock Cage 3.15 inches and 3.94 inches long

You've seen all our cock cages: so many designs, so many colors, but have you ever looked at one and thought "this is the one for me"? Yes, we know, we've said that on almost 69% of our chastity devices. But this one is special--so special we called it our Ray of Sunshine Plastic Cage 3.15 inches and 3.94 inches long. Wanna know why? Just look at it. How does that not scream Ray of Sunshine Plastic Cage to you? Its bright and vibrant pop of yellow reminds of the golden yellow hues of--well, sunshine. Aren't you your partner's little ray of sunshine? Prove it with this cock cage.

This cage is made from a hard plastic material which is high quality. It's sturdy and it's tough so it can do its job well and efficiently. Master or Mistress will certainly have their mood lightened with this cock cage. Put this on and your penis is completely encased, with only a few slots on the side which act as air holes to keep your cock well-ventilated. Don't even think about begging your partner for release if you want to relieve yourself in the bathroom, a dedicated slot is created just for that purpose. Show your dominant partner your cheery bright and sunny disposition to the idea of being controlled and humiliated with this device.

Our Ray of Sunshine Plastic Cage is available in two different lengths. Each kit includes the cock cage, five cock rings of various sizes, plastic spacers, plastic pins, an outer brass padlock, three keys, and five pieces of one-time-use plastic padlocks perfect for going through airport security. The flight for submissive and chastity fun is now departing, are you coming?

Color/Type Yellow 
Material Plastic
Ring Dimension (inches) 1.42 inches; 1.50 inches; 1.57 inches; 1.77 inches; 1.89 inches
Cock Cage Dimension

SMALL: 3.15 inches (Length) by 1.50 inches (Inner Diameter);

LARGE: 3.94 inches (Length) by1.50 inches(Inner Diameter)

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Ray of Sunshine Plastic Cock Cage 3.15 inches and 3.94 inches long

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