Intimate Inmate Metal Chastity Device
Intimate Inmate Metal Chastity Device
Intimate Inmate Metal Chastity Device
Intimate Inmate Metal Chastity Device

Who wouldn’t love an all-time classic? Your caged man will quiver in their kinky boots once they put this metal cage on. Seduce him, tease him and make him beg for his freedom. If your man wants to feel some weight around his manhood, then this is the best cock cage for him.

Your key holder has the power to control your sexual desires. She will tell you how and when to cum and what you need to do to please her. Any form of mischief deserves a punishment. Your key holder’s arousal depends on how long she denies you of your orgasm and how you fulfill her sexual desires. Her orgasm is your utmost priority.

Obey your Mistress whole-heartedly because she is capable of putting an end to that horrible dry spell. Our Intimate Inmate Metal Cage is ideal for long-term and even indefinite wear. This steel tube is temperature-sensitive, play with hot or cold temperature for added sexual stimulation.

This stainless steel tube-shaped cock cage comes with a number of pins and spacers, making it one of our most adjustable and customizable products. It utilizes the classic external padlock, making it perfect for those key holders who love being reminded of what just they own. It is easy to wear, medically-safe, and, best of all, utterly sexy! Just submerge this chastity device in clean water and always use a mild, fragrance-free soap. Sex toys cleaning sprays also aid in their durability.

 Your caged man can kiss his erection goodbye because our Intimate Inmate Metal Cage sticks the landing!

Color/Type Silver Penis ring
Material Stainless steel
Ring Dimension


4cm (1.58 in);

4.5cm (1.77 in);

5cm (1.97 in)

Cock Cage Dimension


Outer 9.5cm (3.74 in);

Inner 6.5cm (2.56 in)

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Intimate Inmate Metal Chastity Device

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