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Watchful Eye by Lock the Cock 2.75 inches and 3.55 inches long

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This hard plastic CB-6000 chastity device comes in voyeuristic clear. The kit includes five cock rings to ensure the perfect fit for your penis. Features both a padlock for everyday play and plastic seal tags for going through airport security with your cock still locked. Both regular and extra-small cage sizes available!


Color/Type Transparent Penis rings
Material Silicone
Ring Dimension D 3.5cm(1.38 in)
D 3.8cm (1.49 in)
D 4.3cm (1.69 in)
D 4.6cm (1.81 in)
D 4.9cm (1.93 in)
Cock Cage Dimension


Small: 7cm(2.75 in)

Large: 9cm(3.55 in)

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