Premium Polished Finish Padlock
Premium Polished Finish Padlock
Premium Polished Finish Padlock

If you're into the caged lifestyle, you certainly know the importance of padlocks with regards to chastity devices. They symbolize what it means to have genuine power and authority over someone.

Locking up your partner's genitals so they can't use it for any other purpose other than to answer nature's calls will surely make them submit to your dominance. If you're skeptical and have a lot of questions on your mind on how this tactic is going to work, be patient and wait for it to do its magic.

Once you lock them up, they will undoubtedly ask you a handful of questions. Things like how long will you lock them up, what they need to do to be set free, or what have they done to earn your ire. Just answer with a devilish smile to make their minds go haywire and firmly establish your position as the dominant in the relationship.

Our Premium Polished Finish Padlock allows you to master the diabolical art of playing mind games with your submissive. Set them free only when they bend to your will like a puppet on a string!

So, what are you waiting for? Order now and let them know that you hold the key to their freedom!

Color/Type Gold, Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Padlock Dimensions (inches) 1.37 inches x 0.78 inches


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Premium Polished Finish Padlock

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