Spiked Chastity Cages

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Try a spiked chastity cage that's designed for hardcore chastity. Finding pleasure in pain is a natural progression of extreme chastity. Sissy and masochist alike use spiked chastity to prevent pull outs and escape attempts from their cage, and also as a deliciously intense way to try cock and ball torture. Chastity CBT allows punishment and control over submissives and slaves on another level.


Male chastity takes bravery. Handing over the keys to your manhood is no small feat, and many find themselves desiring more extreme levels of control and domination. What better way to do this than introducing a cock cage with spikes into your play? These cruel devices have small threaded screw-holes all over the chastity tube that spikes (or e-stim probes) can be inserted in, so that every erection attempt is met with spiky resistance. This makes them excellent for chastity training, as your body will quickly learn that even thinking about getting a hard-on results in an immediate reminder of your pledge. Mistress eagerly welcomes you to to CBT chastity.


As with any BDSM activity, especially those involving pain play, chastity torture needs guidelines to keep it safe. Safe, Sane, Consensual—remembering these words will allow you to wear a spiked chastity device safely. When wearing an extreme chastity cage, listen to your body and know your limits. If you're lucky enough to have a Keyholder or Dominant for your, have a safe word and know when to use it.


A spiked cock cage is made of body-safe stainless steel which is easy to keep hygienic. They are covered and also allows you to screw the spikes in. This makes the level of intensity adjustable, allowing you to control how far the spikes are inserted and ease into painful chastity play slowly, and also lets you adjust for your penis size. If you're a grower and not a shower, you'll need to insert the spikes further to feel anything.


Accept your punishment from Mistress and buy a spiked cage today. More reading: Exploring The Next Level: An Introduction To Extreme Chastity