Exploring the Next Level: An Introduction to Extreme Chastity

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This one is for the hardcore, well-versed players.
You love your cage. You love being locked up. And you love the chastity lifestyle. But once you’ve completed the challenges that appeal to you, conquered a few rounds of long-term chastity, and had more ruined orgasms than hot dinners, what should you do next?
Well, my sweet little sub, it’s time you discovered extreme chastity and the pleasures of cock and ball torture (CBT).

Understanding CBT and Extreme Male Chastity

There are some wonderfully creative cage designers out there. Their job is to devise the best ways to keep your little prick out of action. And they’ve come up with some fabulously fiendish devices for chastity aficionados. I’ll show you the torture devices cages soon enough. But first, let’s set the scene.
CBT is where a Dominant inflicts pain and discomfort to the penis and testicles of their submissive. With the sub’s consent, it can be used in a BDSM scene with sadistic subs finding the sensation of pain in such a sensitive, intimate area very erotic and pleasurable.
CBT is where a Dominant inflicts pain and discomfort to the penis and testicles of their submissive.
How a Dominant tortures a set of cock and balls may depend on their style and, of course, the pain threshold of the sub. CBT can include:
  • Wearing a scrotum stretcher, or pulling the scrotum and balls.
  • Adding weights to the scrotum stretcher.
  • Being kicked or kneed in the groin.
  • Testicle crushing.
  • Genital trampling (having your cock and balls stepped on).
  • Wax play (having hot, body-safe wax dripped onto the genitals).
  • Electrostimulation
  • Urethral play and sounding (which I’ll explain in a moment).
  • Flogging or caning.
  • Being locked in an extreme cage.
And then there’s one more level: severe CBT. In this category I’d include two practices:
  • Scrotum and penis piercing, and needle play.
  • Inflation, which involves injecting saline solution into the scrotum.

It’s a Fetish That Should Be Explored Slowly (And With Caution)

All BDSM practices should be explored with caution. There’s nearly always something that can go wrong. For example, rope bondage can lead to nerve injury, or the rope bunny face planting if their arms are restrained. During humiliation play, caution must be exercised when it comes to mental health and self-esteem. And for participants of CBT, blood circulation to the penis needs to be monitored.
These all sound intimidating. But are they enough to stop us from indulging in the carnal, taboo, and sometimes extreme pleasures that satisfy us?
Not usually.
Gaining enthusiastic consent from those involved, proceeding with caution, and paying attention to body language allows us to safely explore even the most intense forms of BDSM.
Some loss of sensation, swelling, and discoloration are to be expected when taking a boot to the groin. But severe and prolonged pain or discoloration are warning signs. If these occur, use your safe word and stop the scene. Remove any devices or toys being used, and keep communicating with your play partner to establish whether you should call it a day or resume the session.

Tools of the Trade

Ball stretchers, floggers, and riding crops are just a few of the toys you may find in a Dom’s CBT kitbag. But in the world of chastity—where I enjoy spending most of my time (and my sub’s budget)—we have extreme cages.

Electric Cock Cages

What Are They?
Electric (e-stim) cages are fitted with small electrodes inside the tube. These are then connected to a TENS unit. This allows the Dominant to push a button or turn a dial to deliver a small electrical shock to their sub’s penis.
What Do They Feel Like?
Depending on the intensity, erotic e-stim can feel tickly and tingly, or hard and intense. Any pain or discomfort is generally fleeting. The thrill comes from the anticipation, and the voltage being steadily increased.
Safety Points
  • They’re generally made from plastic or silicone so the electrodes are the only point of conduction.
  • You should always start with a low electrical current and build up to more intense shocks.
  • Anyone with a pacemaker or other electrical or metal implant in their body should seek medical advice before using an e-stim cage.
Try out the Sevanda Nautilus Estim.
Sevanda Nautilus Estim Cage

Urethral Chastity Cages: Sounding And Catheters

What Are They?
A ‘sound’ is a medical device used to probe and dilate passages in the body. For us kinky folk, we tend to insert them into the urethra (pee hole) and use them during medical fetish scenes. They’re available in different diameters, so you can choose a probe that suits your experience level. A urethral chastity cage includes the sound, which is inserted once the cage is on.
What Do They Feel Like?
People enjoy urethral play for aesthetic reasons. Seeing their genitals locked up and plugged shut looks hot, as is the sensation of feeling completely restricted. It’s also impossible to piss when wearing one of these devices, making it another way for Dominants to humiliate and control their sub.
Safety Points
  • Urethral sounds are made of medical-grade stainless steel.
  • They should be sterilized before and after use, and you should clean your hands before touching and inserting it (or wear gloves).
  • Start small, and take your time when increasing the diameter of the rod being used.
  • Don’t force the sound. Insertion should be slow, gentle, and smooth.
Try out the Sevanda Golden Cage.
Sevanda Golden Cage

Spiked Chastity Cages

What Are They?
These beasties are as close to the original Medieval drawings of chastity devices as you’ll get. And they’re the ultimate erection deterrent. Inside the tube or cock ring of the cage is a series of (usually) metal spikes, screws, or nodules that bite down on the genitals.
What Do They Feel Like?
Uncomfortable, especially if you’re made to move around when wearing one. And because they’re usually metal they’re heavy too, so they’ll pull on the cock and balls as well as add pressure points to CBT play.
Safety Points
  • Screw spiked cages offer more flexibility so you can increase or decrease the intensity of the bite.
Try out The Nut Case.
The Nut Case Chastity Device

3 Questions A Submissive Should Ask Before Diving In

If looking at the cages and reading about CBT caused a twitch down there, you may be ready to explore this fetish. But being led by your dick isn’t always a good idea. (And why some of you are locked in a cage.) Before consigning yourself to chastity torture, I suggest asking yourself the following questions.

1. What’s the Kink I Really Want to Explore?

Spiked cages, electric cages, and catheter cages are accessories that help you explore other kinks – sadism and pain play (like CBT), e-stim sex play, and medical play. Which fetish do you want to explore more deeply? Take the time to research that specific fetish so you:
  • Understand what it is (and what it isn’t).
  • Can communicate why you find it appealing, and what you want from the experience.
  • Have a clear idea of any boundaries and limits you want in place so you can explore it safely.

2. How Does My Dominant Feel About Chastity Pain Play?

If you play with a keyholder or Dominant, you need to make sure they’re on the same page as you. Are they comfortable locking you in one of these devices, or do they have concerns? If they do, you’ll need to discuss them.
However, the role of the Dominant can be one of gentle encouragement. So if your Dominant suggested this as part of a new training regime, make sure you understand what they want to help you achieve.

3. When Will Painful Cock Cages Be Used, And How Will It Fit With My Chastity Routine?

These cages should only be worn for a short time. They’re definitely not designed for long-term chastity. So when and how will you enjoy them around your day-to-day chastity pledge?
For gents who self-lock, you may commit to taking your regular cage off and subjecting yourself to the punishment of a spiked or e-stim cage. If you already see your Dominant for sessions, or you and your keyholder have unlocking play dates, the cage may be used for the entire session. Long-distant keyholding arrangements can join in the fun too. Your Mistress may ask you to wear the cage, and send a photo or video of you locking yourself into it.
CBT chastity certainly shouldn’t replace the cage you wear each day. Rather, it’s an alternative option that can help you explore other fetishes.

CBT Male Chastity Aftercare

Before returning to the real word, give yourself and your partner time to decompress after any form of BDSM play. This is called aftercare, and can include having a chat, listening to music together, cuddling, or soothing the body. And after a CBT session, giving the genitals some TLC and a careful examination is a good idea.
You don’t need me to tell you that the cock and balls are sensitive areas. Hell, it’s why CBT can be so pleasurable. But once the CBT is over you can expect a few things – a small amount of swelling, perhaps some bruising, and maybe even some light abrasions. If this is the case, you can apply an ice pack and clean the area.
For any prolonged or severe pain, swelling, or signs of blood spots under the skin, get the advice of a medical professional.

Choose Your Chastity Torture Device


The Cock Zapper Cage

Tiny Urethra Stretcher Cage

Damsel in Distress Cage

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