Male Chastity Belts vs Chastity Cages. Which Is Right for You?

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Belts vs Cages - Choose Now
There are so many ways to enjoy the chastity fetish. You can play solo or with a keyholder. You can explore orgasm denial or orgasm control. You can even couple it with other fetishes such as sissification or BDSM.
And when it comes to what you physically lock your cock into, you have a choice there too – a male chastity belt or a chastity cage. Each style of male chastity device has its pros and cons. And there may be times when it’s more practical to wear one rather than the other.
The good news is there can be room in your life for both. And so in this article we’ll be looking at the difference between the two and how they can work together.

What Is a Cock Cage?

Worn on the genitals, a cock cage has 3 core components.
  1. The tube, which fits over the shaft of the penis.
  2. The ring, which fits over the testicles and holds the cage in place.
  3. The lock, which may be either:
    • A key-operated or combination padlock.
    • Built into the device.
Combined, these three components make it impossible to get fully erect. And for those of us who love a date with Five Finger Mary (which is most of us), it stops that from happening as well.
Cages can be made from stainless steel, silicone, plastic, and even rubber. Material choice matters. Some offer greater comfort and flexibility, which can be particularly important during stretches of long-term permanent chastity. But whatever they’re made of, most modern devices have a hole in the end of the tube to allow for urination. (There’s nothing more irritating than having to take a cage off just to go to the bathroom.)

What Is a Male Chastity Belt?

Unlike cages that only envelop the cock, chastity belts restrict the entire pelvic area. Pulled on like underwear, they also have 3 parts:
  1. The waistband, which is the main part and holds the belt in place.
  2. Thigh straps that fit around each leg or a single crotch band that goes between the legs much like a G-string.
  3. The chastity shield, which covers the cock and balls. (And sometimes a rear shield to cover the bum.)
Made from leather or a synthetic alternative, most belts fasten around the waistband using a buckle or snaps. Now you may be thinking, Well that sounds easy to get out of. Where’s the fun in that? And you’d be right. Even the laziest sub would find it easy to escape from a belt. And that’s why most of them have a padlock so you can’t remove the belt or shields and get to your junk.

The Strapped Chastity Cage / Chastity Belt Combo

I said there are two main choices when it comes to locking up your cock. But there’s also a hybrid option, which I call the cock cage / belt combo.
On the front panel of these belts is a hole. The penis goes through the hole, and then you lock your cock in a cage. Some subs prefer this extra feeling of restriction, especially if the belt they’re wearing has straps to lock it to the cage. (You’ve got to be pretty determined to get out of that setup.)
Metal Cages on bed of nails

Head to Head: Which Style Will You Choose?

Whether you should wear a cage or a belt often comes down to personal preference, as well as the type of play you like to engage in while locked up. But when shopping for a device, there are some key things to look out for. So how do belts stack up against cages? Let’s compare the two.
Measuring and Sizing
Chastity Belts: Belts have adjustable straps so they fit comfortably around your waist, thighs, and crotch. This makes them suitable for most body types and sizes. And even if your body size fluctuates, your belt should still fit.
Chastity Cages: You need to carefully measure the circumference of your cock and balls, and the length of your penis, to make sure you buy a cage that’s comfortable and won’t slip off.
Prolonged use of cages can also lead to chastity shrinkage. If this happens you’ll need to downsize your cage (which is the goal for some people).
Chastity Belts: Waistbands are generally made of leather or a synthetic alternative (e.g. polyester, faux leather).
Panels may be made of the same material as the waistband or crafted from stainless steel.
Chastity Cages: The most common cage materials are stainless steel, silicone, plastic, and rubber. Some are more flexible than others, offering the wearer greater comfort.
Chastity Belts: Adjustable straps give a comfortable fit around the entire pelvic area and because your junk is held in by the belt the risk of unwanted tugging and pulling is removed.
Chastity Cages: Accurate measurements make sure you get a cage that fits and feels good.
Silicone and rubber cages are somewhat flexible so more forgiving than plastic or metal ones.
Ball trap cages (cages that pull the testicles away from the body) can be uncomfortable, particularly for those with high-hanging balls.
Cleaning and Hygiene
Chastity Belts: Belts made of fabric should be cleaned as per the label directions. Some are machine washable, but most should be spot cleaned or hand washed only.
Genuine leather belts are easy to wipe down, and may be treated with leather cleaner on the external panels. But as with any leather BDSM accessory, take care when cleaning with antibacterial products to ensure good hygiene. They may affect the material.
Stainless steel belts are easy to wipe over, and can be cleaned with antibacterial soap or wipes.
Chastity Cages: Modern cages are made with body-safe materials, and can be thoroughly cleaned using soap, warm water, or an antibacterial cleaner. But always refer to the manufacturer’s notes on how to clean your specific device. Unless using a metal cage, avoid any abrasive cleaners or brushes, as these could weaken the material.
Chastity Belts: Belts deliver a very traditional chastity look that mimics the styles in Medieval texts. For some, this more draconian, archaic look—even when wearing a modern designed belt—is part of the thrill.
They’re available in a range of styles and colors, including pink for sissies, and leather and metal for BDSM fans. So you should be able to find one that fits your play preference.
Chastity Cages: Designed to bring chastity play into modern life, cages are deliberately compact for everyday wear.
They come in a range of styles, from transparent cages to ribbed designs, shaped like snakes, spiked for extra punishment, and even gold-colored ones. (Perfect for keyholders wanting a Midas touch.) This gives people the opportunity to be as elaborate or as plain as they want, depending on how chastity fits into their life.
Chastity Belts: Heavy-duty locks are usually found on the waistband, or a multi-locking system can be put in place to stop the removal of any waist, thigh, or crotch straps.
Belts coupled with a cage result in a double-locking system for extra security.
Chastity Cages: Most cages have one or two locks depending on the style. The lock may be built in, or there may be a padlock.
Chastity Belts: Most belts can be worn under regular briefs or directly under your clothing. As with all underwear, there might be some risk of the waistband showing depending on the pants you’re wearing or activities you’re carrying out.
Chastity Cages: Cages designed to fit snugly against your appendage that are lightweight and have an inbuilt lock are the height of discretion. A cage can sit comfortably inside your everyday underwear.

Switch It up to Keep Chastity Play Interesting

What your life demands from you day-to-day can change. You may need to do things that will be easier to accomplish wearing a belt than donning a cage. And vice versa.
  • If you’re traveling, a plastic or silicone cage may be more comfortable than a full chastity belt.
  • A male chastity belt might be easier to wear to the gym or work, as there’s no risk of anything rattling around.
  • If you’re getting overnight chaffing from your cage, you may switch to a male chastity belt for a while.
Whichever method you choose—belt or cage—the important thing is your comfort, your inability to get out of it, and whether your device pleases your keyholder. Read more about cages vs chastity belts on reddit and chastityforums

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