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Chastity Contract

Posted by Beautiful Voice on

Chastity Contract

For many couples adding chastity to their dynamic, writing up a chastity contract is a natural first step. The contract outlines the rules by which the couple or group will abide during the period of chastity.

Learn what your chastity contract should contain, and see an example in this article...

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Sex and Male Chastity: Forbidden or Encouraged?

Posted by Jennifer D. Cornett on Updated on September 22nd 2023

ruffled bedsheets

People often think chastity means no sex, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sex is a powerful, and important part of any pledge.

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Chastity #101: Lifestyle

Posted by Beautiful Voice on

Chastity 101 comic intro

MISTRESS TRACY: Welcome to Chastity 101, freshmen and freshladies. I am Professor Tracy, but good students will call me “Mistress”. Understood? Good. Now, in this class we will be covering the basics of male chastity.

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Solo Male Chastity and Online Chastity

Posted by Jennifer D. Cornett on Updated on October 11th 2023

Solo and online chastity

Not everyone has a Mistress to keep their cock locked up, so what’s it like being a solo chastity slave? Find out in this article!

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Male Chastity and Genital Piercings

Posted by Andrew Schroeder on

Rings for piercings

Can you comfortably wear a cock cage if you have piercings on your cock or balls? This simple question can make many men wonder if they'll even be able to participate in male chastity.

Find the answers to your questions in more in our guide to Male Chastity and Genital Piercings!

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