Male Chastity Belts

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A male chastity belt is a comfortable and secure chastity device which is worn to prevent men from masturbating, having sex, or any other form of sexual pleasure.

Usually made from authentic leather or vegan leather, you can also buy a metal chastity belt. Each material offers different levels of comfort, and restriction, and has a symbolic meaning in chastity, as well as letting you choose your ideal aesthetics. Colors are commonly darker shades of brown or black, though lighter colors can be chosen, while pink is common for sissy wearers.

Male chastity belts are usually made up of 3 main parts, with a waist-belt that hold it onto your body, a crotch-strap that goes between the legs, and a "chastity shield", which covers the penis and optionally bum, preventing penile and anal pleasure. As some designs are lockable, this effectively hands over the keys of your sexual pleasure to a dominant partner. Most are adjustable to accommodate all body types, but measuring your waist-size is always recommended before purchasing.

To wear a chastity belt for men, loosen the waist-band as loose as it can go, then step into it like a pair of underwear, then clasp up and close the waist-band to a comfortable but tight notch. Next, pull the crotchstrap tight, ensuring it is connected to both front and back of the belt, until the chastity shield covers your penis entirely, and is tightly but comfortably clasped between your legs. When done correctly, a mens chastity belt should not put uncomfortable pressure on your genitals, but it must be tight enough to prevent your fingers finding their way into the belt and touching your penis.

Buy a male chastity belt or a female chastity belt and experience the advantages in comfort, style, and restriction over a regular cage today. Further reading: What is a male chastity belt? Male Chastity Belts vs Chastity Cages. Which is right for you? An Introduction To The Fetish Of Female Chastity Belts