Chain Gang Chastity Belt
Chain Gang Chastity Belt
Chain Gang Chastity Belt
Chain Gang Chastity Belt
Chain Gang Chastity Belt
Chain Gang Chastity Belt
Chain Gang Chastity Belt
Chain Gang Chastity Belt

Chain Gang Chastity Belt

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It's movie night again! As you watch Magic Mike, you noticed your girl enlarge her eyes and unknowingly play herself as she sees the man in the striptease dancing scene. You know then that she's enticed with men wearing thongs with a tiny piece of cover.

Man, don't be jealous of the actor! You can do better! Try this Chain Gang Chastity Belt, and let her drool from your hotness!

This steaming hot lingerie for men is much better than those worn in the movie. It has a T-back design, which clings to a metal chain surrounding the waist. With this small cover concealing your private parts, it exposes more skin on your thighs, making you look more seductive to your woman. This cup-like supporter uses PU leather. This material ensures total support to the balls and promises durable performance.

Its glossy texture adds so much to its beauty. Once it reflects the spotlight as you do the dirty dancing in front of your lady. The leather cover also has G-clips on its sides that hook to the chain that acts as its belt. These clips allow adjustments to the waistline to conform to the user's size.

Use this sexy outfit to lure your woman into making love with you. Use it on your foreplays where you can play a role of a stripper teasing your lover. You can do any dance you want, but it would be better to practice basic routines.

As it's made of leather, a skin-friendly, non-toxic leather cleaner would suffice to wipe off the dirt and smell on it. Clean it as often as needed to maintain its shine, and so you can reuse it whenever you want.

Make your sexy times naughtier by using this Chain Gang Chastity Belt in your lovemaking. Get yours now!

Color/Type Black and Silver
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

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