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Explore FuFu Chastity's latest releases and find the perfect fufu clip to satisfy your chastity training needs.

FuFu training clips are simple chastity devices that effectively hide your penis and balls by inverting your penis and folding your scrotum to make it look like a little sissy vagina. Made of tough steel or resin, they're available in pink, black, silver or gold and feature different designs and sizes to accomodate different genital sizes.

Wondering how you can wear your FuFu training clip? Follow these 3 simple steps to attach it to your penis and transform it, or check out our full guide to wearing these clips.

How to put on a chastity clip diagram

  1. Place the clip over your cock with the bend facing away and push it flat against your pelvis.
  2. Gently pull your scrotums skin through the middle clip, pulling as much skin as you can while leaving your testicles and penis behind the clip.
  3. Finally, thread the skin you pulled through the middle clip, under the outer clip. Pull it tight and you're done! When done correctly, your penis will be hidden and your balls will resemble a vagina.

While they can't be locked, FuFu training clips are effective at preventing erections. Discipline is required to keep your chastity pledge, but the age-old saying "out of sight, out of mind" holds true! Known as chastity training clips, they help further your chastity journey and discipline by forcing you to keep the fufu clip on without removing it and relapsing. Chastity training is hard, and being in an unlocked device makes it harder. Fortunately all pleasure is not off the table as FuFu clips are perfect for sissies. If anal play is on the cards, your Keyholder or Bull can have the joy of railing your ass while getting to stare at your new, cute sissy pussy!

Enhance your chastity training now—buy a FuFu clip with affordable prices and Lock The Cock quality.