How To Use Fufu Clips: The Greatest Male Chastity Training Tool

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FuFu clips solve a problem with the vast majority of chastity devices that follow the same formula. Sure there’s a variety of styles and features, but at the end of the day most of them are still cages.
This can be a problem for a variety of reasons, but luckily there’s a solution! FuFu training clips, also known as chastity training clips, are a unique kind of chastity device that does away with the traditional design of cock cages and instead creates the look of a vagina using your own penis and balls.
Keep reading to learn about these revolutionary new devices in the chastity market.

Why Choose a Fufu Chastity Training Clip?

A large number of slaves will only ever use a cage designed for sissies and be satisfied, thinking nothing of it. But for some, even a caged cock can seriously detract from the chastity experience. While it’s not common, sissies and slaves may be unsatisfied with sissy chastity devices because they:
Let’s go through these one by one.
Femboy play and feminization are similar concepts, so we’ll tackle them together. The key point of both that is relevant to chastity clips is that both sissies and femboys like to explore different parts of femininity. Outside of wearing makeup, feminine clothing and following the sissy aesthetic, this can involve wearing small chastity cages like nubs or even inverted cock cages to hide the penis as much as possible.
While these small/inverted chastity devices are great, they still look like cages. With a clip, you can create your own realistic look vagina which can greatly enhance the fantasy and role play involved in both sissification and feminization.
With humiliation the idea is similar. These slaves enjoy being ridiculed, and this is often accompanied with small cock cages to make their penis look “pathetic”. Clips can take this a step further and let Keyholders or Mistress ridicule them even more for “not even having a penis”.
Gender dysphoria is a more serious issue though, and an often overlooked reason for someone to practice chastity. In this scenario, the penis itself is the issue, so while a cock cage does hide it, it’s still there. Turning it into a vagina can be a breath of fresh air for these people, letting them experience life with the genitals they’ve always wanted.
Of course, some slaves just like trying out different chastity devices because it’s fun! Using a training clip gives a completely different experience to any other male chastity device, so it’s an interesting addition to any collection.

What Is a Sissy Chastity Training Clip?

FuFu chastity clips
Chastity clips are extremely simple, and at first glance you might not even be able to tell that they’re for chastity at all!
The standard version has two oval shaped rings, joined together at one end. It looks a little bit like a paper clip. The Lite is simply a single oval ring, with a small flat oval at one end. Both kinds are a little thinner in the middle, then flare out at the bottom.
It’s a very basic looking product, but they can accomplish a lot. Once you’ve put it on, your penis will be held tightly in place like it would be with a flat cock cage, but the skin of your scrotum will be arranged in a way that makes it look like a pair of vaginal lips. Depending on your penis/foreskin, you might even have a tiny little clit poking out of the top!
Best of all, there’s no padlocks! Once the clip is on, you’re restricted and won’t be able to get any erections.

How to Wear a Fufu Training Clip

Putting on a chastity fufu clip is incredibly simple. All you need to do is push your penis back into your pelvis (like you would if you were wearing a flat chastity cage). Then, place the clip over your penis and gently pull the skin of the scrotum through the hole in the middle of the clip.
If you’re using a Lite version, then that’s it! Simply arrange the skin that’s come through the hole to create a great looking pair of labia.
For the full version, there’s a second ring. Simply pull all your scrotum skin through the first ring, then push it back out through the second.
How to put on a chastity clip diagram
It’s a little hard to explain with words, so check out the graphics on this page or watch this easy tutorial video by boundlesss on reddit to see it in action.

Which Chastity Training Clip Should You Choose?

Chastity clips are a relatively new addition to the Lock the Cock chastity arsenal, so there aren’t a lot of options at the moment. We recommend the FuFu clip line, which has both resin and metal options, as well as the Lite clip.
Both the full sized clip and the Lite are available in high quality resin that’s firm and restrictive while still staying smooth and lightweight. The full sized clip is available in pink and black, while the Lite is available in pink and clear.
Currently only the full sized clip is available in metal, but thanks to the extra sturdiness offered by this material these are the most restrictive clip options. Currently there’s the standard silver, or a gorgeous golden version if you’re looking for something a little more extravagant.

Choose Your First Training Fufu Clip Now!

Whatever your reasons for exploring alternatives to traditional chastity cages, a chastity clip is a great option. Check out the full range of Fufu Clips available at Lock the Cock now and start enjoying this revolutionary new device!

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