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Why strut around flaunting a peacock when you're merely harboring a pigeon? In the enticing world of male chastity, it's all about diminishing the value placed on one's so-called manhood and exposing its pitiful inability to perform.
If you're seeking a playful yet discreet means to encase your little secret, Holy Trainers make the perfect choice.

What are Holy Trainers?

Holy Trainers are a chastity cage brand manufacturing out of Switzerland. One of the oldest and most reputable brands in chastity, these cages have earned their recognition as the Swiss army knife of chastity by result of their unyielding dedication to quality, comfort, and an understanding of customers' desires. Crafted from high quality bio resin, they are renowned for their ergonomic designs and offering a range of sizes for a perfectly comfortable and secure fit.
The allure of a Holy Trainer chastity cage is a testament to the increasing number of men who crave a quality blend of control and submission.

Holy Trainer Chastity Cage Versions

Each of the 5 versions of the Holy Trainer offers continuous innovation, evolving alongside customer feedback and tailored to offer stylistic and fashionable changes.
  • Holy Trainer V1: The debut model, the V1 offers a simplistic, user-friendly design, being both comfortable to fit and easy use. It features a clear or black resin tube and a padlock which secures the cage and ring together at the top.
  • Holy Trainer V2: Building upon the initial success, the V2 featured improvements in comfort and ease of wear. It was a step up from its predecessor, with a more ergonomic design that catered better to the natural form. The V2 mainly differed by its integration of a hinged, integrated barrel lock, replacing the padlock of the V1.
  • Holy Trainer V3: Doing away with the hinged lock of the V2 but keeping the integrated barrel lock, the V3 sported a design that saw the base of the tube press more directly against the wearer's body, enhancing comfort, especially for wearers with a bit of chubbiness around their pubic area.
  • Holy Trainer V4: Similar to the V3 and keeping the same locking mechanism, the V4’s main change is of the tubes base, offering a less angled fit compared with the V3. Those of thinner builds usually find the V4’s contoured shape more comfortable.
  • Holy Trainer V5: The latest addition arriving in 2023, the V5 keeps the tube shape of the V4, while offering an updated locking system. No longer a simple barrel lock placed horizontally between the ring and cage, the new lock features a tailored key to unlock it and points straight down toward the cage. The V5 is a culmination of years of expertise, customer feedback, and innovative design.

Holy Trainer Sizes

Measuring for and choosing the perfect size is paramount to your chastity experience. From the tiniest tease to the most grandiose restraint, we have a size that will perfectly cradle your package. Each size offers its unique allure, its enticing feel, and its delightful degree of control.
  • Nub: As the smallest of our offerings, the nub is the epitome of diminutive delight, offering a tiny length of just 1 inch. Designed to tuck away the tiniest cocks, it provides a snug, cozy enclosure. Don’t let its size fool you, though. This compact cage packs a punch, ensuring that the essence of small penis humiliation is felt every time you catch a glimpse of its tiny confine.
  • Nano: The nano, just a tad larger than the Nub at 1.4 inches, offers an enticing balance of restraint and comfort. Its design is a testimony to the saying "small but mighty." With the Nano, you can experience the exciting world of chastity without any compromise on comfort or safety.
  • Small: The small size is for those who desire a modest cover, at 1.7 inches. It provides ample room for a bit more ‘manhood’, ensuring a delightful blend of snugness and freedom. This size is designed to maintain the thrill of confinement, while ensuring you can carry on with your day-to-day tasks with ease.
  • Standard: The Standard size is our most versatile offering, perfect for an 'average Joe' seeking to dip his toes into the captivating world of chastity, accommodating a flaccid length of 2 inches. Whether you're a beginner exploring chastity or an experienced player seeking a comfortable cage for prolonged wear, the Standard size is your perfect fit.
  • Maxi: Our largest offering allowing for 2.6 inches flaccid, the Maxi is for the well-endowed who want to experience the tantalizing pleasure of restraint. With its spacious interior, it's the ultimate statement of surrendering control while keeping comfort at the forefront. It's about acknowledging your size but choosing to lock it up - a paradox that drives the thrill of the chastity play.

Bio Resin Material of Holy Trainers

While diamonds may be a girl's best friend, our bio resin material will quickly become your cock's new confidant. Forget the cold, harsh metals; it's time to embrace the warm, natural feel of bio-resin. In male chastity, we value safety and hygiene above all. Our bio resin material ensures both, providing a clean, hypoallergenic environment for your little man to nestle in.
Embark on a journey that combines pleasure and denial, mystery and revelation, control and surrender. Let Holy Trainer guide your path to tantalizing denial.