Holy Trainer Chastity Devices

There are countless reasons why the Holy Trainer has topped the list of popular, best-selling cock cages year after year.
Made from silky-smooth silicone, it combines comfort with sturdiness - your trapped man will have no risk of pinching or chafing his sensitive skin, but also no chance of slipping out or escaping without your permission.
Silicone also allows for a dazzling rainbow of colors, from seductive red and sissy pink to domineering black. Or try mixing it up with a shiny, metallic or glittery design!
The flexible design of the Holy Trainer comes in two equally erotic varieties: one featuring a classically intimidating outer padlock and the other a sneaky, noiseless inner lock. All of our Holy Trainer cock cages also come with multiple sizes of cock ring to ensure a perfect fit at all times!

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