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An Introduction to the Fetish of Female Chastity Belts

Why Should People With Cocks Have All the Fun?

Given the name of our site, and the fact that nearly everything we sell on Lock the Cock is designed to lock up a penis, why am I writing about female chastity belts?
The honest answer: Because our range now includes chastity belts and devices for anyone with labia.
The more interesting answer: Because as someone who’s fairly new to the subject, I decided to dig a little deeper into female chastity – its origins, why female chastity is sexy, and how the devices all work.
And what I discovered left me wide-mouthed and eager to know more.
Ready to come on a learning journey? Let’s start with the basics.

What Is Female Chastity?

Female chastity is when a woman abstains from sex with either herself (masturbation) or a partner. Some women take a vow of chastity and wear a piece of jewelry to symbolize their vow. Others will wear a chastity belt to help remove the temptation.
Someone’s motivation for wearing a chastity belt may be grounded in their beliefs or their relationship dynamic. I’ll be exploring some of these in more detail later on, but the most common reasons a woman may want to be belted are:
Permanent Female Chastity Belt
  • It offers a greater feeling of support and safety.
  • The woman’s partner and Dominant keyholder wants it.
  • The wearer holds religious or moral beliefs about sexual abstinence.
  • Chastity belts are fetishized, and she enjoys the feeling of excitement that comes with orgasm control and denial.
When it comes to someone’s reason for wearing a chastity device, there’s little difference between those who wear cock cages and those who wear belts. And yet there seem to be different gendered ideologies attached to wearing a belt.
To understand why this might be the case, we need to look at the history of the chastity belt and consider the historical ideologies surrounding female sexuality.

Medieval Maids in Metal Chastity Belts

A popular belief is that chastity belts were invented during the Middle Ages. Husbands and fathers were thought to slap a belt on their womenfolk to ensure their fidelity while they were off fighting wars or conducting business. (Charming, right?) Pictures of so-called chastity belts, and any that have been discovered (such as this one in the British Museum), show them as rudimentary devices made from heavy metal. Padlocks ensured they stayed in place, while small holes allowed for defecation, urination, and washing.
And it’s easy to believe women in the Middle Ages—that dark, less-enlightened age when women were completely subservient to men—actually wore them. After all, this was a time when public executions were viewed as a fun day out. Belted women being the norm doesn’t seem such a stretch, does it?
But here’s the thing.
The use of female chastity devices as a way to control women’s sexuality during the Middle Ages is a lie.
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Historians have blown what we thought we knew about chastity belts out of the water. Medieval Studies academic Albrecht Classen even went as far as saying he “cannot stand this [myth] anymore,” and wrote an entire book debunking the medieval chastity belt.
Academic and kinky historian Esmé Louise explains that the idea of the medieval chastity belt being used to subdue female sexuality was actually invented in the 19th century.
Why would the Victorians want to invent such a story? The theory is that Victorian society used the medieval chastity belt to emphasize their own progressive thinking, especially regarding female sexuality.
The chastity belt also became fetishized at this time. It’s thought that devices made during this era were for pleasure and sexual adventure rather than their mythological intended use.

Blending the Ideas of Old With Modern Living

Despite the chastity belt’s far-fetched history, its use as an object of fetish desire has continued. But as with the male equivalent, modern chastity belts have (thankfully) progressed, morphing into much more practical designs.
Modern chastity belt designs fit with how women live and work today. They should be practical to wear long term, hygienic, and comfortable enough to leave on during any activity – a workout at the gym, a day at the office, or even a trip to the beach. They can be made of a combination of materials including titanium, medical-grade silicone, stainless steel, and ABS plastic.
Diagram of a Female Chastity Belt

What’s the appeal of chastity belts?

When it comes to gender equality, many still find the subject of female sexuality and pleasure hard to swallow. The “he’s a stud, she’s a slut” rhetoric still exists. And despite the conversation progressing thanks to the #MeToo movement and organizations that promote female sexual pleasure as the healthy norm, female sexual freedom is still contested.
So why do some women choose to wear a device that represents sexual repression?
Like the Victorians, we’re keen to think of ourselves as a more progressive and enlightened society compared to those that have gone before. This includes our open-mindedness to different relationship styles, such as BDSM relationships.
In this dynamic, power exchange games, and orgasm denial and control, are compelling aphrodisiacs. As anyone who’s already locked themselves up (in a belt or a cock cage) will contest, placing your pleasure and release in the hands of a trusted Dominant can be extremely arousing.
The chastity belt began as a symbol of sexual abstinence. But our current understanding of fantasies, and the role pleasure and sexual play has on our wellbeing, means women can reclaim the chastity belt as a symbol of their sexual devotion to a partner rather than devices used to control the wearer.

Finding Your First Chastity Belt

Wearing a belt that fits your body and your lifestyle will make your chastity journey all the more comfortable. Read our female chastity belt measurement and fitting guide, and then check out our range of belts.

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