What Is a Male Chastity Belt?

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Chastity Belts
Male chastity can be an exciting way to explore themes of restriction and dominance, but what do you do if you don’t like cock cages? Are you doomed to a life unlocked?
Of course not! There’s still another option to keep your junk safely out of reach. We’re of course talking about male chastity belts, which may be the thing that started it all!
These simple devices don’t just cage your cock, they enclose the entire pelvic region. You might choose to wear one because you simply find cages uncomfortable, or your Mistress may want to keep you even more secure. Whatever the reason, you can find plenty of different styles of belt tailored to your needs.

Chastity Belts? Aren’t Those for Women?

There are many myths of chastity belts stretching back as far as the middle ages. The most common story is that knights would place their wives in a chastity belt while they went on the crusades, so that they wouldn’t be unfaithful while they were away.
Despite the remarkable popularity of this myth, most scholars agree it is nothing more than a story. In fact the chastity belt wouldn’t be a real thing until the 19th Century! These belts would be used either to prevent masturbation (much like modern chastity), or to protect working women from unwanted advances.
In either case, the belts are not thought to have been worn for long periods of time as they would be made out of materials that would quickly become unhygienic over long periods.

So What’s a Male Chastity Belt These Days?

While the belts of the past may be nothing more than a myth, they aren’t far from the truth! Most modern male chastity belts are made up of metal plates that completely enclose the genitals and pelvis. Most models come with some way to allow urination, and the stainless steel material helps keep them hygienic during long term wear.
Anal Chastity Cage Belt
Anal Chastity Cage Belt
Many modern belts also come with room for additional attachments, such as butt plugs, anal beads or urethral tubes, all of which can enhance (or detract) from your locked up experience.

Types of Male Chastity Belt

You might have a pretty good image of what a chastity belt looks like already, but there’s plenty of options when choosing the one for you.
We’ve already talked about the most common type, the simple plated belt. These will usually have a curved metal piece that goes around your waist to hold the rest of the male chastity belt in place, and either one or two metal pieces that cover the front and back of your pelvis, similar to underwear. Versions with one plate may have a strap that sits along the middle of your butt, or multiple straps that go across both cheeks.
If the fully fledged belt isn’t for you, then there’s plenty of simpler options. One of the most popular is the jockstrap style belt. These are usually made of leather, and have a similar shape to a standard jockstrap. A small leather pouch or cup will contain the penis, while straps either go around the waist, legs or between the butt cheeks. Some variants of this kind of belt have a metal cup rather than leather for extra restriction.
Some chastity belts don’t aim to completely replace a cage, and instead use the two together for an extra level of restriction. These kinds of belt have a hole or ring, that you can place your penis through. Once in position, you can put on your cage and lock it to the belt. Especially useful for slaves who are prone to escaping.
Versions with a cock ring can also be worn without a cage. While this won’t offer the restriction of other belts, it can help promote erections like a regular cock ring, providing plenty of fun for Mistress during a teasing session.
The Jocks Strap Chastity Belt
The Jocks Strap Chastity Belt

Putting On Your Male Chastity Belt

It’s quite simple to put on your chastity belt, but depending on which model you choose there may be a few extra steps you need to take.
The most important part will be the straps, as these will be adjustable to fit different body shapes and sizes. Our best advice is to set the straps up loosely, then position the penis, butt plug, cage, or any other parts, then tighten up the straps. They should hold firmly, but not be so tight that they leave marks or cut off circulation.
It’s often best to have someone who can help you get everything into the right place and make sure the fit is correct.
Start by placing your legs into the holes and pulling the belt up just like you would any other underwear. As you pull it up, aim your penis for whatever slot your belt has. Some have metal tubes that you slide your cock into just like a cage, or simply position it in the pouch section.
If your chastity belt has a butt plug or urethral tube, you’ll also need to line these up at the same time, which is why we recommend getting help from Mistress.
Once everything is in place, simply tighten the straps. These are usually very simple, just like you’d find on a backpack, and you’re ready to go!

Now What? Wearing It During The Lifestyle

Just like a cage, once you’re wearing your chastity belt it’s time to start exploring everything chastity has to offer. Take a look at some of our other articles for some ideas on how to get started, check quora out, or check out our chastity accessories to find even more ways to spice up your pledge.

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