Understanding the Benefits of Male Chastity. For You, Your Health, and Your Partner

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Stories about cock cages that appear in mainstream media often try to answer the question, ‘Why do guys enjoy locking their penises in chastity cages?’ The aim is to shock or reveal some big, weird truth about (what they consider to be) a baffling fetish. But the reality is that there’s not a single silver bullet answer when it comes to identifying the benefits of male chastity and the reasons guys practice it. Often, the reasons are reasonable and not shocking at all. (Sorry to disappoint you, journos.)
A desire to be caged can be driven by emotion, curiosity, romance, physical preference, and psychological factors. The benefits will depend heavily on someone’s motivation and what they hope to get from the experience.

Linking the Benefits of Male Chastity to Personal Motivation

This article looks at how our reasons for choosing male chastity shape the benefits of wearing a device, and how those benefits can flow through into daily life. Whether you’re a curious bystander at the start of your own chastity journey, or a long-term chastity cage wearer wondering what more you can get from the fetish, here’s a chance to reflect on why we do what we do and how it enriches our lives. From the wonderfully simple, visual pleasure of wearing a chastity device, to more complex feelings around gender and body image.

For the Look and Feel of It

Seeing a locked cock—be it your own or someone else’s—can be visually satisfying. It’s why the design of your cage and how you feel about the way it looks, is just as important as the technical, sizing aspects.
Wearers who are motivated by ‘the look’ may enhance their voyeuristic pleasure by pairing the cage with feminine underwear, a male thong, or a jockstrap. This only enhances the voyeuristic enjoyment. But it’s not just how a cage looks that can be stimulating. The feel of it can be arousing, too.
Silicone chastity cages are ideal for those who prefer a soft touch, while plastic and metal offer firmer restrictions. Smooth cages, ribbed cages and, for the BDSM-inclined, electro chastity cages for tingling sensations, and urethral sounding chastity cages deliver strong, intense feelings. Or you may enjoy the feel of a cage that completely envelopes your shaft. (Save a pee hole.)
There’s no shortage of sensations to explore as a caged guy. And, you guessed it, this can be exciting. In much the same way you can feel good in a great-fitting shirt, wearing a cage that feels great against your package can boost your enjoyment of being locked up.
Different styles of cock cage

The Emotional and Psychological Benefits of Wearing a Cock Cage

Reasons for going without pleasure can run deeper than enjoying the look and feel of chastity. Emotions, thoughts, and fantasies while locked shape the benefits here. Let’s start with time and energy.
Refocusing your energy
On average, men spend 46 hours masturbating every year. That’s longer than the average American working week. (Which, incidentally, is around 40 hours.) Slipping on a cage is one way a guy might try to reclaim that time.
Not being able to masturbate, have sex, and (hopefully) not think too much about masturbating or sex due to the discomfort of an attempted erection while locked, frees your mind. And the energy that would have been spent doing those things can be refocused elsewhere. Anecdotal evidence from the caged community suggests that chastity has helped guys feel more productive at work, find time for hobbies they’d long forgotten or discover new interests, and even have more time for their friends and family. There’s also evidence that not ejaculating can benefit men physiologically as well, but more on that shortly.
Putting your partner first
For those with a sex drive higher than their partner’s, chastity is a way to reign in urges and desires. Slowing the pace makes it easier to reconnect with your partner’s desires. It’s not uncommon for couples that are practicing chastity to report that the caged guy’s behaviour changes and this includes whose pleasure has priority.
Entering a consensual female led relationship (FLR) can also force a change in how pleasure is perceived and who’s satisfaction is most important. But this isn’t limited to sexual satisfaction. An FLR may change how you approach your female partner, how you address her, and show her devotion. Practising male chastity can enhance pleasure in all aspects of your relationship.
Breaking away from the stereotypical male gender role
Chastity is a submissive fetish. And submissiveness isn’t a characteristic usually associated with men. For some this is the point and the benefit.
By embracing a submissive role, a man can take a rest from society’s idea of what it means to be a man. He is essentially handing over power to what, ideologically, makes him powerful: his penis and sex drive, and therefore his manliness. Forgoing this can be extremely liberating, which is why you’ll so often find the sissy fetish and sissy chastity cages overlapping with male chastity and female domination.
Increased curiosity and mental strength
Sex education never really ends. As we grow up our sexual likes and dislikes change as we learn more and experience sex in all its forms. This is usually how we end up discovering new fetishes, such as male chastity, and giving them a go to satisfy a curiosity.
Guys in chastity may be trying to answer questions ranging from, ‘What does it feel like to lock up?’ through to ‘How long can I really go without sex?’ The benefits flow from discovering what sex and pleasure mean to them. Removing the distraction of actually doing them and instead having time to reflect on the role sex and pleasure play in their lives.
Increased desire and frustration lead to greater submission
Not being able to have something usually leads to wanting it more. In psychology, this is called the scarcity effect. When it comes to chastity, the lack of sex and release can lead to greater desire. But only if it’s done right.
It’s one thing to go completely without and ignore any desires. But that’s not always fun or pleasurable. This is where Dominant keyholders come in. Giving a caged-man a taste of what he’s missing using games and titillation, or insisting on a ruined orgasm, may be frustrating. But as male chastity blogger Chaste alludes to in his article You can’t Domme without feedback, it undoubtedly increases desire. There’s always a want for more. And in a power dynamic such as D/s and chastity, this can lead to greater understanding of what submission truly means.
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The Physical and Health Benefits of Male Chastity

There aren’t a huge number of scientific studies into the effects of male chastity. Surprised? Me neither. But there is a handful of health-related research about the effects of abstaining from sex and not ejaculating. So exploring the physical and health benefits of chastity calls for a bit of a Frankenstein approach. We combine what we know from the medically-proven data with the lived experiences of guys in chastity.
Delaying orgasm to increase control
The stop-start method is a recommended treatment for premature ejaculation (PE). It’s designed to help build stamina by understanding the signs and signals the body gives right before you cum and is done in three steps.
Step 1: Stimulate the penis until close to ejaculation.
Step 2: Stop stimulation until the urge to climax subsides.
Step 3: Restart stimulation until you reach step 2 again.
This process should be repeated 3 or 4 times before finally allowing ejaculation to happen. The kink community refers to this as edging. And it’s a good technique for learning how to have better control whether or not you experience PE.
Get more hands-on with your body
With your most prominent erogenous zone locked away, you can give more time and thought to other areas of your body. You may find erogenous zones you weren’t aware of and come up with inventive ways to experience pleasure when your cock is off-limits. For example, you may be tempted to explore anal play, work out if your nipples do anything for you, or find experimental ways to orgasm hands free.
A temporary decrease in penis size
Chastity shrinkage can be a desirable cock cage benefit. Particularly if you enjoy a serving of small penis humiliation with your chastity. There is anecdotal evidence that wearing a cock cage for long periods can cause the penis to shrink. It’s why you may find you need to downsize your cage. But, medically speaking, the penis doesn’t actually lose inches. And the shrinking experience is (usually) a temporary state. Once the device is removed pre-chastity penis sizes (when flaccid and erect) will return.
A way to increase testosterone and, hopefully, libido
Increased testosterone has long been associated with high libido. The more testosterone you have, the more sex you want. Or so the theory goes. And theory also suggests that the less sex you have, the more testosterone gets ‘pent up.’
Well, this is sort of true.
A relatively small study of 28 men, found that after 7 days of no release, their testosterone levels increased. And this may have led to increased libido. However, testosterone is just one biological element that influences libido. Estrogen, a lack of stress, a happy relationship, and so on, are all important contributing factors to a healthy libido. Simply increasing testosterone will not make someone want to have more sex. (And it can actually be dangerous.)
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How Partners and Women Benefit From Male Chastity

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of male chastity for the guy wearing the cage. But it’s not all about him. There has to be something in it for his partner, right? Otherwise, we’d all be self-locking.

1. Greater Control Over Their Sex Life

Pestering your partner for sex doesn’t fly when a cage is involved. Now, the dominant, uncaged partner has greater control over their pleasure and sex life. Once the pressure is removed, partners may feel they have more say in when they have sex and the type of sexual play they want to engage in.

2. Less Sex More Listening

Really listening to what someone is saying, or what they want, is a skill. Keyholders often report an improvement in their partner’s listening ability when they’re locked. This may be because of the power they now hold and the submissive’s eagerness to please. Fulfilling desires means listening attentively. This change in the power dynamic can lead to great communication between the two of you.

3. Become the Focus of Their Pleasure

Practicing male chastity thrusts the pleasure of the non-chaste partner into the limelight and there’s no need for them to go without. As the locked-up partner won’t be jacking off, there’s more time and energy to take care of the non-chaste partner’s pleasure. They might even choose to indulge in a few chastity games, should they really want to test his strength.

4. You’ll Share an Intimate Secret

Unless they’re into the lifestyle (aka, swinging) few couples broadcast the fact they’re in a D/s dynamic with his cock locked. Occasionally, you may spot a likeminded couple thanks to one of them wearing a key around their neck or wrist, but mostly, your enjoyment of male chastity is an exciting, intimate secret shared by the two of you.

5. Porn-Free Pleasure

If you’re not thrilled by the idea of your partner getting off to porn, a male chastity cage can remove this as an issue. While it might not stop them from watching it, a cage will certainly stop them from jacking off to it.

Talking About the Benefits of Male Chastity

Talking openly about the chastity cage fetish is a good way to start figuring out the benefits you and your partner want from the practice. Whether it’s about exploring power dynamics, understanding self-restraint, shifting the sexual focus more in favor of the non-caged partner, or even seeing how abstaining from sex affects you physically, the benefits male chastity brings will flow from your motivations for wanting to do it.
If you’re ready to start exploring this, either individually or within a relationship, then shop for your first male chastity cage.

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