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Chastity attracts all sorts of people. Couples who’ve been married for decades. Professional men wanting to experience more than a quick tug. Dominant women searching for a submissive male. People exploring their gender and identity through sissification. Younger guys who are experimenting with what sex, gratification, and pleasure means to them.
And this is far from an exhaustive list.
While the caged life is still considered niche, and represented in the mainstream press as something that’s ‘other’, these factors haven’t stopped the community from flourishing. You just need to know where to look. Because whatever way you choose to experience chastity, there’s a subsection of people thinking and feeling the same. This means there are groups, blogs, events, and podcasts that will vibe with your version of this journey.
In this article, you’ll find:
  • Links to some of the busiest forums.
  • Suggestions for where and how to meet like-minded people.
  • Blogs and podcasts about the chastity lifestyle.
Community is useful, especially if you’re only just starting to explore cock cages and male chastity devices.

The Most Active (And Best Run) Chastity Forums and Online Groups

Online is where it’s at. Well, let’s be honest. It’s the easiest way to connect and find like-minded people without exposing your identity.
Forums are a fantastic way to ask questions without embarrassment and get ideas for chastity play, as well as places to develop friendships (assuming you post often enough).
Chastity Mansion – A welcoming forum no matter your experience level. Use the ‘What’s New’ or ‘Recent Posts’ menu options to see the latest discussion topics. Keyholders and females are also welcome, and have the option of becoming verified to gain access to a dedicated forum for KHs.
Chastity Forums – Run by the renowned male chastity blogger Thumper (more on that later), Chastity Forums keeps things simple. There are 6 boards to choose from, ranging from general chastity chat through to male chastity device reviews and discussions. The fiction board is particularly fun if you want to challenge yourself during lockup.
Lock The Cock’s social channels - Our customers love to chat all things chastity and share their journeys. You’ll find that we and our customers are most active on Twitter and Instagram (@lockthecock), and Facebook.
Reddit, r/chastitytraining – There are multiple subreddits about chastity, but what caught our eye about r/chastitytraining is how newcomer-friendly it is.
Fetlife – One of the original online safe havens for those into alternative lifestyles, Fetlife is massive. You’ll find discussion groups dedicated to the chastity lifestyle, as well as events, galleries, and a social media-style feed.
The Cage – This is so much more than a forum and chat room. And it covers a lot more than just chastity. The Cage is a great source of information for finding and exploring other kinks and fetishes that may interest you. Contribute to posts and discussions, but also explore the magazine, podcasts, and blog. Or even find friends in your local area.

Blogs About the Lifestyle

From informative articles to deeply documented personal journeys, chastity blogs are a source of comforting reassurance and lived experiences.
Denying Thumper – Started in 2008, Denying Thumper is one of the longest-running chastity blogs we know of, and we’ve loved seeing it evolve. Originally used to document his personal experiences of chastity with his wife (known only as Belle Fille), Thumper’s posts now riff on wider kinky topics and offer his commentary on pleasure and relationships that challenge societal norms.
Read Thumper’s first post.
Cut to the Chaste – Even though Chase’s blog hasn’t been updated since Locktober 2022, we still suggest spending time here. There are heaps of chastity device reviews and chastity fiction stories to get your imagination going. But what we really enjoy is the honest insight into his solo chastity life, which dances between self-keyholding and using a Pro-Dom keyholding service.
Evolving Your Man – Emma, the site’s author, describes Evolving Your Man as “somewhere between an FLR blog, a relationship blog, and a self-help blog.” For us, we enjoy the honest FLR, keyholder perspective, and thoughtful comments on a non-monogamous relationship.

Essential Locked Up Podcast Listening

Podcasts dedicated solely to male chastity are hard to come by. Generally, it’s a case of searching for the handful of episodes dedicated to FLRs and cock cages within a broader BDSM-themed cast. So here are a handful of shows and dedicated episodes that made our ears prick up with interest.
Male Chastity Journal – These are, in fact, recordings of the popular chastity blog of the same name. Listen to the journey of Mr and Mrs Lion as they explore caged life together, and the different frustrations and pleasures they each face.
Kinky Cocktail Hour – This BDSM podcast is hosted by Lady Petra and Saffermaster and, despite the name, each episode is a very digestible 20 to 30 minutes. Topics covered include being dominant, ruined orgasms, and plenty of chastity chats. Search for Chastity 101 and their episode dedicated to Locktober.
The Kink Academy Podcast – The podcast of the wise website, which sadly shut down in 2018. But during their broadcasting time they did a great 20-minute episode with professional Dominatrix and educator Eve Minax titled Getting Started with Chastity Play.

Meeting IRL

As we’ve seen, connecting with the chastity community is a lot easier online. For many, wearing a chastity cage is a personal and private experience, and one they’d rather talk about anonymously rather than in person.
This was confirmed while researching this article. Several forum threads discussing the feasibility of meeting with other individuals and couples who engage as chastity to simply ‘hang out’ were met with hesitation.
The consensus seemed to be that while it’s possible, the intentions of everyone attending should be defined beforehand. For example, are you expecting a cuckolding or swinging experience? Or do you literally just want dinner and someone to chat with about the lifestyle?
Try looking for FemDom events or attend a Munch. These are casual get-togethers for kinksters, and are usually held in bars or public spaces.
Putting a call out for company on the forums we mentioned earlier is a good place to start. Or you could consider going to a BDSM event in your area where there’s more likely to be Dom KHs and subs in cock cages.
Try looking for FemDom events or attend a Munch. These are casual get-togethers for kinksters, and are usually held in bars or public spaces. (BBQs and picnics in parks, for example.) There’s rarely any play at a Munch. Instead they’re a chance to get together socially ahead of a BDSM event so you can get a feel for who’s about.

Explore Your Social Side

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Being the newcomer in a community is hard. But hopefully the online forums, groups, and resources we’ve shared here have shown you that the chastity community is (by and large) a friendly one. People are generally very happy to share their experiences and thoughts on the lifestyle to help others.
So if you’re feeling confident and ready to start engaging with like-minded people, then where better than with our own Lock The Cock community.
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We look forward to seeing you around the socials.
Written By Andrew Schroeder

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