The Best Bar None: Metal Chastity Cage Buyer’s Guide

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When choosing a chastity cage, material will be one of the first things that you consider. The majority of male chastity devices will be either metal, resin/plastic, or silicone. In this guide we’ll focus on metal. We’ll cover what you need to look for in a metal cage, tips for choosing your metal cock cage, and an overview of some of our most popular metal chastity devices.
Let’s dive in.

The Best Metal Chastity Devices

When you start to browse metal chastity cages there’s one simple question that you’ll need answered:
“Why should I buy a metal cock cage?”
There are plenty of reasons to choose a metal chastity cage that also apply to the other materials on offer, but lets focus down on the things that metal cages offer that other cages don’t. For us, these things are:
  • Restriction
  • Durability
  • Design/Style
If you’re looking for the most restrictive chastity experience then you’ll want to seriously consider a metal cage. These cages are the firmest on offer and provide more restriction than both silicone cock cages and plastic models. That means if you start getting hard, there won’t be any flex or bending that helps accommodate your growing cock. You’ll be completely at the mercy of the cage.
Some men find this level of restriction too much, and like to keep a little flex in their cage. Some men even find it painful as the metal pushes down into their growing member. But some love the feeling, and even use metal cages as a type of challenge that adds an extra level of fun to their pledge.
As a tougher material, you can expect your metal cages to last a long time too. Even the firmest plastic won’t be as tough as metal, so if you’re looking for a cage that you can keep for years then metal is a great choice. It’ll even withstand impacts better which helps if you have a habit of dropping your cages.
Metal cages aren’t all function though. One of their greatest benefits are their looks! As the material is sturdier, it’s possible to create many different designs that you don’t see in other materials. These can range to the simple ringed or rod models, to the truly intricate and extravagant designs such as the Golden Clitty chastity cage or the stunning Basilisk cock cage. For a Mistress who loves to look at her prize, there’s nothing better than an elegant metal prison.
These cages often represent the best chastity has to offer. In fact, the majority of our premium range of cock cages is made of metal! There are even cages in different styles that you don’t commonly find in other materials, such as flat chastity cages or even fufu chastity clips.

Put a Ring On It

Put a Ring On It Chastity Cage
Love it or hate it, you should always put a ring on it…
The Put a Ring On It chastity device is one of our all-time bestsellers, and for good reason. A simple, effective cage that works well for beginner and experienced slaves alike with a ringed design that helps it stand out from the crowd. Every collection should include one of these cages.
A series of rings make up the tube of this cage, and at 3.8 inches it firmly sits in the standard cage category. Each ring is joined together at the bottom of the cage, with a smooth weld line running along the underside which is completely out of sight during use. Meanwhile at the top there is a gap between each metal rod, making cleaning a breeze and leaving plenty of space for Mistress to engage through touch and tease.
Six smaller rods make up the tip of the cage, each joining together in the middle. You’ll find a larger space between these rods, letting you see your caged cock in all it’s glory. At the very tip is a small hole that makes urination simple and easy.
Overall, we rate this as a fantastic first metal cock cage as it demonstrates many of the features we’ve discussed that make these cages different from silicone chastity devices or plastic models. The open and airy design make it great even for complete chastity beginners! And if the the silver doesn’t do it for you, check our the Your Dark Secret cage, which is our black version of the Put a Ring On It.
Each Put a Ring On It device includes three cock rings of different sizes, so you can find your ideal fit. There’s also a padlock and key in the package, so you can start using your device immediately.

Sounds Good, What’s the Catch?

Of course, like any product, it isn’t all sunshine and roses. Metal cages do have some downsides that you should also consider when making their choice. The key ones are:
  • Weight
  • Noise
  • Discretion/Bulk
It shouldn’t be surprising that metal is the heaviest of the common cage materials, but it can be surprising how much of a difference this makes. If you’re only wearing your cage for a short period of time then it’s not a huge problem. For all day use though you definitely might feel the strain (especially if you’re moving from silicone to metal).
Alongside the weight, you’ll also notice more noise after you put on your cage as the different parts clink together. This is usually caused by the padlock moving as you do, hitting against the other metal parts of the cage. Depending on when and where you wear your device this may be an issue worth considering.
Both of these factors contribute to a certain lack of discretion when wearing a metal device, but they aren’t the only factors. Many metal cock cages are also bulky and have a thicker tube than models made from other materials. This can leave you with a much larger bulge, which could be a negative if you’re trying to keep your pledge private.
While it’s hard to give specific advice on these factors, as everyone’s situation is different, they are important to consider when shopping. You can still find lightweight, quiet and discreet metal chastity cages if that’s the style you want. A flat metal cage will have a low form factor that barely shows up in your pants, and if you choose one with an internal lock it will make no noise either! Spend time on your decision and look carefully to make sure you’re picking up the right option to start your male chastity journey.

The Undelivered Package

The Undelivered Package Chastity Cage
There’s nobody here to receive your delivery…
No matter how desperate you get to have your fun, The Undelivered Package will keep you secure. This gorgeous device takes the ringed design to all new heights, and provides a great stepping stone from your standard length device into the world of smaller cages.
Flat rings make up the body of this cage which are wider and flatter than other models, placing an extra emphasis on your comfort while wearing the cage. This also gives the cage a different look that is subtle, but definitely noticeable. Once again, the welding is on the underside of the tube which keeps it hidden from view during use. The top side of the cage features larger gaps to keep things cool, clean, and give plenty of teasing opportunities.
This cage comes in two different sizes: 1.77 inches and 2.28 inches. Depending which size you go for you’ll get a slightly different look at the end of the tube. The longer model has an interesting looking split design, with metal rods holding the head from both sides. This leaves a large, open space around the head of your cock which makes the cage very comfortable and one of the easiest to urinate in. Meanwhile, the smaller model has a very similar tip to the Put a Ring On It cage, with eight rods coming together around the top of your penis.
For slaves looking for an extra challenge the small Undelivered Package comes with an included urethral sound. These simple tools are placed inside the opening of the penis to provide stimulation and restriction in an exciting new way. While sounding isn’t for everyone, if you can get used to insertion and the initial sensations then the hollow tube allows you to urinate without ever getting your cage dirty and provides one of the most hygienic chastity experiences.
The Undelivered Package has plenty of options, with two body lengths and three ring sizes to choose from. Make sure to take accurate measurements and read this cock cage guide on measuring for your chastity cage before purchase to make sure your cage will fit. It also includes comes with a discreet barrel lock and key to keep your pledge stealthy.

Metal Is the Material for Me – How Do I Find the Right Metal Cock Cage?

If you’re certain that metal is the material you want to choose, then it’s just a simple matter of finding the right cage! This is an important part of the process and you should spend some time browsing and thinking about what you want from the cage rather than making an impulse purchase.
The easiest place to start is the design of the cage. There are three distinct areas to consider:
  • Tube Style
  • Lock Type
  • Ring Type
Which tube style you choose will be influenced by many factors, including the discretion issues we discussed above and the look you want to go for. Generally though, you can divide this decision into two halves.
Do you want a “standard” cage, or a “short cage”.
Standard cages are, well, standard! These are similar to most other models you’ll have seen in both shape and size, with a longer tube that encloses your penis. As we discussed above, the metal will usually be thicker than other materials, and this kind of tube tends to be on the bulkier side. Being larger has it’s advantages though, as most of the extravagant designs you’ll find will be in a more standard shape.
Small chastity cages on the other hand are much shorter, which can be a key features if you need something discreet or are trying to hide your cock completely. While usually not as extravagant as standard size cages, these can still have interesting and unique design features, or even be completely flat! Most small cock cages will be more discreet, making them ideal choices if you wear your cage to work or the gym.
Once you’ve chosen your tube style, you can start to look a bit more at the other features of the cage. In particular, pay attention to the locking mechanism of your chastity padlock. The majority of cages will have either a padlock or barrel lock. Padlocks will be bulkier and may also clink against your metal cage, while barrel locks slide into the body of the cage itself and are much more discreet.
You can also choose between different kinds of cock ring that your cage attaches to. Again, you’ll mostly be choosing between two options: solid or hinged. Solid rings will see you putting your cock and balls through the holes, and some men find them more difficult to use. Hinged rings can open up, letting you simply place it around your cock and balls. Some men do experience scrotal pinching with hinged rings though, so that’s another factor to consider.
So you’ve been though everything we’ve talked about so far, and you think you’ve found your perfect cage, but how do you know if it’s good? Two key areas you’re going to want to check are the weld lines, and the surface.
Any areas that are welded together should be firmly connected with a smooth, clean line. If the join looks bubbly, or shows cracks, then it’s likely to break in the future. Examine any product pictures closely and if you’re not sure of the quality always contact the seller.
Similarly, the surface of the metal should be smooth and uniform, without any sharp edges. You should also ensure that the metal has been galvanized, as this prevents the metal from getting rusty.
There’s a lot to think about! If you’re still not sure which metal cage you should buy, don’t worry. We’ve collected four of the most popular ones in our range on this page, along with a little information about each. For the vast majority of slaves, at least one of these cages should be a good first metal device.

The Cage of Shame

The Cage of Shame Chastity Device
There’s nowhere to hide your shame…
As one of our most open metal designs, The Cage of Shame is the perfect way to put your cock on display without compromising on the restriction you want from a quality device. A simple to use cage that’s great for beginners who want to try out a smaller chastity device.
Less is more with this sleek metal design, with either one, two or three metal rings making up the body of the cage. These are connected with a firm weld on the base of the body, with the larger models having small gaps at the top of the tube.
Unlike all the cages we’ve looked at so far, the smallest Cage of Shame has no tube at all! This version of the cage simply has a ring and the tip which houses the head of your cock. All three versions have the same tip, which is one of the most open versions available. Two simple rods on each side of the cage gently hold your cock, leaving the center exposed for teasing and urination.
With such an emphasis placed on a small form factor, it shouldn’t surprise you that the smallest model is a tiny 1.1 inches. Medium comes in at 1.58 inches, while the large is still a very small 2.04 inches. Considering the average penis is around 3.5 inches flaccid, any man will find this prison an interesting test.
As with most of our cages, the Cage of Shame includes three different sized rings and a barrel lock and key. With it’s open design, cleaning is a complete breeze and you can even do it while wearing the cage by using a Q-tip. Overall we rank this a great beginner cage if you’re a little on the smaller side, or looking for a more discreet option.

The Flat Gatling Cock Cage

The Flat Gatling Chastity Cage
A manhole cover to hide your pathetic cock…
A completely different way to practice chastity, The Flat Gatling sports a sleek and smooth surface that completely subdues your manhood. Welcome to the world of flat cages.
With this unique design, there’s very little to the actual body of the cage. One simple ring gives it shape, and a flat, smooth metal plate is welded to the ring to provide the ultimate form of restriction. The plate itself has seven drilled holes to allow ventilation despite the low form factor, and allows urination even though your cock is completely hidden.
When it comes to wearing the device, your experience will be completely different to a standard cage. You place the ring on as normal, but then rather than sliding your shaft into the body of the cage, with this model you push your shaft back into your pelvis, hiding it completely.
Who would want to use this kind of cage? While there are many reasons to try a flat device, discretion is one of the most common. Thanks to the low form factor, this kind of cage can fit comfortably in any chastity underwear. It’s also very appealing to slaves who enjoy feminization and sissy slut chastity play, as it completely removes your masculinity through chastity downsizing and allows you to focus on your feminine side more intensely.

So Who Are Metal Cock Cages For?

Well, everybody! More reading on reddit for more user examples. Just like silicone chastity cages or plastic, there are plenty of different options available when it comes to a metal cage. There are unique benefits, such as a firmer, sturdier cage, or more weight to remind you of your pledge as you go about your day. There are also unique downsides, such as a bulkier bulge, or jingling from your padlock. But like any chastity purchase, as long as you consider what sort of cage you need then you can definitely find a metal one that fits the bill.
So make your next cock cage a metal one now! If none of the cages we’ve talked about sound like the one for you, head over to our full metal collection now and see everything this material has to offer.
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