Finding the Best Male Chastity Underwear (or Panties!) for a Locked Cock

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Both slaves and Mistresses put a lot of time into all the different aspects of male chastity. Choosing the right cock cage, putting together a contract, thinking of fun ways to enjoy chastity, teasing and tempting the slave, there’s plenty to think about. But what about underwear?
Putting in all the time for the perfect chastity experience, only to have it ruined by something as simple as the wrong underwear can be heartbreaking. So which should you choose?
There’s plenty of options with different benefits and drawbacks. Going commando or wearing boxers is a simple solution, but there’s no support. Briefs offer more support, but leave a big bulge. Panties can help you enjoy your sissy fantasies, but might be a tight squeeze.
Luckily there are some other options that can fulfill all your needs. Let’s explore the world of chastity underwear!

Going Commando

For many men trying chastity for the first time, no underwear at all seems the easiest solution. However, going commando isn’t always the answer, especially for men wearing a heavier stainless steel chastity device.
While forgoing underwear removes the issue of the cage’s outline creating a strangely-shaped bulge, it provides the man with no support. That means his poor penis has to support the entire weight of the chastity device, which can leave it feeling sore and strained after a few hours.
External padlocks can also be an issue, as walking around without underwear can also cause an audible “rattling” sound as the padlock repeatedly clinks against the exterior of the cage.
If you’re thinking about going commando with your device, try it out for a few hours at home before committing to a full workday of free-balling with a locked cock.


Man's Boxers
Boxers present many of the same problems as going without underwear. They are initially comfortable and don’t create a “cage bulge,” but leave the genitals unsupported and can lead to a rather painful penis.
As above, try out boxers plus cage for a few hours at home to see if it’s right for you.

Briefs and Boxer Briefs

Briefs and boxer briefs are the most popular types of underwear worn by men in cock cages. They fit snugly and provide support for even the heaviest of cages.
However, some traditional briefs will usually give you a “cage bulge”, clearly highlighting what’s in your pants. If this could be a problem (like if you’re wearing your cage to work), then make sure to check yourself out in the mirror before heading out!

What’s in Your Pouch?

While no company has managed to come up with the perfect set of chastity underwear, there are a surprising number of options that are comfortable, provide support, and hide the outline of the cock cage.
“Pouch briefs,” and “pouch underwear,” such as those manufactured by John Sievers or outTHERE Underwear are just what they sound like. The underwear features a large “pouch” of fabric at the front which can comfortably accommodate your cock, cage and all.
Many men in long-term enforced male permanent chastity have touted pouch briefs as the perfect everyday underwear for their caged cock needs.

Incontinence Briefs

Men’s incontinence briefs can provide a unique but viable solution to your underwear dilemma. They have a thin, built-in pad in the front, which hides the outline of the device from even the most prying eye. However, they tend to be thicker and warmer than other men’s undergarments, so check the temperature before leaving the house with them on.

Male Chastity Panties

Panties and Lingirie
Slave’s who like to explore their sissy side might opt for some women’s panties to support their cage. These carry a host of benefits, being available in many different colors and materials, often being much softer and smoother than male underwear, and giving Mistress something eye-catching to look at.
While simply borrowing a sexy lace number from your keyholder’s drawer can be an easy and simple option, it is important to properly size your panties before wearing them over a cock cage. Panties that are too snug can ride up easily, pinching the testicles and forcing adjustments throughout the day.
To make sure your panties fit perfectly, check out male-focused lingerie brands such as Xdress. Check out /rchastitytraining. For extra fun, pair your new chastity panties with other traditionally feminine items such as garters, thigh-highs, or pantyhose and a cute pink cock cage for that extra sissy touch!


Men with a humiliation fetish can pair their chastity cage with a nice sturdy diaper. Diapers keep the cage supported while also completely smothering its tell-tale outline.
Remember, diapers should be changed regularly, even if not used for urination or defecation purposes. If the diaper does become wet for any reason, remove it immediately. Check the penis frequently for rashes or chafing if you’re using diapers.
Whichever kind of underwear you prefer, make sure your cage is the perfect match. Head over to our chastity cage collection now and pick out your next prison from our expansive collection.
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