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Four Chastity Devices
Starting out in the chastity world can be intimidating. There's so many male chastity cages for sale to choose from, even experienced slaves can find themselves at a loss.
So let's make chastity cage shopping simple with our comprehensive guide.

What Goes Into The Best Chastity Cage?

If you've ended up here and still aren't entirely sure what chastity cages are, or how to put on a cock cage them, then lets start with some basics. If you already know the basics feel free to skip ahead a little.
So what is a male chastity cock cage? Sometimes called a chastity cage or male chastity device, they’re quite simply a lockable device that is placed over a man’s penis and locked in place. This prevents him from becoming erect and depending on the cage may also completely prevent him from touching it.
But why would a man want to lock his penis away? There are many different reasons, and many different ways that a man can enjoy chastity; such as:
For more information on nearly everything LTC related, make sure you check out our extensive blog, or if you’d rather talk to other people about chastity then our social media pages are a great place to start!
If you decide this is for you, then it’s important to be prepared before you start wearing your cage. Look into male chastity contracts, which lay out the rules while you’re practicing this, and read our guide to how to put on and how to wear chastity cages to avoid some of the common pitfalls that new slaves often fall prey to.
For the one not wearing the cage (usually called the keyholder or Mistress/Master), we also have some guides going over the basics of becoming a Mistress and how to torture and tease your slave.
Once you’ve done your homework and decided chastity is the right fit for you, you’ll also want to take some accurate measurements of your penis. Our measuring guide explains how to do this properly, and we strongly recommend you follow it as accurate measurements are very important to making sure you’re cage fit properly.
With all that out of the way, let’s look at cages.

Chastity Cage Material Introduction: Which To Try As A Beginner?

With so many cages to choose from, the easiest way to whittle down the options is by starting with materials. Which material you choose can have a large impact on your chastity experience, and also change which kinds of cage are available to you.
The three most common kinds of material are metal, silicone and resin. Each has it’s own benefits and drawbacks which we’ll cover below.
Metal chastity cages are usually made of stainless steel, and the vast majority are silver. Sometimes you can find them in black or gold metal, but these are much less common so if you want a specific look your options are much more limited. Generally metal cock cages are much more interesting than other materials as it’s much easier to make different shapes, designs and patterns with steel.
Premium Golden Chastity Cages

Metal Chastity Devices: Benefits And Drawbacks

Metal Cage Benefits Metal Cage Drawbacks
Sturdier Least Flexible
More Restrictive Limited Color Selection
Harder to Escape Sometimes Heavier and Noisier
We cover metal chastity devices in much more detail in our metal chastity cage buyer’s guide, but generally if you’re looking to be heavily restricted and want something that will stand up to some punishment then this is the right material for you. However if you want something discreet that you can wear all the time you might prefer one of the other materials.
Silicone chastity cages tend to be the complete opposite of metal, thanks to the soft and flexible material. They can also come in a massive array of different colors so you can find the perfect match for your own style. Usually the designs on offer are a bit more limited though, so most of the options will offer a more standard look.
Silicone Sissy Chastity Cage

Comfortable Silicone Chastity Devices: Pro's And Con's

Silicone Cage Benefits Silicone Cage Drawbacks
Lightweight Most Fragile
Comfortable and Flexible Least Restrictive
Many Color Options Limited Designs
For beginners, silicone is a great starting point. They let you experience chastity without being too restrictive, are easily removed if something goes wrong, and often more comfortable. They’re also great if you’re looking for an everyday cage that you can wear during a longer lockup thanks to the low weight, and generally discreet designs.
Resin is the final common material, and tends to fall somewhere between silicone and metal. It’s firmer than silicone so provides more restriction, but not as hard as metal. You’ll still have plenty of designs to choose from, and most are available in several colors. For some slaves it’s the perfect material.
Sevanda Ergo Black and Clear

Resin And Plastic Chastity Devices: Advantages And Disadvantages

Resin Cage Benefits Resin Cage Drawbacks
Firm and Solid Less Sturdy Than Metal
Most Design/Color Options Hardest to Clean
Restrictive but Lightweight Can Flex and Pinch
With some of the benefits of both metal and silicone, resin can be an ideal stepping stone if you’re looking to make your pledge a little more restrictive. The lightweight and discreet nature makes them great for long term wear, while the varied options also make them ideal for shorter play sessions. However, the molding process can leave lines and imperfections on some models, so you may need to clean your cage up a bit before using it.

Delightful Designs: The Different Styles of Chastity Cage

Once you’ve chosen your material, you can start looking at the different styles that are available. There are many choices, and depending on your own preferences you can probably eliminate several of them quite quickly. If you’re building up a large collection of cages though, you’ll probably want to eventually own one of each.
We’ll cover each of the types below, and recommend a few options that you may want to look at if you decide that’s the type for you.

Holy Trainer Cock Cages

Lets start with one of the classics: the Holy Trainer. Almost every experienced slave owns a Holy Trainer Chastity Cage, and for good reason. This classic chastity device has been around for many years, and gone through several iterations. Originally developed by a Swiss company, many manufacturers have made their own versions of this chastity cage.
Holy Trainer Male Chastity Devices are typically characterized by a simple tube design that completely covers the penis. Some models features small air holes, typically found towards the tip of the tube, and most have a vertical slit at the end for urination.
Generally Holy Trainers are made from silicone, but you can usually find resin or metal versions if you prefer. Most Holy Trainers have an internal locking system, so you won’t need a padlock. These cages are a solid addition to any collection, and can be good for new and experienced slaves alike.
The standard by which all other Holy Trainers are judged, the V4 takes all the things that make the cage great and add an additional focus on ergonomics and comfort.
The newest Holy Trainer on the block, the V5 takes everything great about the V4 and adds a unique new locking system which makes it easier to use than ever before.
If stainless steel is your preferred material, then you can still enjoy the famed design of the Holy Trainer.

Full Coverage: Inescapable And Restrictive Cock Cages

Full coverage is how we refer to those that completely cover your penis while wearing them. These typically look similar to Holy Trainers, but can have extra ventilation holes, different methods of attaching to the cock ring, or use padlocks instead of internal locking systems.
As the standard options, they don’t typically have a lot to talk about. They are available in all three of the usual materials, and do well as a general cage when you don’t want anything particularly special.
Designed to be as comfortable as possible, the Sevanda Ergo Chastity Cage definitely lives up to it’s name. Every part of this Sevanda Cock Cage oozes quality, making it a top choice for any slave.
Who says full coverage needs to be boring. Houdini’s Inescapable Chastity Device takes a traditional shape and makes it look great with cleverly placed ventilation holes.
A completely different take on the standard cage design, the Ferrari looks stunning on almost any cock. With two distinct colors and plenty of ventilation, it’s a worthy addition to any collection.

Small Chastity Cages

After a while with a regular size, many slaves like to explore smaller options. Often referred to as a Nub, they are similar to their larger cousins, just smaller. You can find small chastity cages that completely cover the penis, and ones that leave room for teasing.
Often slaves will choose this kind of cage for a more discreet option, as they take up less space in their pants and leave less of a bulge. Other slaves like the challenge of fitting their penis into smaller and smaller sizes, and actively try to experience as much chastity shrinkage as possible.
Like the other styles we’ve discussed so far, you can find tiny cages in all three of the usual materials, so you have plenty of options. However, due to the additional challenge, we don’t recommend them for a first time user.
One of the most lightweight options in our range, the Shameful Cage leaves your tiny, pathetic cock on display for Mistress’s pleasure.
The Micro Cock Cage is a surefire way to hide your pathetic cock. With a solid metal cover, there’s not even a slight chance of getting hard.
The Dark Cobra Chastity Cage Nub is an attractive cock cage wrapped in a tiny package. Don’t let it’s small size fool you though. This is restrictive.

Flat Male Chastity Devices

An extension of the small category, flat chastity cages are a completely unique design that allows you to approach chastity in an entirely different way. Rather than simply covering up your penis, they completely hide it by pushing it back into your body. This is achieved by a flat plate on the front of the cock cage.
Due to the very specific design of these cages, you will have less options. The main differences you’ll find is the number of holes on the flat plate, which provide different levels of ventilation, and the material. As they need to be firm enough to push your penis back, you can only find them in resin or metal.
The quintessential flat cock cage, the Gatling takes away your manhood completely by pushing your penis inside, and covering it with a neat metal plate.
A gorgeous option if you’re looking for a flat cage, the Flat Packed Restraint takes a simple design and elevates it with luxurious gold metal.
When one lock isn’t enough, why not try two? The Black Incarcerator makes sure your cock is completely secure with no way of even touching it!

Sissy Cock Cages: Pink Aesthetic

While it may seem strange to use a color as a category of its own, pink cock cages are highly sought after by many slaves. This is primarily due to their use by femboy's during play. Sissies enjoy taking on aspects of a more feminine persona. As part of this persona, they may wear pink to help feel more feminine, a small size to shrink the penis, or a flat cock cage to completely hide it.
As you’d imagine, most femboy chastity cages will be pink. Aside from that though, there’s plenty of options when choosing one. Being pink means that they will be either silicone or resin.
One of our most popular designs, the Silicone Sissy takes the classic chastity device design, soft and comfortable silicone, and a hot pink color to provide everything a chastity slut needs.
When pink isn’t enough, the Golden Clitty is ready to transform any cock into the perfect little clitty. This gorgeous cage gives you a unique look that you wont find in any other chastity device.
For men who just can’t get over having a penis, Fufu Chastity Clips are the ideal solution. These clips use both your scrotum and penis and hold it in way that looks just like a vagina.

Electroshock Cages For Cock And Ball Torture

For slaves who enjoy more punishment, electroshock are a great choice. They are most often plastic, and have several metal areas that can be used to deliver shocks to the slave’s penis. Most models will require a TENS unit to provide the shocks, although the Nautilus is an all in one shock chastity cage.
Generally these chastity cages all share a similar design, fully enclosing the penis and having wires connected to the shock zones, so there isn’t a great deal to choose from. Most electroshock male chastity devices can usually be paired with any TENS unit too, so most of the time you can just go for whichever one you like the look of the best.
The Nautilus is the premium electroshock chastity option. No tens units, no wires. Just a great looking cock cage and an easy to use remote. Shocking.
The latest version of the Cellmate comes with shock functionality, and a host of other features. Remote locking, timer mode, and a strong, restrictive body.
The Cock Tazer is the traditional electroshock design. Similar to a standard cage, but with additional electrodes which attach to a Tens unit to provide the stimulation.

Premium Chastity

Premium cock cages take your pledge to the next level. These are made with premium materials to provide the ultimate in restriction and comfort. They often feature the most elaborate designs and have the most unique looks.
Any style we’ve discussed above can have a premium version. Premium quality will come at a premium price point though, so we recommend trying out the styles you’re interested in first before upgrading to a premium version.
If the Ergo wasn’t fancy enough for you, then how about the Sevanda Gold. Taking the same comfortable design and upgrading it with a shiny new look, no slave should be without this cage.
Simple and attractive, the Golden Standard houses your cock neatly and looks fantastic while it does. Made from solid steel, there’s plenty of restriction from this great looking package.
A luxurious upgrade to the already fantastic Flat Gatling, the Golden Flat Gatling gives an extra bit of sparkle to any man’s flattened cock.
For more info on any of these specific kinds of cages, check out our buyers guides for those cages, or read quora and reddit. Or, when you’re ready, head over to our full range of LTC chastity cages and start choosing your next cage.
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