Sex and Male Chastity: Forbidden or Encouraged?

Posted by Jennifer D. Cornett on Updated on September 22nd 2023

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The underpinning idea behind male chastity.
But where does it end?
It’s easy to imagine a world where a slave gets locked in a chastity cage and never gets to orgasm again, but this isn’t really realistic or even healthy. We all need pleasure now and again, even those of us who deny ourselves from it.
So where does sex fit into the femdom chastity lifestyle?

Isn’t “No Sex” the Point of Chastity?

Whenever you start exploring the world of male chastity, preventing orgasms will be constantly thrown in your face. It can often seem like the entire point of chastity is never to have sex again.
But sex is a crucial part of male chastity.
Sure you might find men who claim to permanently stay in their male chastity cage for years at a time, not having orgasms for massive amounts of time, but they’re missing out (and probably lying). When there’s no chance of escape, there’s no way to build up the temptation. There’s no teasing, there’s no reward.
All they have is a cage.
When a Chastity keyholder (or even a solo chastity slave) is willing to let the cock out for some fun, it makes going back in the cock cage even more powerful. After a good time, they’ll be even more desperate for more pleasure, so your teasing can become even more intense. Essentially each orgasm increases the intensity of the pledge.
And don’t forget, even when the slave is caged, it doesn’t mean sex is off the table. Mistress can still have her fun whenever and however she wants, and you better believe she will.

Relationship Benefits of Sex During Chastity

Aside from the intensity, there’s a whole host of benefits you can enjoy by incorporating sex into your chastity relationship.
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For Keyholders, one of the greatest benefits is that their slaves will usually get better at pleasuring them. After all, if a slave does a good job, then maybe they’ll earn a reward!
Over time this can lead to the man being more in tune with his partner’s needs, which can lead to a much more fulfilling sex life for both even if they decide to end the chastity pledge.
Slaves have a tougher time, but it’s definitely worth the suffering. Each time Mistress teases or taunts him, the feelings of desire and temptation will build. Every touch will leave him quivering and begging for more. Then when the pleasure finally comes, the release feels even stronger and more intense than usual. It’s a bit like very extended foreplay.
If Mistress can get her slave riled up enough, then both can also enjoy some extremely exciting sex as the slave is so desperate that he’ll be raring to go. Some of these sessions are the most memorable in a chastity relationship as pure passion and lust takes over.
Then, when the chastity cage goes back on, the helplessness and realization will come rushing back. He won’t get another release like that unless he behaves himself, and even then only if Mistress wants him to. It’s so much more intense than just “wearing a male chastity device for a month”.

Femdom Training Your Submissive Slave With Sex

It’s not just about the feelings though. Sex is a powerful tool that Mistresses can use in a variety of ways during the pledge.
First and foremost, it’s a way to encourage and reward specific behavior. If Mistress wants her slave to serve dinner every night, she can reward him for it with blowjobs or handjobs. If he fails, it might be an extra week before his next orgasm.
With this kind of training it’s really up to your imagination. Whatever ways you can think of using sex to train your slave can become a reality. It’s important to lay out the expectations before starting the pledge though, usually in a male chastity contract. This makes it clear who will be doing what, and avoids any unexpected or unfair punishments.
Beyond the basics though, there are other forms of training that you can use during chastity. For example, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are both medical conditions that chastity can help with. When a man knows that he’s only getting uncaged once a week or once a month, he’s not going to want his pleasure to be over in a few short minutes. He’s going to want to hold on for as long as he can, which can help strengthen the pelvic muscles and over time will improve the condition.
Similarly, if a man struggles with something like social anxiety or anger issues, then working on these problems can also be trained with sex. Each time he does something in public that he’s uncomfortable with, he can earn himself a reward. Each time he loses his temper, he gets another day caged.
Again, you can really utilize sex in any way you can think of in your own chastity relationship. It doesn’t just have to be about pleasure, but can be a part of your personal growth and development. All empowered by simply wearing a cock cage!

Great Sex While Wearing A Cock Cage

So far we’ve mostly focused on what happens when the chastity device comes off, but even when it’s on that doesn’t mean sex is off the table.
We’ve already discussed pegging, but naturally all kinds of anal play are still possible caged. Even men who are typically against anal can often be much more willing when the other option is another week with no pleasure!
Sex toys
A big favorite amongst many chastity couples is prostate chastity milking. This small gland is only found in men, and when stimulated can lead to the release of prostatic fluid (a liquid that makes up part of your cum). When done with this intention, this is often called prostate milking.
If a man starts to enjoy prostate play, then he may even want to try and have a chastity hands free orgasm. This is a rare occurrence, but some men find that they enjoy them just as much as a penile orgasm. You can also pick up prostate massagers, which are sex toys specifically designed to stimulate the prostate gland.
Depending on how much you enjoy Chastity BDSM, you can also explore many different kinds of play that don’t involve the penis such as whipping, wax play, bondage and sensation play. While caged, the slave will be much less likely to focus on his penis and actually enjoy the other sensations he experiences. Plus, if he gets turned on the cage will quickly give him a jolt of pain to kill the erection, which can be fun for Mistress.
Speaking of Mistress, there’s no limit of fun she can have while the slave is caged. Whether it’s simply ordering him to pleasure her, or teasing and tempting him with the hope of his own orgasm, she’s always going to enjoy herself.

Don’t Be Afraid of Sex in Chastity

However you decide to utilize sex in your chastity relationship, make sure that you do! It’s a great way to enhance any pledge, and can add fun and variety to your other chastity activities as well as helping you grow and develop personally.
Chastity Lifestyle Written By Jennifer Cornett

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