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Introduction To The Male Chastity Fetish

MISTRESS TRACY: Welcome to Chastity 101, freshmen and freshladies. I am Professor Tracy, but good students will call me “Mistress”. Understood? Good. Now, in this class we will be covering beginner friendly basics for those first time of chastity.

CHASE: But I already know about...

MISTRESS TRACY: Did you not hear Mistress say “silence”?

CHASE blushing: Yes, Mistress.

MISTRESS TRACY: Excellent. Now, I know some of you may be further in your education than others. However, we want to get everyone in this course to the same level, so we’re going to be going back to basics. I know you good boys are just itching to get your LTC male chastity cages on and start your lives of chastity…

MISTRESS TRACY steps forward, places one heeled shoe on CHASE’S desk, and uses her riding crop to slowly tilt his chin upwards.

MISTRESS TRACY: BUT, there’s a lot more to chastity than simply locking the cock! In this course, we will begin with aspects of the chastity lifestyle which don’t involve the cock cage.

Lesson 1

Guide To Male Chastity Keyholder Contracts

MISTRESS TRACY: The first part of the course will discuss chastity contracts. A chastity contract is a document signed by both the locked man and the keyholder. It should include rules such as the length of lock-up periods, actions which earn punishments or rewards, and how often the chastity cage will be cleaned. You shouldn’t sign the contract until everyone agrees on the rules.

CHASE: Booo-ring!

MISTRESS TRACY: Wrong! It may sound boring, but a chastity contract is extremely necessary. Can anyone tell me why?

TYLER: Ooh! Pick me, Mistress!

MISTRESS TRACY holds up an example chastity contract. Her own name is signed in bright red and marked with a red-lipstick kiss. The names of CHASE and TYLER are below, written plainly in all lowercase letters to show their submissive nature

TYLER: A chastity contract ensures that everything stays SAFE, SANE and CONSENSUAL, and no regrets. It stops people from getting hurt or going too far!

MISTRESS TRACY: Very good, Tyler. Don’t forget to discuss the chastity contract with your keyholder regularly in order to make any needed changes. Now, students, if you wish to see an example chastity contract, please visit our course Web site.

Example Chastity Contract

Lesson 2

Male Chastity Slave Discipline; Humiliation, Tasks, And Painful Punishment

MISTRESS TRACY: Now, one topic your chastity contract should always cover is discipline. “Discipline” refers to both rules which the locked man needs to follow and punishments which the keyholder can give for breaking those rules. Can anyone think of an example of a good rule?

TYLER: Clean the house once a week while wearing a humiliating sissy outfit!

CHASE: No using anal toys without Mistress’s permission!

KIARA: Always down on your knees to greet Mistress when she comes home from work!

MISTRESS TRACY: Excellent, students! Now, can anyone think of punishments which a keyholder might give out to a disobedient chastity slave?

MISTRESS TRACY walks slowly between the desks of her students, running her riding crop along each desk. When she reaches CHASE and TYLER’S desks, they drop to their knees to answer while KIARA remains seated and looks on excitedly.

CHASE: Spanking! Ten lashes right on the butt…ooh, or maybe even TWENTY!

KIARA: Giving Mistress’s new shoes a good cleaning – with his slutty little tongue, of course!

CHASE drops to the floor and begins to lick MISTRESS TRACY’S high heels, while TYLER does the same to KIARA’S much more sensible shoes.

TYLER speaking between licks: Making him go yet another week without orgasm. I think that’s the worst punishment of all!

MISTRESS TRACY: You’re absolutely right, Tyler. Adding time to his lockup is an especially awful punishment for very bad boys. And that leads us to our next topic…

Lesson 3

The Male Chastity Lifestyle; Femdom/Sub Roles, Sex, Orgasm Control

MISTRESS TRACY: Remember, students, male chastity isn’t just a fun game to play. It’s a lifestyle – and that means it affects every part of you and your partner’s lives. Chase, what are some things you think men enjoy about being locked up?

CHASE: Not having to be in charge, and not having to make decisions. I think it feels really free! And it lets our submissive sides shine!

MISTRESS TRACY: Very good, Chase. As I always say, a chaste life is a happy life! Now, Kiara, what are some good things about being a keyholder?

KIARA begins to fantasize about CHASE and TYLER wearing nothing but aprons and cooking a meal in her kitchen, while she lounges in a chair nearby to watch them.

KIARA: You get to experience feelings of control over your partner. Everything, from what he wears to how he spends his day to when he gets to cum – it’s all up to you! It helps you two get closer through bonding and learning what makes the other happy.

MISTRESS TRACY: Exactly! Being a chastity keyholder is one of the most empowering experiences a person can have – that’s why I love it so much!

TYLER: Excuse me, Mistress, I have a question.


TYLER: When a man gets locked in chastity, does that mean he’ll never get to have an orgasm again, how does chastity sex work with a cock cage?

Now TYLER begins to fantasize. In his mind, he sees a calendar with a trail of black “X” marks leading to the very last day, which is marked with a bright red “O”.

MISTRESS TRACY: Of course not! When he cums is up to his keyholder, but his abstinence from orgasm shouldn’t be forever. Chastity is about making the eventual orgasm more pleasurable, not denying it forever. And that is the perfect lead-in to our next lesson…

Lesson 4

Ruined Orgasms; Edging And Torturous Teasing

MISTRESS TRACY: Now, does anybody know what a ruined orgasm is? … Anyone other than Tyler?

KIARA: Isn’t it where a keyholder makes a man cum, but stops touching him right before the orgasm so it doesn’t feel as good?

MISTRESS TRACY: That’s exactly right! Whether you are using your hands, mouth or a toy to stimulate him, you can “ruin” him by stopping too soon and making him cum untouched.

CHASE: That doesn’t sound so bad, Mistress…

MISTRESS TRACY, as a demonstration, holds up a full balloon and slowly begins releasing the air from it. It makes a sad, defeated “hissing” sound as she lets it drain.

MISTRESS TRACY: Oh, it’s so much worse than you’re imagining, Chase. Instead of spurting, your semen will just dribble out, and the muscles in your cock won’t experience any pleasurable spasms. You won’t be satisfied – in fact, you will be even more frustrated than before!

CHASE: I can’t decide if that sounds like fun or torture.

KIARA: I think it sounds like the perfect punishment for a slave who misbehaves…

RING! RING! The school bell loudly signals the end of class.

MISTRESS TRACY: That’s all we have time for today. I hope everybody remembered to take notes, because all this WILL be on the exam!

Other resources

MISTRESS TRACY: Your homework is to “cum” to the next class prepared with your own male chastity device. If you need some inspiration, here are some of my favourites:

Shop mistress's favourites now

MISTRESS TRACY: Next class, we’ll start moving on to advanced topics… I’ll see you all then! (Wink).

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