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Posted by Jennifer D. Cornett on Updated on October 11th 2023

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The world of LTC chastity cages is vast and enjoyable, and many men all over the world enjoy the pleasures that come with the femdom male chastity lifestyle.
But what happens if you aren’t already in a relationship?
What if your partner isn’t into the idea of locking you up?
What if you can’t find a willing chastity keyholder to take ownership over your cock?
Are you out of luck? Forever doomed to a dismal life of normal sex?
Of course not! Even if you’re currently single, chastity is still an option! While it’s still equally rewarding, solo chastity and online chastity can be a challenge. So Lock the Cock has put together this short guide to help you get the most out of your time locked up!
What is solo chastity?

What Is Solo Chastity?

Naturally, the first question on your mind will be… what? How can someone take part in a chastity relationship without a keyholder to keep them in line?
Well, we’re not going to lie to you. It’s difficult. While regular chastity involves a lot of submission and exploration, solo chastity is a journey of discipline and self control.

Why Bother With Solo Chastity?

This is a good question, and even many keyholding women wonder what a man can actually get out of solo chastity. Without a keyholder to engage in male chastity play to tease and control them, much of the excitement of chastity could be lost.
That doesn’t mean you should just give up if you’re on your own though! There are many other men in a similar situation, and they often have discussions over at /r/chastitytraining.
Many men approach chastity with more than a little apprehension, and solo chastity can be a great way to test the waters. You can try out some different cages, see if you like the idea of long term or permanent male chastity, and basically figure out whether or not you’re going to actually enjoy male chastity.
But even if you aren’t warming up for a full chastity relationship, solo chastity can still carry many of the same benefits. You can use it to help deal with an addiction to porn or masturbation, help tame your erections, or simply just because you love the feel of a cold hard cage on your cock!

How Does Solo Chastity Work?

Once the idea of solo chastity crosses your mind, the next thing you’ll begin to wonder is how it can possibly work. After all, if you’re putting on the chastity cage your self, then you’ll still have access to the key. So what’s to stop you just cheating whenever you get a little horny?
There are a few different answers here, but our favorite is simple.
Just like training to run a marathon, cook the perfect dish, or master an online game, solo chastity is a process of striving towards a goal and doing your best to achieve it.
Yes there will be times you fail, and sneak in a quick wank. Yes there will be days you just take it off because you don’t feel like it. And that’s totally fine.
The important thing is to figure out what you want to achieve from your solo chastity experience. Here are some example goals:
Solo chastity goals: cut down on masturbation, find perfect cage, spend 1 week locked up, prostate orgasms, build sexual tension, explore sissy play
As you can see, your goals can be incredibly varied. Depending on what you aim to achieve, your solo chastity experience will be completely different from another man’s.

Planning Your Solo Chastity Contract

With your lofty goals in the front of your mind, the next best thing you can do is start to come up with a plan. Don’t just grab a chastity cage, lock yourself up, and expect everything to go perfectly.
Arm yourself with a plan
One of the best ways to do this is to draw up a male chastity contract, just like you would if you had a Mistress. It might seem silly entering into a contract with yourself, but having it in writing means that whenever you begin to waver you can look back over it and remember why you’re doing this.
Let’s go back to the masturbation example. Say you’re the average guy, who likes to jack off once a day. You usually do it in the evening, between 7 and 9.
Well, as part of your contract, you can make 7-9 the hours that you wear your cock cage, effectively preventing yourself from that sweet release.
Or if you're aiming to explore your other pleasurable body parts, you might add a clause that says you must spend time stimulating your prostate for chastity milking for X hours a week.
Tailor it to your own situation. Make it personal. Then stick to it! (At least as much as you can.)

Solo Chastity Punishments and Rewards

Having a contract with yourself isn’t going to magically make you the perfect solo chastity slave. You’re still going to need to make sure that you stick to those rules.
Just like in a normal chastity relationship, the best way to do this is with punishments and rewards.
Again though, just thinking that you’re going to punish yourself when you cheat probably isn’t going to happen. You should figure out how you plan to punish and reward yourself when you draw up your contract. That way you can’t argue with yourself!
But it shouldn’t all be about the punishments! If you don’t give yourself a few treats every now and again you’ll surely lose enthusiasm for your solo chastity pledge.

Fun Solo Chastity Ideas

Even though we’ve mostly talked about rules and punishments and all kinds of serious things, that doesn’t mean solo chastity has to be boring! There are plenty of ways to keep it fun, interesting, and most importantly, enjoyable!
Here are a few ideas to spice things up when practicing chastity alone:
The Key Bowl: Fill a bowl with random keys, then put the key to your cock cage in and mix them all up. Each day, pick a random one out and see if it works! If you get unlocked then you can have some fun.
Wheel of Misfortune: Create a wheel online filled with punishments and rewards and give it a spin. Whatever it lands on you have to do!
Make it Random: Use dice to make decisions for you. How long locked. Unlock on a double. Unlock on a seven. Add a day for odd, take one off for even. The possibilities are endless.
Connect With Others: There are loads of resources and forums online that you can join, so if you’re ever stuck for ideas then ask for help!

But What About the Keys?

Even with all this in mind, we still have the unanswered question of your keys. What’s to stop you just deciding you’ve had enough for the day and unlocking yourself?
There are a few different ways around this, and it kind of depends how far you're willing to go to keep your cock in its cage.
Option 1: Accept That You’re Human
Accept that youre human
Just face it. You aren’t a chastity machine. There’s going to be times when you slip up.
The simplest option when worrying about your keys is just to accept that sometimes it’s going to happen!
When it does though, learn a lesson from it. What tipped you over the edge? How can you avoid it next time? Make your solo pledge a journey of self improvement.
Option 2: The Block of Ice
The block of ice
A simple solution which doesn’t put your key too far out of reach is the block of ice. Simply freeze the key inside and leave it in the freezer. If there’s an emergency, you’ll still be able to get it and unlock it, but it’ll take a little time.
That time is often just what you need to decide if you really need to get out, and if you decide not to you can just put the block back in the freezer.
Option 3: Post It!
Post it!
A great way to get a taste of the real chastity relationship is to simply post your key to yourself. You won’t know exactly when it’s going to arrive, and in the meantime you’re completely stuck in your cage. It’s just like having a Mistress!
Option 4: Give It to Your Neighbor
Give it to your neighbour
Another option is to give your key to a neighbor or friend and just pretend it’s the key to your house. There won’t be any temptation because it’s not easily accessible, but if there’s an emergency you can just ask for it back.
This one works great because it will start to seem a bit suspicious if you’re always locking yourself out of your house, so it somewhat limits the opportunities to break the rules.
Option 5: Find a Safe Place
Find a safe place
The most extreme option on our list is simply finding a safe place and burying your key there. Just make sure you remember where you’ve put it so that you can get it back if you need it!
Option 6: Keyholding Equipment
Key Pod storage case
There are now many keyholding accessories that are great for solo slaves. Devices like the Chastity key Pod can hold your key securely, then pair up with a partner and the box won’t unlock until they let it. Or use the timer mode and until it hits zero you’re out of luck.
Or put it in a safe or lockbox, lock it up and take a picture of the code (without looking). If you really need it you can find the picture, but otherwise you have no idea how to gain access to your key.
Option 7: Don’t Use a Key!
A combination lock will fit in many male chastity devices designed for a padlock. Simply ask someone else to set the code and then leave it unlocked. Then when you put your cage on, close the lock and you have no idea what the code is! Just make sure the other person notes it down somewhere or you might be trapped forever...

Online Chastity

If you truly can’t get past the difficulty of holding your own key, then you might wonder if chastity is really something you can do alone. Don’t give up though! There’s always the option of online chastity.
Online chastity can take a number of different forms. At its simplest, you can just find a keyholding service. You send your key to them, and they keep hold of it until you ask for it back.
Due to the need to post your key backwards and forwards, many keyholding services will recommend you keep a spare in your possession so that you can get out of your cage in an emergency. This still leaves you with the temptation of unlocking yourself, so it’s less than ideal.
A slightly more tempting option is to take advantage of one of the many “code holding” websites and apps. These work slightly differently, in that you don’t physically send your key to someone else.
Instead you need a lockbox or safe of your own, and a combination lock. Your key will be placed inside.
The code is then set either with the help of the app/website, you take a photo of the combination, or use a webcam to set your code. The point is, you shouldn’t be able to remember the code yourself, but when your lockup time is over the app or website will give you the code to get your key back.
Some will give you options like random lockup times, or make getting your code back into a game, so you never know exactly how long you’ll remain locked up. These solutions aren’t perfect, but many men enjoy solo chastity with the help of these aids.
One of the easiest ways to practice this kind of chastity is with our Cellmate remote chastity cage. This chastity device links to your phone via Bluetooth and comes with a companion app. You choose how long you want to be locked for, or pair up with another user who will control your lock up, put the cage on, and then wait. As there's no key, there's no way to unlock early!
Cellmate Chastity Device
The Cellmate male chastity device has many more great features to improve your Chastity experience. Head over to our product page to find out more!

Online Mistresses

Sometimes, trying to enjoy chastity on your own just isn’t the same no matter what you try. There’s still one final option if you find yourself in this situation. An online Mistress.
This kind of relationship works in a similar way to a real life chastity relationship, only most of the interaction takes place online.
If you decide to go down this route, it’s important to remember that this relationship still needs to go both ways. Too many men find an online Mistress and spend most of their time focusing on what they want. When they want to be unlocked. When they want to talk to their Mistress.
As any good slave should know, your Mistress is the most important person in the world. You should do everything you can to make her happy, and it’s no different online!
There are many different ways to find an online Mistress. Some will request your keys be mailed to them, others will help you lock them away safely. Some will require a contract, while others will prefer a less formal arrangement.
Take the time to find the right Mistress for you, and your online chastity adventures will be that much more enjoyable!

Lock the Cock Is Here to Help!

While we can’t replace a Mistress in your chastity relationship, here at Lock the Cock we are keenly aware that many of our customers are practicing chastity solo. We put a lot of effort in providing all of the information you need and devious challenges that will push your pledge to the limit!
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