Male Chastity Femdom Play: Letting Your Mistress Dominate You

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You’ve measured for your cock cage, you’ve browsed our chastity cages, you’ve chosen. You’ve waited, and at last you’re locked. What now?
Whether you’re a permanent male chastity slave, or just wear your cock cage when you head to the bedroom, the period after the cock cage goes on can seem a little… anticlimactic. To get the most out of your experience you’ll want to start playing while you wear your chastity cage. For most men, this means one thing: Femdom!

What Is Femdom Chastity In BDSM

“Femdom refers to a woman who is a dominant partner in BDSM sexual activities. The term can also describe the activities themselves.”
It seems only natural that in a male chastity relationship, the female (or Mistress) will be taking on the dominant role. The key is what she chooses to do with that power.
When we strip it down, Femdom is an extension of the dominance and submission aspects of Chastity BDSM. Exploring these ideas of power exchange can allow both partners to experience feelings and sensations they might not find in their normal relationship. This dynamic can also enhance the chastity dynamic by giving the Mistress more and more control over her slave.
For the completely timid, Femdom may only go as far as chastity keyholding and deciding when the slave will be freed. This might be all you want out of your pledge, and if that’s true for you then it’s completely fine! But diving deeper into the world of Femdom can offer so much more.

Adding Kink And Femdom To Your Chastity Relationship

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As we’ve already mentioned, the simple act of locking your man’s penis in a chastity cage and taking control of the keys is already Femdom. But what if you want more? We can’t possibly list all of the ways you can make use of Femdom to spice up your pledge or this would be a long page, but here are some of our favorites.

Take Teasing And Denial To New Extremes In His Cock Cage

One of the most common ways to embrace Femdom is through teasing and denial. This might be something that you’ve already been doing naturally as part of your chastity relationship without even realizing that you’re dominating your slave.
Most Mistresses will tease their slaves sexually. This can be something as simple as wearing sexy dresses and outfits while the slave is caged or talking dirty to him to try and make him horny when he knows he can’t have it. The idea behind this is to enhance his suffering and make him want to be freed more and more as time passes. Then when you finally do let him out, he’ll be so desperate that he’ll do anything to please you. A lot of Mistresses enjoy some fantastic orgasms this way!
To crank things up a notch, Mistress might start to play with his penis. This can be done either caged (by stroking and touching him through the gaps), or when his penis is free. You don’t need to bring him to climax, or even get him that hard, but after a few days in the male chastity device even the slightest touch will get him excited.
Adding sissy hypnosis into the mix is another way a submissive can be teased—what better way to do this than by stripping him of all masculinity and turning him into a willing sissy slave? A Dominant Keyholder can cage him, tie him up, and make him watch a hypno video like the one below until he accepts that he is a girl.
Teasing leads nicely into denial, which is one of the best ways for a Mistress to exert her dominance over a slave. Once you’ve let him out, got him riled up with plenty of teasing, and made him give you all the pleasure you can handle, what if you just locked him back up? Making regular use of denial is one of Mistress’s most powerful tools to keep a slave on his toes, and helps to amplify the feeling of helplessness the slave will feel while he doesn’t have control of his penis.

Make Him Submissive Beg For Release: Ruined Orgasms And Edge Play

For those that are unfamiliar, edging is the practice of bringing someone as close to orgasm as possible, but then stopping just before the magic moment. It’s not exclusively a chastity thing, but is a favorite among Mistresses who like to show their slaves who’s boss.
Similar to teasing, edging will add more and more desperation for the slave. Each time he’s allowed to get close he’ll want his release more and more, leaving him at your mercy for his pleasure. It can also help to build his sexual frustration which can lead to some fantastic sex when you finally let him have his long awaited orgasm.
Ruined orgasms take this a step further, and really let a Mistress demonstrate her power. Rather than stopping just before the climax, a Mistress will keep going just long enough for him to reach the point of no return, then stop all stimulation. This will let him have an orgasm, but it won’t be a very good one. Most men will feel frustrated after a ruined orgasm, so it’ll help keep a slave on edge if he doesn’t know when he’ll get the full release.

Forced Worship, Humiliation, And Punishment For Misbehaved Slaves

Another very common way for a Mistress to dominate her slave is through punishments. As you’d expect, these are given out when a slave misbehaves and depending on the relationship can become quite extreme.
As always, this part of a chastity relationship should be thoroughly discussed beforehand. If you’re going to include punishments as a part of your pledge, then it should be clear what behavior is expected, what the punishments will be, and both partners should agree to this. Often these things will be laid out in a chastity contract which you both sign before ever putting the cage on.
When it comes to punishments, the only limit is your imagination! Some favorites include:
  • Extra time caged.
  • Pleasuring Mistress.
  • Doing housework or chores.
  • Serving Mistress’s friends wearing only the cage.
  • Spending a day on your hands and knees.
  • Flogging/whipping.
  • A ruined orgasm.
  • A cold shower.
  • Public humiliation.
How extreme you make your punishments will depend on your relationship, you don't want to have arguments, but the great thing about this kind of domination is you can completely tailor it! If there’s something your slave hates doing, make it a punishment!
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A Keyholders Role In Female Led Relationships

Another kind of Femdom which is often common in chastity couples is a Female Led Relationship (or FLR). This kind of domination extends beyond just a penis and a chastity device, and into every aspect of your relationship.
There are a few different kinds of female led relationships, but all have one thing in common. The woman takes on the dominant role in the relationship, having control over decisions, activities and much, much more.

Remember, She’s in Charge!

If you’re a slave with a dominating Mistress, you might wish she did things a certain way or did more of the things that you like. But it’s important to remember that she’s the one with the power, and questioning what she wants to do might land you in even more trouble.
Instead of trying to make her do the things you want, have an honest conversation. Bring up your wishes and see if she’s interested, but if she decides not to do it then don’t force the issue. And women, don’t let him push you around. Remember, you’re the one wearing the pants in this relationship!
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