Ruined Orgasms In Chastity: Guide To Teasing, Edging, Denial, And More

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Ruined Orgasms are something every slave thinks about, and is a great way for Mistress to reward her slave. So why would we want to ruin them?
As you dive deeper and deeper into the world of teasing and temptation, they become a more attractive prospect. But what are they? How do you do it? What’s the point? Let’s learn together.

What Is a Ruined Orgasm?

To explain that, let’s briefly look at regular ones.
As you begin to experience sexual pleasure, you usually start to feel the pressure building in your cock. This gets stronger and stronger, until eventually you cross the point of no return and have an orgasm. Then all the pressure (and cum) is released in one big burst.
After you cross the point of no return though, you don’t immediately stop. While cumming, you usually keep the stimulation going to make the most of the feeling and have the best pleasure you can.
With ruined orgasm, the first part is the same. The stimulation builds the pressure inside your cock, but once you hit the point of no return you immediately stop all stimulation. This means you still reach the climax, but don’t get to enjoy all the pleasure you usually would.

What Do They Feel Like?

Your body will still experience the physical sensations that you usually do when you orgasm, such as pulsing or clenching. But the emotional and physical release you feel from climaxing doesn’t happen.
It’s a little difficult to explain in words, but think back to your own sexual experiences. For most people, there’s a time they can remember when they got over the edge but then were interrupted and didn’t get the full experience. That’s what a ruined orgasm is like.

Why Do People Want One?

So if we’re missing all of the satisfaction you’d usually feel from an orgasm, why would someone want to ruin one?
Well, it’s not all bad. While it might not be as enjoyable as a regular climax, a ruined orgasm can still release some of the endorphins and hormones that people enjoy. Some people even enjoy the feeling of being ruined, and will actively try to make it happen at any opportunity.
When we loop back around to chastity, ruined orgasms become a powerful tool for a Mistress to use against her slave. After days or even weeks in long term permanent chastity, the time finally comes for some pleasure. But if the slave hasn’t been well behaved, maybe she’ll just ruin it instead.
Knowing that your Mistress can ruin your pleasure is a powerful dynamic in a chastity relationship. It emphasizes the power she has over her slave, even when the cage comes off. It highlights that you are always at her mercy, and she can do whatever she wants to you.
Ruining a slave’s pleasure at the peak of climax can also leave him feeling some rather unpleasant emotions. He might feel disappointed, frustrated or even humiliated. Again Mistress can use these emotions to her advantage to force the slave to behave the way she wants.

Tutorial For Solo Release Or Femdom Humiliation

While it might seem simple to ruin an orgasm, it’s actually harder than it looks.
Put simply, you need to stimulate your partner (or yourself) just past the point of no return, and then stop. That’s it!
Actually achieving it though may take a little work.
One point we like to highlight whenever you’re trying this kind of play is communication. Especially in a chastity relationship, Mistress should already have complete control over her slave, so he should have no arguments in telling her how close he is to orgasm. If you’re playing alone, be honest with yourself! There’s no point lying just because you want to cum!
Start with gentle teasing. Build up the tension and then release, getting a little further each time. Stroke gently and slowly, getting fast each time. Include regular breaks to let the tension subside a little before starting up again.
Your goal should be to maximize the tension and pressure inside the body before finally pushing through the boundary.
If you’re doing this with a partner, make sure the rules of the male chastity contract are clear. As soon as they are about to hit orgasm they have to tell you. Then immediately stop all stimulation. It doesn’t matter how tempted you are to touch it, just leave it alone.

Are they the Same as Edging?

If you’ve ever explored edging, then you might realize that ruined orgasms are very similar. They are slightly different though.
While the build up may be the same, the payoff is very different. A ruined orgasm ends in an unsatisfying, unfinished feeling, whereas the goal of edging is to build up the tension more and more before having an extra intense and extra satisfying release.
Both are powerful tools in male chastity.

Try The Ultimate Chastity Denial Yourself

This is one of those chastity topics that doesn’t really translate that well to a written page. Many of the feelings you’ll experience after a ruined orgasm are personal to you, and are quite difficult to describe. So the best thing you can do is try it yourself!
You never know, you might end up liking them...
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