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Chastity is an exciting way to add a new dynamic to any relationship, or a lifestyle that a man can follow on his own. Even though it’s been growing in popularity for many years now, there are still plenty of people who don’t really know what chastity is, or what it’s about.
If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. Let’s strip things back to basics and introduce you to the exciting world of male chastity. And who knows, even if you’re experienced you might learn something new!

What Is Chastity?

So what exactly is chastity, and why should you get excited about it? Well to make it as simple as possible, chastity is a BDSM practice which involves restricting the genitals of your partner so that they aren’t able to enjoy sexual pleasure.
In this kind of relationship, one partner will usually take on a more dominant role and be in charge of the restriction, commonly called a Mistress, Master or Chastity Keyholder. The other partner takes on the submissive role, and is usually called the slave.
Both men and women can take on either of the two roles, and can make use of various restriction devices to make sure the Slave remains chaste. Most commonly, men take on the role of slave, with a female Mistress, and these men will wear a cock cage (also called a chastity cage or chastity device). In the rarer case of a woman taking on the role of slave, she will wear a female chastity belt.

What Are Cock Cages?

Put a ring on it chastity device
Cock cages are the main way that men can practice chastity. These devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with different features to tailor your experience exactly the way you like. All cages though will be made of the same two basic parts: a cock ring, and a tube or body.
The cock ring is placed around both the cock and balls, and usually has a pin or slot on it. The tube or body is then placed over the man’s shaft and slotted into the cock ring. When everything is in place, the cage is locked in place and the slave will no longer be able to access his penis without the keyholder’s permission.

What Are Male Chastity Belts?

Chastity belt
Female Chastity belts are an alternative device that can be used to enforce chastity. They are essentially a large set of underwear that completely cover the genital region, and like cages get locked in place. For women, this is the main option, but there are also chastity belts designed for men which will keep his penis even more secure.

How to Bring Up Couples Chastity With Your Partner

So you’re interested. Restricting your partner’s genitals or handing over control is something you want to try. But how do you tell your partner?
This is a delicate subject, and unless your partner is kinky too it’s likely that their first reaction may simply be confusion. To help them understand, it’s very important that you’ve done plenty of your own research first and are able to answer their questions fully.
A great way to get started is with some articles that go over the different elements of chastity, and how they could improve your relationship or how your partner might enjoy it. It’s very important that you don’t just focus on it being something you want to do, but something that can enhance and improve your relationship.
Most importantly, be honest! Having a frank and open conversation is the basis of every successful BDSM relationship, so start things off the right way.

Getting Started: Measuring Guide And Using Your Cage

If you’ve convinced your partner to join in on your new fantasy, or you’re just going to go it alone as a solo slave, the next step is getting started. Here at Lock the Cock we have an extensive chastity blog to help you begin your journey, but most importantly you need to take accurate measurements!
No matter which cage you pick, if your measurements aren’t accurate then it won’t fit properly, will probably be uncomfortable, and might be too big or small for you to wear at all. Check out our chastity cage measuring guide to learn how to measure for a male chastity device.
Find one that fits like magic
Once you’ve got your measurements, all you need to do is choose a cage and learn how to put it on. This is a very simple process: first place your testicles through the ring, then bend your flaccid penis down and push that through the ring too. Place the body of the cage over your shaft, line up the locking pins, and close the lock. If you have any problems, head over to our page on putting on your cock cage for more information.
After you’ve got the basics down, you can start thinking about how long you’re going to wear the cage. For complete beginners we wouldn’t recommend anything advanced, just start wearing your cage for an hour or two a day and get used to how it feels. Over time you can gradually extend the duration, but most slaves find that they want to try a few cages before they commit to long-term permanent male chastity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chastity

We’ve covered a lot, but we’re sure you’ve still got questions! There are tons of things that you might want to know about chastity, so we’ve collected some of the most common questions we get from people who are just starting out below.

What Are Chastity's Benefits to Sex And Relationships?

One of the main reasons couples start to practice chastity is for the chastity sexual benefits it offers. It might seem counter-intuitive, but denying a man’s pleasure will often lead to much more intense orgasms when he finally is allowed his freedom.
Spending time without access to his own pleasure also tends to make a man much more sensitive to his partner’s needs. After all, if he gives Mistress a great orgasm then she’s much more likely to let him have some fun too!

Are Cock Cages Painful?

Main with penis pain
If you’ve correctly measured and got the right size cage, and put it on properly, there should never be any issues with pain or comfort while you wear your device. Some heavier models may become less comfortable after several hours of wear, so if you’re going to keep it on all day you might want to use a lighter model.
If you do feel any pain you should remove the device immediately and give it a thorough check over to look for any damaged or sharp areas. If you can’t find any then you can try using lube with your cage, or checking your measurements and trying a different cage.

Do You Need To Use Lube To Wear Cock Cages?

Generally you don’t need to use lube when putting on a cage, but if you’re a complete beginner we recommend it to make the process easier.

Can I Pee Hygienically While Caged Or Belted?

Yes! The vast majority of male chastity devices have a hole in the right place to allow you to pee normally. Men may find it harder to aim though, so they might prefer to sit rather than stand.

How Often Should I Clean My Chastity Device?

In general, we recommend you remove the device for cleaning every couple of days. The cage should be cleaned with warm soapy water and dried before being put back on.

Can My Penis Shrink, Experience ED, or Even Fall Off?

One of the biggest myths is that if you wear a chastity cage too much, your penis will fall off. This is completely untrue. You may find that your penis gets a little smaller with regular cage use, but this is a temporary effect and it will quickly return to normal if you stop using your cage. For some men chastity shrinkage is part of the journey, and they work their way down to smaller and smaller cages over time.

Should I Wear My Cage Overnight While sleeping?

This is a completely personal decision. Some like to wear their cage 24/7, others prefer to take it off at night. Sometimes night time erections can be enough to wake you up if you keep your cage on, some men don’t even notice.
At first we’d recommend taking it off at night until you’re used to chastity, then maybe try it for a few nights and see how you get on!

Where Next?

Throughout this page we’ve linked plenty of useful articles that should help you out if you’re starting our on your own chastity journey, so make sure to check them out and do your homework before you choose your cage.
Life may not be a cock measuring contest but choosing a cage definitely is
Once you’re ready though, head over to our cock cage collection and choose your ideal prison!
Chastity Basics Written By Andrew Schroeder

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