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Time For A Smaller Chastity Cage?

3 Signs That You’re Ready to Downsize Your Cock Cage

The thing about bodies is that they change over time. Lifestyle choices and the natural aging process both play their parts.
And like we shop for new clothes to suit our ever-changing shape, so must you consider your chastity cage and its fit.
You may see the need for a smaller cock cage as an achievement, or you may be worried. Did you really sign up for a smaller penis when you got into this?
When it comes to downsizing there’s a lot of community chat about the pros, the cons, and the medical explanations about chastity shrinkage. So, what does it mean if you need a smaller cage? And how do you know when your cock and balls are ready to downsize?

Why Is Chastity Shrinkage Exciting?

We know that being chaste and locked up is a Dom/sub dynamic. That power play may extend to humiliation. Rightly or wrongly, society’s view is that ‘bigger is better’. Being small is embarrassing. Being ‘forced’ (albeit consensually) to be small would be even more humiliating. Which may explain why some of us find the idea of a shrinking penis and fitting into a smaller cage, such an exciting part of chastity.

But Is Chastity Cage Shrink Really a Thing?

This is a yes and no answer.
Yes, it’s a thing because there are thousands of people who have downsized to a smaller chastity cage. These experiences shouldn’t be discounted. Chastity shrinkage is considered to be the temporary shrinking of the penis after wearing a chastity device for an extended period of time. It’s not a long-term shrinking, as we’ll explain shortly.
Whether the shrinking is because of wearing a chastity cage and a lack of hard-ons, needs more explaining.

What the Science Says

There are lots of medical reasons for why permanent penis shrinkage, or apparent penis shrinking, can and does happen. Sadly, none of them are attributed to wearing a chastity cage.
Aging is the biggie. Testosterone levels drop with age as does how easy it is for blood to flow down below. This can lead to erectile dysfunction (ED), which means fewer hard-ons. There is agreement between medical experts that penis atrophy is a thing.
‘Atrophy, a partial or complete wasting away of tissue, and fibrosis, the growth of excess tissue, of the smooth muscle tissue in the body of the penis (cavernous smooth muscle) triggers problems with being able to maintain a firm erection.’
But this doesn’t actually mention the penis becoming physically smaller due to a lack of erections. What’s thought to be happening is we’re unaccustomed to seeing the penis in a truly flaccid state. The penis hasn’t physically shrunk. Inches haven’t suddenly dropped off. It’s the same it’s always been, but in its most flaccid state it appears smaller.

Other reasons the penis may appear to shrink include:

Reasons Your Penis May Shrink
Try as we might, we couldn’t find any scientific studies into the effects of long-term chastity causing penis shrink. (Surprised? Yeah-nah, us neither.) So scientifically, no, chastity shrinkage isn’t officially a thing. But it would seem logical that any damage to the penis as a result of wearing an ill-fitting cage, could cause the cock to shrink. So that’s a very roundabout way of looking at it. And, let’s be honest, who wants to suffer cock injuries due to the wrong size cage just to suit a certain aesthetic?
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Once Chastity Shrinkage Has Occurred, Is There Any Going Back?

Medically speaking, yes. Unless there is physical damage to the penis.

How Long Does It Take for Chastity to Shrink a Penis?

Stepping down can take time. Everyone is different, so there’s no range of weeks, months or years we can give.
There’s only anecdotal evidence to go on for this, with the general consensus being:
To shrink your penis, you need to be in long-term chastity. With no let-up.

3 Signs You Need a Smaller Chastity Cage

The reasons for wanting a smaller cage can be complex. They’re tied to turn-ons, aesthetic preferences, and comfort. The physical signs are simpler to spot.
1. You’re Able to Get a Full Erection: Some movement inside the tube is perfectly acceptable to most keyholders. In fact, a little bit of cage fighting can appear sexy to a Dominant. But you shouldn’t be getting and sustaining a full stiffy. If you can, then you clearly have too much room to play in.
2. The Ring Feels Loose: The ring is your cage’s anchor. If you’re suffering regular jail breaks the cause is a ring that’s too big. Downsize by a ¼ or ½ an inch.
3. The Tube Is Too Roomy: There are two issues when your flaccid cock is too small for its cage. The first is how it looks. From an aesthetic point of view, it’s not attractive. Seeing it rattle around in there is the opposite of restrained. The second issue is hygiene. Too much room in the tube increases the chance of urine splashback leading to unwanted smells and moisture build up.

Trial and Error

You may need to tinker with the combination. Rather than buying a whole new device, changing the ring or the tube is an option. And keep in mind that there may be temporary changes when your device appears to feel too large, such as when you’re cold.
Finally, when it comes to getting a smaller cage it’s important you don’t go too small, too quickly. This could damage your penis. Be aware of what your body is telling you. If there’s numbness or a change in cock color, take the device of immediately.
Refer to our Measurement Guide for more details. And you can always ask the LTC community about their experiences of downsizing.

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