The Beginner’s Guide to Small Penis Humiliation

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Lock The Cock's beginner guide to small penis humilation. Mistress stares at you, her thumb and index finger showing the pathetic size of the embarrassed man in the background
"Is that it? You can’t pleasure me with that. It’s pathetic. You want me to feel nothing and be unsatisfied?
The only place that is of any use to me, is back in your cock cage."
Mistress laughs, holding a tape measure showing 1 inch
Feeling turned on? Then there’s something you need to know. You have a fetish for small penis humiliation. (Or, to save us all time, SPH.)
Now listen carefully as I explain this affliction, and how we’re going to use it as part of your life in chastity.

Small Penis Humiliation: A Definition

SPH is a form of verbal domination and humiliation. It involves insulting the length and girth of a submissive, sissy man’s cock. It’s about diminishing the value placed on one’s so-called manhood and exposing its inability to perform or satisfy because it’s so embarrassingly tiny.
Do you have to have a tiny dick to enjoy SPH? Not at all. Fetishes and what we find sexually arousing doesn’t have to be present in our everyday reality. If that were the case and we were forced to only experience sexual pleasures based on truth, where would that leave fantasies?
‘The pleasure of SPH comes from rejecting the “bigger is always better” trope. True satisfaction, so we’re led to believe, is only achieved by having the biggest version of everything. SPH subverts this.’

So, Why Is SPH So Sexy?

The general feeling shared by Dominants and submissives, is that the pleasure of SPH comes from rejecting the “bigger is always better” trope.
Whether it’s the size of your pay packet, your house, the car you drive, the size of the burger you order, or indeed the size of your cock, the message society tells us on repeat is: Bigger. Is. Best.
True satisfaction, so we’re led to believe, is only achieved by having the biggest version of everything. Because size reflects success. And as a man living in a culture of toxic masculinity, you’ll no doubt feel this. It’s why you’re here. Because you have a small cock and the whole of society knows that men with small cocks are less than a man.
Admitting that you have a small cock or, for Dominants being given the power to insult this ideological symbol of power, subverts what is considered normal. And you and I both know, that living outside what ‘decent’ society considers acceptable, is thrilling.
But challenging the patriarchal view that true satisfaction comes in XL, isn’t always the reason someone finds SPH sexy. More personal experiences may be at play.
Small penis humiliation can be a submissive’s way to regain control over an embarrassing encounter or trauma. For example, being ridiculed by classmates in the school showers because they were the smallest of them all.
Thinking back to an event like this is probably quite emotionally painful. And so finding a way to rewrite the intimate yet humiliating experience, is one approach to owning the experience rather than being owned by it.
This is not to say that only those who have experienced trauma can enjoy humiliation play. But for some, a personal experience that leaves a lasting effect may influence the desire to explore similar themes during a setting that’s more sexually satisfying.

Take A Little Care During Play

The danger with this sort of dominance is causing real emotional pain by saying something that is truly upsetting or triggering. So as with any kinky play, limits must be discussed and understood before starting, and consent should be sought throughout.
‘Aftercare is time you and your Dominant share at the end of your play session. You can discuss what you liked, what you didn’t, maybe share a cuddle and ask them to reinforce that your cock isn’t as worthless as a shrivelled up mushroom.’
Make sure you talk about words and phrases that would turn the experience from sexy-as-fuck to what-in-the-fuck? For example, if you only want your penis humiliated but not your ability to sexually satisfy your Dominant (or partner) in other ways, tell them that. Or if the suggestion of them finding sexual satisfaction with another will hurt, tell them not to paint that picture. And of course, always make sure you include aftercare.
Aftercare is time you and your Dominant share at the end of your play session. You can discuss what you liked, what you didn’t, maybe share a cuddle and perhaps even ask them to reinforce that they don’t truly believe your cock is of less value to the world than the shrivelled up mushroom that fell out of the packet and was neither looked at or cleaned up because it was so insignificant. (Just sayin’.)

Why Shrinkage Humiliation And Male Chastity Work So Well

Flat Gatling Metal Chastity Cage Product
Chastity and SPH share many of the same kinky themes. The two fetishes co-exist well in a Dom/sub relationship.
  • Both chastity and SPH subvert the traditional role of male and female. Both remove the possibility of finding pleasure using the penis, which is a common theme for a chastity sissy.
  • Both focus on small being sexy. SPH does this verbally, while chastity focuses on achieving the physical look of being small through the goal of chastity shrinkage.
How you may start to explore this in tandem with your chastity lifestyle is explained in the homework assignment.

Small Penis: Shrinkage Homework Assignment

We’ve covered a lot in today’s lesson, including what small penis humiliation is, why it’s arousing, how to enjoy it safely, and the similarities between SPH and chastity. All that’s left is setting the homework. Because what’s the point in having all of this newfound knowledge if you’re not going to start experimenting with it?
As I’m in a generous mood, you may choose from one of three assignments. Or for the swats amongst you, complete all 3 for extra bragging rights.
Negative Inverted Chastity Cage Product
Assignment #1: Work on Your Shrinkage
Is that really the smallest your cock can be? I think you can do better. If you’re not in an inverted chastity cage yet, then try harder. Take a measurement now and then either:
#1: Apply some ice to the area.
#2: Extend your time in lock up.
After your experiment, measure again. I’ll only be satisfied if there’s been some shrinkage and you fit into nothing bigger a nub chastity cage.
Assignment #2: Measure Up
How many of the following items are bigger than your sad little slug? The more that they outsize you, the higher your grade.
Assignment #2: text image asking: are you smaller than a butt plug? is the length of your little finger bigger? does your thumb have more girth? can a simple lighter outshine you? can your entire cock hide behind a dime? does your cock fit into a toilet tube, with room to spare?
Assignment #3: Ask Your Dominant or Partner to Humiliate You
Asking to be humiliated about the size of your cock takes a similar level of bravery as requesting to be locked up. I admire that. But you won’t be truly satisfied until you start putting what you’ve learned into practise. So talk to your Dominant or partner about SPH, and wear a pink chastity cage to enhance the visual element of humiliation. Let them know you find this arousing and would like to try it with them.
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Catering For The Small

Need a new accessory to prove to yourself and others how teeny-tiny your nub is? Mistress's small chastity cages will do just fine.
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