Having Fun With Your Locked Cock: Chastity Games

Enforced male chastity is all about the journey.

Sure, the orgasm at the end feels great. But what feels even better for most caged guys is the build. The tease. The edge.

The antici…(wait for it, wait for it)…pation.

And what better way to keep that edge especially close than with a fun, erotic chastity game?

If you’re looking for teases that can be added to your everyday routine, check out our Ideas for Male Chastity Play page. But when it’s time to take it to the bedroom, these game ideas are the way to go!

A Roll of the Dice

Use dice to add an arousing element of randomness to you or your caged man’s lockup periods. When it’s time to lockup, the keyholder decides how many dice he should roll based on his behaviors. Good boys get to roll two dice or even a single die, while disobedient slaves might be stuck with up to six!

This game is simple: the caged partner rolls the dice, and the number that comes up is the number of days he will stay in his cock cage before his next orgasm.

To make it even more fun and frustrating, have the keyholder occasionally throw in different-colored dice with different effects. For example, the number rolled with a red die is doubled while the number rolled with a blue die is halved.

Or, purchase a set of tabletop dice at your local gaming store to introduce options beyond the standard six-sided die. Have the keyholder switch out regular dice for four-sided ones if he’s been good or ten, twelve or even twenty-sided dice for the caged man who’s been extra naughty!

You can also assign special conditions to special numbers for an even more nail-biting element of chance. Rolling snake eyes (two ones) allows the caged partner to choose the duration of his next lockup period, while rolling double sixes places the decision in the keyholder’s capable hands.

Don’t have dice but want to give this game a roll? Try the free Dice app or Random.org’s random number selection service instead!

Losing Your (or more likely His) Marbles

Here’s another exciting way to give a caged man some (illusion of) control over his orgasms while also adding a bit of chance to the mix.

Have the keyholder prepare a bag with ten blue marbles and one red marble. Every day, the caged partner gets to draw one marble from the bag. If it’s blue, his lockup continues for one more day. If he’s lucky enough to draw the red marble, he gets an orgasm!

Once the red marble has been drawn, all marbles are placed back into the bag and the game begins again.

This game provides the keyholder with a great, simple way to punish or reward their locked-up partner. Blue marbles can be added or removed from the bag in accordance with his behavior. The caged man can gain a second draw for the day by performing an extra-nice favor or lose his draw entirely for failing to complete his assigned tasks.

Shake things up further by adding additional colored marbles! Some suggestions include:

  • A yellow marble means that he gets an orgasm, but it’s the keyholder’s choice how to deliver it (oral or manual stimulation? Prostate milking? Toys?)
  • A pink marble means that he gets locked up one more day, and has to wear a pair of silky panties all day. Keyholder’s choice what color, of course! (Check out our article here on choosing the right sexy underwear for your chaste man.)
  • A black marble means that his lockup continues for three days, and he does not get any further draws until the three-day period is complete.

No marbles around the house? Try beads, buttons or even Skittles – any small, multicolored object works for this game!

Wheel of (Mis)Fortune

If you just can’t get enough of adding chance to your chastity, try this fun idea that leaves even orgasm day up to the whims of Fate!

As a sexy craft project, work together to create a simple spinning wheel out of paper or cardboard. (Do this while he’s locked up, of course, to add to the tease!) Alternately, use the existing spinner from a board game lying around the house – for example, The Game of Life or Trivial Pursuit.

Assign each color of the wheel to a different kind of orgasm, and have him spin it on his day of release. Some fun examples include:

  • Orgasm via masturbation – the keyholder can look and provide encouragement, but won’t touch!
  • Orgasm via prostate massage/milking
  • Orgasm via vibrator, strap-on or other sex toy
  • Orgasm via manual or oral stimulation provided by the keyholder
  • Orgasm timed by a stopwatch. If he can’t come during the time provided, he gets locked up for another day!
  • Ruined orgasm (check out our article here for more information on what a ruined orgasm is and how to have/give one)
  • And, of course, good old fashioned penetration!

Try out these games, add on new and exciting rules, or even make up your own brand new game! When it comes to having fun with chastity, the only limit is just how long his poor locked cock can hold out!