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When we put on a chastity cage for more than a short period, comfort becomes a growing concern. It sucks to start extending your lockup, only to have to remove the cock cage because of pinching, rubbing or even skin irritation.
Today, I’ll be looking at Sevanda’s attempt at solving these problems with their Ergo Cage. They’ve marketed it as a premium chastity device that places all the emphasis on comfort, and is ideally placed to take the everyday cage slot in any collection. But does it live up to the hype?

What’s in the Box?

If you’ve been in the chastity game for more than a short while, you’ve probably seen some sorry excuses for packaging. Sevanda bucks the trend, and provides the Ergo in a sleek white box that definitely gives it a premium feel. Each part is nicely slotted into the box and unboxing it is a real treat.
Unboxing the Ergo
Inside you’ll find the standard chastity fare. The cage, three rings, a barrel lock and a key. The device itself is quite chunky, coming in at just under four inches, so it’s definitely on the larger end for chastity cages. Multiple ring sizes have become the norm in recent years, so while it’s not really a selling point it’s definitely a nice plus to be able to try out the different sizes (especially with a male chastity cage so focused on comfort).
Speaking of the rings, these are great. Each one is hinged so it’s super easy to put them on. I tested out all three and they all slotted into the cage very easily. I know some men find hinged rings uncomfortable because they pinch the skin, but Sevanda has thought of that too and included several rubber guards that you can slot over the hinge to keep your precious balls safe.
Hinged rings with rubber guards
Something I will mention is that I kept the box! Usually my cock cages end up piling up in a drawer and storing them is a bit of a pain, but it all fits together so neatly that the packaging is the perfect way to store the cage when I’m not using it. Definitely a plus point there.

The Specs

Ergo Cage Measurements

First Impressions

Once you’ve got it out of the box, it’s an impressive device. You can quickly tell that the chastity device has had a serious amount of effort put into it. Every piece just oozes quality.
Box contents laid out
The resin is incredibly high quality, which it should be considering how much of a big deal they make about it. Sevanda claims to have spent “thousands of hours” researching the “ideal resin ratio”, and to be honest it shows. It weighs almost nothing but is surprisingly tough. I spent a good few minutes pulling at it to see if I could get it to bend and it wouldn’t budge at all.
I tried fitting each of the three rings into the body of the cage with no issues, and the lock slid nicely into it’s slot. As always, I tried locking and unlocking the device a few times to make sure there wouldn’t be any issues when it was time to try it on. It’s definitely a well crafted piece of kit.
Looks are something this cage has in spades, and from every angle it looks fantastic. Throughout the body there are plenty of holes which definitely make it stand out from your typical resin male chastity device. It also has what Sevanda claims is an “appropriate downwards angle” to help the cage fit naturally onto your flaccid penis. We’ll find out if this is true, but it certainly looks the part.
Each of the rings can be opened from the top, which should make the cage easier to put on. Once you’ve wrapped them around your balls and penis they line up and slot into the gap on top of the cage itself. The lock then slides through both pieces and keeps it all together so no locking pins to worry about! When closed, they look very smooth so I don’t expect them to pinch a lot.
Perhaps the most unremarkable part of the entire kit is the lock. For a device that seems to have had such care and attention put into it, the lock is… pretty standard. Made with bronze, it looks just like any other lock in my collection. I think they could have used black metal to fit in with the overall aesthetic of the rest of the cage.

Putting On The Chastity Cage

After a while staring at every inch of the thing, it was finally time to try it on. It’s actually one of the easiest cages I’ve tried. Simply place the ring under your balls (with the hinge at the bottom) and close it over the top of your penis. A personal tip I give when using these kinds of rings is to pull your balls forwards. This keeps the skin nice and taut, and helps avoid accidentally catching your skin in the hinge.
Once the ring is in place, you just slide the body over your cock and line it up with the square part on the edge of the ring. Only having one part to line up is great, so it’s a lot less fiddly that those with two or three connections.
Here’s the best bit though. Rather than sliding the lock into the side of the cage, like most devices, the Ergo is designed with a top-down lock. That means you can clearly see what you’re doing and makes everything a lot less fiddly. It’s genuinely one of the easiest cages I’ve ever put on thanks to this tiny little change and I’d definitely like to see more manufacturers adopt this style.
Initial thoughts: not bad! Sevanda has put a lot of hype into the comfort aspect of the chastity cage, so I’m glad I wasn’t immediately disappointed. It feels smooth inside, and fits quite snugly around my flaccid cock. I can’t really comment on the “downwards angle” but it seems like a light and airy cage I could comfortably wear for a long period.
Side view of the Ergo

Road Testing the Sevanda Ergo Chastity Cage

To put a cage through it’s paces, I like to try it out in a few different ways before I review it. For this one I tried three different scenarios:
  • Playtime
  • Sleeping
  • Everyday Wear
Our first test was playtime. I had my Mistress try out some of her chastity play ideas and overall it gets a solid thumbs up from her. She found it easier to tease with than other cages thanks to the many cut out parts of the body, and was quickly able to push me towards an erection. The cage did its job though, and didn’t budge in the slightest. She also commented on the top lock, finding it easier to handle when it was time to remove the cage.
Next up, nightwear. Here’s the first area where I think the Ergo fell down a little. The resin is designed to be very firm, so there’s really not a lot of space to grow in it. As any slave knows, there’s not much you can do about night time erections. Personally I like a cage on the roomier side to accommodate this, and the Ergo didn’t fit the bill. I woke up three times during my test night, and was exhausted the next day. For me it’s not a night time cage, but your experience may differ.
Finally, everyday wear. I chose to use the Ergo for my day at work on a Friday. Nothing too strenuous (just office work), but I did make an effort to move around with it, lift a few heavy boxes, hoover my office, etc. Overall there were no real complaints! It’s lightweight enough that I could barely notice it was there most of the time, and using the bathroom was a breeze thanks to the large opening at the tip of the cage.
For me, this cage is a solid choice for daily wear and with what I’ve seen of it so far I’d expect it to last quite a long time.

The Restriction Test

Naturally, the most important thing in a cage is that it actually keeps your cock secure. So naturally, I tried to get out.
As I mentioned earlier, I gave the cage a good yanking to see if it would bend or flex and had no such luck. This is even tougher when you’re wearing the device so I don’t see anyone breaking out of it without significant effort. With the correct ring size I feel confident that the Ergo will keep my cock secure. In fact, the only weakness I can really see in it is the lock itself. It doesn’t quite fit snugly into the slot, so there’s a little wiggle and I could see a break there being a potential way to escape.
Despite this, it’s definitely one of the ones that you aren’t going to be able to get out of without a fight.


Now for the big moment, the scores. I’ll be rating it on four factors: how good it looks, the feel and quality of the material, how easy it was to use, and how restrictive it was.
Score table
Sevanda has really done a great job of putting together the Ergo, and it’s definitely a great choice for any slave regardless of experience. It doesn’t push any boundaries (so if you’re looking for something more extreme it probably won’t appeal to you), but it does what it does and it does it well.
The Ergo in the included pouch
Big thanks to Lock the Cock for sending me this device to review, I’ll definitely be making use of it in the future ;)
Written By Andrew Schroeder

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