The Convicted Felon
The Convicted Felon
The Convicted Felon
The Convicted Felon
The Convicted Felon
The Convicted Felon

The Convicted Felon

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Ring Size All 3 Rings Included!

If you think there is only one ring to rule us all, you are wrong. The Convicted Felon Metal Cage will give your key holder the power to rule over you. Suit up because your chastity journey will never be boring again.

Do not be afraid to lavish yourself with this stunning piece of metal. It is specifically designed to let you experience further teasing and stroking. The metal slats are a slither of hope for those who long for physical contact while locked up in a cage. The Convicted Felon Metal Cage is for those brazen souls who desire to be touched and teased as their sissy cocks serve jail time.

This classic stainless steel cock cage features the “ring” design, a well-loved by many longtime chastity enthusiasts. Described as “like handcuffs for your cock,” this metal chastity device will never let him forget his pitiful locked-up state. This elegant model even comes in a special gift bag for those rare moments when it’s not wrapped around your cock. Our kit also includes a metal padlock and 3 keys.

You can put some lube if you need extra help on putting this in. The solid ring makes sure your testicles are locked in tight, making orgasm close to impossible. It is also very convenient during bathroom breaks. You do not have to remove the cage because it has perforations in all the right places. The cage’s weight is also perfect for those who want an extra pull on your testicles. With The Convicted Felon Metal Cage, your cock will be perfectly snug. Do not let it hang, lock it up!

Your chaste penis deserves nothing but the best.

Color/Type Silver Penis ring
Material Stainless steel
Ring Dimension Diameter: 4cm (1.57in), 4.5cm (1.77in), 5cm (1.97in)
Cock Cage Dimension

Diameter: 4cm(1.58in);

Length: 10cm(3.94in)

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