Cellmate Bluetooth Cage
Cellmate Bluetooth Cage
Cellmate Bluetooth Cage
Cellmate Bluetooth Cage
Cellmate Bluetooth Cage
Cellmate Bluetooth Cage
Cellmate Bluetooth Cage
Cellmate Bluetooth Cage
Cellmate Bluetooth Cage
Cellmate Bluetooth Cage
Cellmate Bluetooth Cage
Cellmate Bluetooth Cage
Cellmate Bluetooth Cage
Cellmate Bluetooth Cage

Cellmate Bluetooth Cage

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Meet Cellmate. The world’s first app controlled chastity device.

Remote chastity is thrilling. Thanks to this high quality device from QIUI Chastity, you can take control of your slave’s cock from anywhere. No more sneaky escapes while you’re on a business trip. No more taking a break while you’re out shopping. This is male chastity… refined.

The QIUI remote control chastity app is devilishly simple to use. Simply pair the device with your phone, then pass control to anyone else who has it installed. When they decide you deserve to be let out all it takes is a simple push of a button!

Flying solo? Don’t worry, the Cellmate has you covered even when you’re between Mistresses. The app also comes with a timed unlock feature, meaning that once you put the cage on you’re stuck with it until the timer hits zero. What could be more torturous than watching a countdown to your own freedom?

Coming in two sizes, the Cellmate is perfect for every slave. The body is made from high quality polycarbonate and coated with a neoprene finish, so the device can keep you locked up for as long as you dare to let it. It’s also waterproof, meaning you don’t need to remove it in the shower, and has an open end for urination. There really is no excuse not to be wearing it.

What are you waiting for? Choose Cellmate today and take the next step on your chastity journey. Get ready to LocktheCock. Anywhere...


Regular Size
Long Size
Weight 74g 80g
Total Length 3.9 inches (100mm) 4.7 inches (120mm)
Total Width 1.46 (37mm) 1.46 (37mm)
Waterproof IPX7 IPX7
Battery CR14200 (8-10 Months) CR14200 (8-10 Months)
Battery Replaceable Yes Yes
Included Cock Rings 1.85 & 2 inches (47mm & 51mm) 1.85 & 2 inches (47mm & 51mm)

Package Contents

Cellmate is the world's first app controlled chastity device. Take control of your slave from anywhere in the world, or set a timer to control your own chastity experience.

Each box contains:

  • One Cellmate Chastity Device - The sleek device looks the part right out of the box. With a neoprene coated, polycarbonate body, you can be sure the device will outlast even the most dedicated slave.
  • Two Metal Rings - Get the perfect fit with two different ring sizes to choose from. Each locks securely into the device, making sure you can’t escape early.
  • One Long Life Battery - Each Cellmate comes pre-installed with a long life battery, providing 8-12 months of continuous use.
  • User Manual - Complete documentation on your penis’ new home, making getting started a breeze.

Product Support

To ensure you have the best chastity experience, we recommend reading the entire instruction manual before you start using your device. Please find the instruction manual in your preferred language at the links bellow.

English Francais Deutsch Español
Italiano Nederlands

The Cellmate Chastity Device is simple and easy to use. For an overview of the device functions and operation, please watch the following video.

LocktheCock. Anywhere.

Pair your cellmate with the QIUI app, and hand complete control to your mistress. It doesn’t matter where they are, they can unlock your device. No spare keys, no temptation, just pure submission.

No Willpower Required

Solo chastity will never be the same again. Even with no mistress, the Cellmate will keep you under control. Set a timer on the QIUI app, and you’re cage won’t open until the time is up. No early release for any slave.


Officially rated as an IPX7 compliant device, the Cellmate can be worn during baths and showers with no damage to the device. No excuses to break free.

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