Accessory Ring for Male's Resin Device Cage
Accessory Ring for Male's Resin Device Cage
Accessory Ring for Male's Resin Device Cage
Accessory Ring for Male's Resin Device Cage

Accessory Ring for Male's Resin Device Cage

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Variant Red 1.57 inches

The key to a perfect caged lifestyle is getting the size right, especially the retainer ring. If it's too tight, it will pinch or hurt your balls. Too loose, and your cock might escape. So, if you accidentally bought the wrong ring for your resin cage, don't worry because we've got you covered. Our Accessory Ring for Male's Resin Device Cage is here to make sure that humiliating your manhood is as effective as it can get.

Men wear cages for many reasons; for self-discipline, increasing the sexual stimulation, professing your submission to your partner, and many more. But whatever your purpose is for caging your precious package, it is essential to consider your safety, comfort, and hygiene at all times. Resin is the right material for that. And if you are in dire need of a new retainer ring, then this accessory is just for you. This ring is of high-quality resin, a material known to be body-safe, lightweight, and comfortable for long-term wear. It is also available in two colors: Red and Transparent. You can also choose between two sizes, 40mm and 45mm. With this ring's innate durability and excellent quality, you can rest assured that it will keep your cage secure even as you go about your daily tasks or routine.

And didn't we mention the word "hygiene"? Yes, we did. If you have a forgetful keyholder, be a useful sub and ask him or her to free your cock regularly so you can sanitize your resin cage. You can wipe it with alcohol or anti-bacterial cleaner or wash it with warm soapy water. And of course, don't forget to clean your penis too.

Experience a blissful caged lifestyle by getting your cock the best retainer ring. Add this to your cart now!

  • Material: ABS Bio-Sourced Resin
  • Color: Red, Transparent
  • Rind Diameters:
    • 1.6"/40mm
    • 1.7"/45mm

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