Sensual Desires Leather Panty for Sissy
Sensual Desires Leather Panty for Sissy
Sensual Desires Leather Panty for Sissy
Sensual Desires Leather Panty for Sissy

Sensual Desires Leather Panty for Sissy

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Feel more accomplished as a mistress by feminizing your man. It’s a process, and it has to begin somewhere fun and sexy. The Sensual Desires Leather Panty for Sissy is a great way to start sissifying the macho gentleman.

The underwear features three pairs of synthetic leather straps on the front, supporting the pouch that will cradle his cock and balls. With metal rivets that embellish the straps and an O-ring in the center, he’ll rock it with style. He can wear skimpy dresses or tight pants as this jockstrap will prevent his cock and balls from bouncing.

The front of the underwear is shiny synthetic leather, but the back part is a stretchable fabric, which means it will fit a range of waists not bigger than 36.6 inches in size. Sexy at the front, the back area is just as inviting as it frames and highlights your man’s flawless butt cheeks! Ready your paddle or your flogger to punish! Or spank him until those cheeks turn reddish!

The undies is meant to sissify, but it can simply be a manly underwear during a lingerie date night. You don’t have to be a mistress to make him wear this because seeing your man sexy in this jockstrap will boost your desire for him.

A sexy piece of BDSM clothing, this jockstrap is every sissy’s fantasy. Trim him down there if you want him to look more effeminate. And because it’s black, it goes well with any skin color. Black is the sexiest shade and you can’t go wrong with it.

A smelly, dirty piece of underwear is a huge turn-off so make sure your sissy doesn’t miss cleaning it after use. And since it’s leather and fabric, it’s best to wash it quickly as letting it sit in the water for a long time will damage the leather part.

Sissify your man with style with the Sensual Desires Leather Panty for Sissy soon! Buy now!

  • Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Color: Black
  • Waistline: 25.2" - 36.6"

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