Sissy Ruffled Lace Panty Skirt for Men
Sissy Ruffled Lace Panty Skirt for Men
Sissy Ruffled Lace Panty Skirt for Men
Sissy Ruffled Lace Panty Skirt for Men
Sissy Ruffled Lace Panty Skirt for Men
Sissy Ruffled Lace Panty Skirt for Men

Sissy Ruffled Lace Panty Skirt for Men

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Color Pink
Size Small


Nothing's worse than getting cheated on by the man of your life. You consider him as your master, but he wasted all your effort. Perhaps it's the reason why he has the guts to taste other girls. But you are the type who won't settle for being a loser. Now he will pay for what he has done to you.

Turn the tables and be the wicked partner that you can be. Humiliate your man for being the womanizer he shouldn't be. Have him experience being a woman by forcing him to wear this Sissy Ruffled Lace Panty Skirt for Men. Let him feel the abject humiliation he deserves.

How about going extreme by making him wear this micro-mini skirt? Its waistband is polyester-made, and it's covered with lace. The lace fabric is embroidered with flower designs, while its hem has a petal-like shape on the upper and lowers edges. It also has a ribbon on its front, making it so feminine for your man!

You know there's still a place for him in your heart, so you want to be lenient somehow. It's not total torture at all, don't worry. It's comfortable to wear with the breathable fabric from the lace. Also, with the four sizes to choose from, you can get the right fit for him. You cannot go wrong in choosing a skirt that's too tight for him. You can, however, be more sadistic by getting him one that's not according to his preference. It's available in black, white, and pink, so choose wisely!

As he wears this skirt, cuff his limbs, too. Blindfold him, and spank that naughty butt! Pinch his nipples. Or, if you have electrocuting toys, you might as well try it on him! That's what a man gets for doing dirty things!

Shame on your man for cheating on you! There's no other way to get revenge but by having him prance wearing this Sissy Ruffled Lace Panty Skirt for Men! Get this punishment outfit now!

Color/Type Pink, White, Black
Material Polyester + Lace
Dimension Length: Refer to the size chart below for the exact measurements
Width/Diameter: N/A


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