Sinners Penance Holy Trainer
Sinners Penance Holy Trainer
Sinners Penance Holy Trainer
Sinners Penance Holy Trainer
Sinners Penance Holy Trainer
Sinners Penance Holy Trainer

Sinners Penance Holy Trainer

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Your Mistress will be overjoyed when you put this stunning holy trainer on (but she won't show it). Your penis will be fully enclosed in a resin cage but it will allow your Mistress a view. Walk the path to chastity today.

Say hello to hot, steamy nights - start with intense foreplay and end with a denial of his orgasm. Your caged man will squirm in derision as you wrap your long, meaty legs around him. Let him pleasure you all throughout the night. Let him play with you until you reach a toe-curling orgasm. His locked cock will pretty much oblige to do whatever you like because you hold the key to his freedom.

This mighty fine holy trainer comes with 4 rings of different sizes. Choose the size the best fits you. It has an internal locking mechanism plus 2 metal keys.

This cage is smooth with no sharp edges so your slave's cock will be safe and sound. It is very lightweight. Since it is made of a high-quality resin, there will be no noisy metal clinking when they rub against each other. To ensure a better fit, you can soak the resin in warm water to smoothen up the sides.

This holy trainer is convenient and easy to clean. Wash it with warm water and use a mild, fragrance-free soap to disinfect and to get rid of nasty smells. Our holy trainer has perforations in all the right places, your caged man does not need to take it off every time he needs to pee.

Never underestimate what a Holy Trainer can do. Go for the sure thing! Buy this now.

  • Material: ABS Bio-Sourced Resin
  • Color: Clear
  • Ships With: 4 Rings, 2 Keys, 1 Barrel Lock, 1 Chastity Tube
  • Width: 1.3"
  • Length: 1.9"
  • Ring Diameters: 1.4"/36mm, 1.5"/40mm, 1.7"/45mm, 1.9"/50mm

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