Chastity And Prince Albert Genital Piercings - Can They Work Together?

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Picking out the perfect chastity cage is one of the most exciting parts of your pledge, but sometimes finding the right one can be more difficult than expected. One of the most challenging situations is finding a cage when you have a genital piercing. Obviously these will stick out of your penis at different angles, and can stop the cage from fitting fully over your penis.
Whether you have the common Prince Albert piercing, or one of the less seen piercings, chastity can still be a part of your life. You may need to make a little more effort, choosing specific cages, removing your piercing, or searching for alternatives to stay chaste. You’ll also need to take extra precautions to make sure you practice chastity safely alongside your piercings.
If making a pledge is important to you though, it’s definitely still possible. Let’s explore the world of male chastity when you have a genital piercing.

What Is a Prince Albert Piercing?

Let’s kick things off with the most common male genital piercing you’ll find, the Prince Albert.
This piercing has been around a very long time, with no true knowledge of the origins. Some theories even think that this piercing was used as a way to secure the penis, rather than enhancing sexual pleasure. Perfect for male chastity!
But just what is it?
Well, there are actually two kinds of Prince Albert piercing. The standard version involves a piercing through the bottom of the penis either through or near the frenulum, while the reverse piercing goes through the top of the penis glans. In both cases, the urethral opening is the other end of the piercing, with the genital jewelry passing through the inside of the urethra and emerging through the hole on the top of bottom of the penis.
Most men with PA piercings will usually have either a ring that runs all the way through the penis and creates a loop on top or below, or a bar with two balls on either end. Some will use a Prince’s wand, which is similar in shape to a police nightstick. Some PA jewelry may have extra adornments, such as longer bars, loops or extra parts that dangle from your penis.
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What Is the Jacob’s Ladder Piercing

The other common genital piercing for men is the frenulum piercing, which is a simple piercing through the frenulum on the bottom of the penis. Some men take this further, adding additional piercings along the bottom of the penis. Due to the way this looks, it’s commonly called the Jacob’s Ladder piercing.
Both the single frenulum piercing and the ladder variants usually use either a bar or a ring as jewelry. Sometimes larger rings are worn, fully encircling the penis in a similar way to a cock ring.

A Device For Genital Piercings? The Prince Albert Chastity Cage

So if you have these piercings, you obviously won’t have a completely standard penis that fits nicely into any cage. Are you completely out of luck?
Your first thought might be to just use a larger cage, which can accommodate both your penis and the piercing. It might seem simple, but most of the time a bigger cage will simply not hold your penis properly, and may even slip off. As standard cages aren’t designed to accommodate piercings, there’s also the risk of is getting stuck, or even pulling on your jewelry depending on the design of the cage.
Prince Albert Chastity Cages are specifically designed for men with a PA Piercing. These will either have a bar built into the cage design, which is placed through your piercing, or holes for you to place a padlock through your piercing which holds the cage in place.
When choosing a PA compatible cage, one of the most important considerations is the thickness of the rod that goes through your piercing. This is commonly called the gauge.
Very thick rods (large gauge) can cause discomfort or even thin the tissue between the urethra and the pierced opening which could lead to tearing or damage. Very thin rods (narrow gauge) can also cause tearing due to the low surface area, sometimes called the “cheese cutter effect”.
While we can’t offer specific advice on which gauge you should choose, we recommend talking to the person who did your piercing and ask for their advice to make sure you get a comfortably fitting cage.

Male Chastity Alternatives for Pierced Men

Red Cock Cage
Specialist cages aren’t the only options for pierced men who want to take part in male chastity. There are a few other ways to keep your cock secure that take full advantage of your piercing.
For men with a PA piercing, a simple “D lock” is an easy way to lock up his cock. This has a curved ring, just like other PA jewelry, but attached to either end is a lockable bar which creates a D shape when it’s put together. As his urethra will be kept in the same position by the curved bar, this can be a good deterrent to erections. It will also prevent urination though, so likely won’t be the best option for long term wear.
If you’re willing to get specific genital piercings for your chastity pledge then you have a couple of additional options. One is a piercing through the foreskin, preventing it from retracting which naturally will prevent sex and erections. Obviously this is only an option for uncircumcised men.
Another piercing you can explore is the guiche piercing. This is a piercing that passes through the perineum, usually accompanied by a ring or barbell. If a man wears a ring though, a chain can be attached to both this and a penis piercing to help prevent erections.

Hygiene and Safety for Pierced Male Chastity

As with any body piercing, hygiene and safety are some of top concerns. When it involves your penis, it’s even more important.
While all slaves will need to regularly remove their cage for thorough cleaning, those with piercings will need to do this even more often. Bacteria building up inside the cage can quickly make it’s way into your piercing and could cause infection. Whenever you clean your cage you should also remove any piercings and clean those as well.
When engaging in any vigorous activity, including sex, take extra care to avoid the piercings getting stuck or yanked. This also applies if you’re wearing your cage, as that can also tug on the piercings.
If you’re freshly pierced, we strongly recommend waiting until the healing process is finished before adding chastity cages.
If you’re worried about the piercing during sex, then you can place a condom over it to protect yourself and your partner. You’ll need a larger size than normal, so it fits the piercings and your penis, and you should add some additional lube inside the condom to help make things more comfortable.
It should also go without saying to keep on top of your other hygiene like hand washing. Hand to penis contact is one of the most common ways for a genital piercing to become infected.
At any point if it looks like your piercing is becoming infected, stop using chastity cages straight away and contact a medical professional. Always keep a close eye on your penis and you should quickly be able to see any change.

Stay Pierced and Chaste!

So if you’ve been thinking about getting a genital piercing, or you already have one, you don’t need to worry! You chastity pledge can continue as usual, and sometime be even better than before thanks to the additional restriction these piercings offer.
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