The Nine Circles of Chastity Challenge

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Join Mistress's Chastity Game: The Orgasm Challenge

You’ve all been such good slaves recently, so I think it’s about time I gave you a reward. How about another chastity challenge from your favorite femdom?

I've enjoyed seeing you partake in our other challenges, my favorites being the sissy chastity games and the femdom chastity games. I hope they weren't too cruel.

Many of you will have been here before with our previous challenges, but for the new sissy slaves out there, here’s how the game works.

Each day, Mistress will have a challenge waiting for you on our social media channels online. Once you’ve completed that day’s challenge, you can let me know by replying to that days post.

I just love seeing you all in my favourite cages and belts, suffering for my pleasure.

This time, you’ll be going through my Week of Hell, and things will be a little different. Instead of telling you all what to do each day, we’ve prepared our chastity roulette inferno grid to choose for you.

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Femdom, BDSM Play, Or Small Penis Humiliation?

Each day, you’ll need to screenshot the grid and whichever square is lit up is what you’ll have to do that day.

This means you’ll all have your own unique chastity experience, and you can tell me all about it to make me extra horny.

This devilish game originally ran for a week in May 2021, but the inferno grid will always stay up so you can challenge yourself whenever you want! You could do it for a day or two, or make it even longer and more challenging.

What other online chastity games do you play? Is it a card game or are you into a small penis humiliation game? It wouldn't surprise me if it was solo chastity games though.

Make sure to tell us all about your own versions and ideas of this challenge on the LocktheCock social media channels. We love hearing all about the fun you have in your pledge.

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Jennifer Cornett

Not every chastity relationship is all domination and humiliation. Sometimes it stays in the bedroom, and that’s exactly where Jennifer likes it to stay.

She doesn’t see herself as a Mistress, and provides a completely different perspective on male chastity to the LTC team. Focusing more on the sex part of the relationships, she’s always got great tips for teasing, pleasing, and taking men to the edge of orgasm while they wear their cages.

In Her Words:

“Coming from a more traditional family, delving into the darker parts of sex was hard for me at first. But there’s lots you can do in the bedroom without having it bleed into other parts of your life.

I like to focus more on how fetishes and kinks can enhance our sex lives, which is what led me to chastity in the first place. I don’t force my husband into a cage for weeks on end, or punish him for misbehaving. I don’t even consider myself a Mistress!

What I do love to explore though is how restricting a man’s cock can lead to intense, exciting sex. Once you learn how to use the cage, you can unlock an entirely new level of pleasure. You’ll find yourself wanting that more and more, and that’s what I’m here to help you with.”

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