7 Days of Commitment - Valentine's Chastity Challenge

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Hello again slaves.

I'm sure you've all been waiting patiently for my next male chastity game challenge. Lucky for you, that time has finally arrived.

I hope your body is ready for what's in store. There won't be any presents and fancy dinners. It's time for you to have a Valentine's Denied...

To kick things off, you can show your dedication by picking up a new cage from our fantastic collection. Act fast, I want you caged up and ready to go for the start of the challenge.

With your new chastity cage fully equipped, it’ll be time for your 7 Days of Commitment. Will you last all seven days? Or will it be just too much? Only time will tell…

Starting on the 14th of Feb, a daily challenge will be posted on our social media pages. If you’ve tried any of our previous challenges, you know you’re in for a treat.

Don't forget to send us pictures as you progress through the challenge. We love seeing those pathetic cocks locked and denied from the pleasure they crave.

This challenge originally ran in Feb 2021 on our social media pages. We have included the full challenge below, so you can try it any time you like!

Day 1

Mistress's Valentine's Game: Ready For A Challenge?

Everyone sends the same corny Valentine’s each year. I want to see something different from you, my pet. Grab a marker, and write your Mistress a love letter on your body. Tweet us a picture of the finished product. Bonus points if we can see your chastity device ;)

Day 2

Chocolates are a Valentine’s staple, but don’t think you’ll be enjoying the taste. Today I want you to have some kinky fun with chocolate sauce. The messier the better!

Day 3

You won’t be giving roses this year. Instead, let Mistress tease and caress your body with them. Don’t move too much, or you’ll feel more thorny than horny.

Day 4

If you’re going to soften up your Mistress for Valentine’s, maybe adding some heat will help. Warm up one of your cock cages before you put it on and let the heat tease your cock. No cumming though!

Day 5

We all know the cliches of Valentine’s dinner with candles and wine, but none of that for you. Instead you’ll be eating dinner on the floor today where you belong.

Day 6

It’s time to get ready for the big finale. I want you dressed your best, so go and pick out your best looking chastity cage and show us what you’ve got!

Day 7

For the final challenge, you’ll need to show Mistress how truly committed you are. Today she’ll be having you do whatever she desires. Maybe you’ll get a treat, or maybe your Valentine’s will be denied. (For solo: Plan out the perfect Valentine’s day that you’ll give your perfect Mistress. Doesn’t hurt to be prepared! ;))

Prove your commitment this Valentine’s with LocktheCock!

Chastity Games and Challenges Written By Jennifer Cornett

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Jennifer Cornett

Not every chastity relationship is all domination and humiliation. Sometimes it stays in the bedroom, and that’s exactly where Jennifer likes it to stay.

She doesn’t see herself as a Mistress, and provides a completely different perspective on male chastity to the LTC team. Focusing more on the sex part of the relationships, she’s always got great tips for teasing, pleasing, and taking men to the edge of orgasm while they wear their cages.

In Her Words:

“Coming from a more traditional family, delving into the darker parts of sex was hard for me at first. But there’s lots you can do in the bedroom without having it bleed into other parts of your life.

I like to focus more on how fetishes and kinks can enhance our sex lives, which is what led me to chastity in the first place. I don’t force my husband into a cage for weeks on end, or punish him for misbehaving. I don’t even consider myself a Mistress!

What I do love to explore though is how restricting a man’s cock can lead to intense, exciting sex. Once you learn how to use the cage, you can unlock an entirely new level of pleasure. You’ll find yourself wanting that more and more, and that’s what I’m here to help you with.”

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